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Infamous Colorado Dog Dragger Pleads Guilty

I would be amazed if any dog lover out there has not heard the story of Buddy, the Colorado dog dragged to his death in December of last year. The story caused an outcry among animal rights advocates and sparked numerous conversations about abuse law and consequence. Personal friends of mine have been involved in seeing this process through, so I have followed this with interest and was very happy to find this news in my inbox this morning.

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Busted: One Seriously Crappy Neighbor

What do you do when you suspect that your neighbor is flinging dog poo into your shrubs? You film him and sell him out. Bonus point if you count the number of dumps. The homeowner was considerate enough to wait an entire year before releasing the video. Oh enough from me already, watch this – and make sure you hear the commentary!

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*Kudos to Maria at Dogster for unearthing this treasure

Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell and Know

Bill Blakemore from ABC News and Columbia University psychology professor Alexandra Horowitz discuss what it’s like to think with a dog’s brain. Horowitz explores findings from hundreds of scientific and animal behavior studies in her new book, Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell and Know.

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The Post-Bath Crazies

Does your dog go batty after a bath? Our current pack includes one resident bath hater. Sola absolutely despises me for a day after every bath, but you wouldn’t know it by the way she tears through the house after we dry her off and set her free. I’ll do my best to capture one of her episodes on tape the next time she is forced to endure the indignity of a good scrubbing, but today I would like you to meet two dogs who do a fine job of speaking for all of the bath haters out there.

Sally is a whirlwind – if ever there were a video to represent what most of us see after a dog washing, this is it. Nothing truly remarkable happens, but this video is priceless because for the first time ever, someone has captured the music that all of our dogs must be hearing in their heads as they run amok in an attempt to shake off that fresh, clean smell.

Our second guest is a standout for one very clear reason – he’s the voice of every poor pooch subjected to bathing torture, and he has a lot to say…


Police Make Arrest in Case of Hogtied Pit Bull

Police have made an arrest in the case of a Bakersfield, CA dog found hogtied and left for dead last week. James Worley, 52, is expected to face felony charges for abandoning the dog. According to officials, a tip from the public led to the arrest. The dog is currently under quarantine for ten days and is expected to be released to a local rescue group.

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X-ray of the Month: Australian Boxer Survives Nail Gun Shot to Brain

An Australian Boxer named Max has good reason to thank his lucky stars this week after surviving an injury that would normally be considered fatal. Tim Horvat was putting the finishing touches on a deck project when Max ran a little too close to the end of his nail gun, intercepting a nail intended for a very different target. Horvat initially thought the gun had missed Max, but ended up rushing the dog to the Melbourne Veterinary Specialist Centre after noticing a nail head protruding from his skull.

Max is recovering nicely after vets performed a craniectomy to remove the nail from his brain, and the Horvat’s are now in possession of a remarkable souvenir pic:

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The Green Pug

An adorable, environmentally conscious dog sorts paper from plastic, rides mass transit, and swaps carrots for cows in honor of Earth Day. Read more

Texas Pooch on the Ballot in Governor’s Race

A tax attorney from Austin has entered her Dog Woodrow in the Texas Governor’s race. Lorri Michel said her frustration with politics and a desire to raise funds and awareness for animal rescue led to the decision let Woodrow try his paw at politics. His campaign slogan: How ruff could it be?


Abandoned, Abused Puppy Bounces Back, Gains Global Fan Support

Walter is one tough, sweet pup. Join his fan club here if you’d like to show support.


Alaskan hero dog Buddy the German Shepherd honored for showing troopers the way to fire.

It’s time to revisit Buddy and his owner in what may be the biggest dog hero story of the year.

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Lost Dog and Owner Reunited After 3 1/2 Years Apart

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Jessica Cochran got the news of a lifetime when a certified letter arrived at her home two weeks ago. Her beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgi had been found after going missing for three and a half years.

Roby disappeared from Cochran’s front yard on a November evening in San Angelo Texas (there was no dog containment system), where she was stationed at Goodfellow Air Force Base. Cochran had returned to her front yard after letting Roby out for a routine bathroom break to find the dog missing and a dark pickup truck driving away into the darkness. She spent the next year trying to locate her best friend before being transferred out of state. She left Texas expecting that she would never see him again.

So when a letter arrived from the San Angelo animal shelter explaining that a stranger had dropped Roby off nearly four years later, she did what most any dog lover would do – and drove a thousand miles to retrieve her lost pal. A microchip implanted between Roby’s shoulder blades is credited with reuniting the pair. Their reunion was captured in the following video. *if video will not play click here


Snatched from the Jaws of Death: Dog Saved One Hour Before Euthanasia

Deeply affecting. One of the more powerful videos I’ve seen in the past few weeks. 


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