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Psychiatric Service Dogs

Ohio psychotherapist Jane Miller is using four-legged medicine to help treat veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Miller is a licensed Clinical Social Worker and dog trainer, and she’s putting her skills to work helping veterans cope with the the psychological aftermath of war. Read more

Escalator Escapades

A sweet and brief 22 second giggle. Read more

Help Needed for Washington Dog Trapped in Basement for Months

It’s been one of those weeks. There is another pending abandoned dog case that could use a little public outcry in order to convince local officials to step in. According to neighbors, a Shoreline, Washington woman left this dog behind two months ago. Read more

Jesse the JRT’s Amazing Dog Tricks

A double feature worth bookmarking and returning to if you’re short on time. Heather Brook and her dog Jesse are a thrill to observe. Read more

Caught on Camera: The Wrong Way to Surrender Animals

The Walker County Humane Society recently released this troubling video. There is no shortage of news about pets being surrendered in these tough economic times, and it’s understandable that some feel the need to give up animals for their own good. That said, this is absolutely the wrong way to go about it. Read more

Welcome to the Dog Room (Reality TV)

We have lights, camera – and if you’re lucky…action! That’s right, as of today Life With Dogs will be broadcasting live from the dog room. Read more

Love Story: Bernardo & Cleo

A thing of beauty…animals in love. Read more

Dog Door Disorder

This silly classic is too cute, and needs to be included in the video archives here. Read more

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/The Compassion Revolution

Katherine Heigl has six dogs of her own, so it’s no secret that she’s a dog lover, but it was still surprising to see that she donated $1 million to an initiative aimed at reducing shelter euthanization rates in the LA area through public outreach for spay and neuter programs. Read more

Puppy Workout Regimen Video

This gem from made my Friday morning. We’ve donated far too much furniture to puppy teeth, so another little one is not in our future – but this is a great way to get a dose of puppy fun without the cleanup! Read more

Maryland Residents Outraged Over Sentencing of Dog Abuser

BALTIMORE – Local animal advocates are up in arms over the sentencing of a man accused of beating his dog to death with a plastic pipe. Read more

A Cry for Help: Starving Dog Trapped in Abandoned Missouri Home

My stomach is turning after happening across this story tonight. A pit bull and her puppies are currently stranded in an abandoned at a home in Bonne Terre, Indiana. The dogs were left behind when the owner of the home was sent to jail. That was nearly four weeks ago. Read more

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