Pet Blogger Hop Special Edition: Operation Red, White and Dog

From Memorial Day (May 30th) to Independence Day (July 4th), Dog Bless You, a community created and led by filmmaker, Trustee of The Annenberg Foundation and founder of, Charles Annenberg Weingarten, will celebrate patriotism, and stoke community involvement in America by providing up to 100 service dogs to returning soldiers who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Put together in partnership with IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America), –along with a variety of veteran and service dog organizations– the Dog Bless USA challenge grant aims to spread awareness about the healing role dogs can play in the lives of those suffering from PTSD while giving people a chance to participate.

It's a match made in heaven for this veteran family. Pictured: Sgt. Acevedo “Ace,” a U.S. Army Veteran who was diagnosed with PTSD after serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. His wife Tina and companion dog Xena stay close beside him. Dog BlessP2V for making this pairing possible.

The initiative will provide people with an easy way to show support, and provide users with a steady stream of American dog-themed content ranging from personal stories gathered from soldiers to video footage of dogs around the country. Organizers aren’t asking for donations, but rather to show support by “liking” the Dog Bless You Page, uploading patriotic photos and videos, commenting and sharing personal dog-related stories. For every 5,000 “likes” the Dog Bless You Facebook community page receives, will donate a service dog to a recent war veteran, up to 100 dogs or $500,000.

“Doctors, psychologists, and certainly veterans will all attest to the incredible benefits dogs bring to those suffering from the impact of war,” said Paul Rieckhoff, Executive Director and Founder of IAVA. “And I’m sure during the course of this campaign, we’ll see and hear some amazing stories from our brave service people whose dogs have been a prime source of salvation.”

Dog Bless You is a place where dog owners and advocates share pictures, videos and personal stories while rallying around the role of dogs that are involved in important causes. Go to to participate.

“Dogs are serving this country unlike any other animal- from the battlefields of war, to the front lines of search and rescue to the ranks of police and fire forces across this country to the everyday person in need of a companion,” said Weingarten. “This campaign is to channel the energy of the dog community into the gift of unconditional love and healing that only a canine can provide.  We want to raise awareness about the amazing role dogs can play in the lives of veterans and people who suffer from emotional and psychological damage- while giving everyone a chance to participate through a zero-cost contribution,” said Weingarten. “The ‘like’ button is akin to putting your name on a card to those soldiers,” he continued. “We’re excited to foster a discussion among vets and dog lovers during the campaign.”

This is Sergeant Andy pictured with Cody, a service dog in training at Soldier's Best Friend. Andy served 3 deployments in Iraq and was awarded a Bronze Star for his actions in combat. Cody is a rescue from the AZ Humane Society.

I had a great chat with Charles Annenberg Weingarten this week, and asked him if he had a short term goal in mind. He said if they could reach 235,000 likes by July 4th to celebrate 235 years of American independence it would be great, and if enough of us go the extra mile to spread this around a little, that is an easily attainable figure.

Pictured: Sergeant Fasnacht and his friend Sapper, paired with each other by P2V. Fasnacht says, "I’m now finding myself smiling again...He is truly a blessing.

So let’s do just that. Tell a friend about this remarkable campaign to assist those who have given their all in the name of country. It’s a cause we can all get behind, and all it take is a few mouse clicks to help.


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  1. What a cool project! I’m off to like them right now! :)

  2. Great projects like this never fail to astound me….will check it out of FB. Thanks!

  3. Wow! I wish I could double-Like Dog Bless You! I’ve been following him for quite a while. What a great service he’s doing for our returning soldiers.

    On another note, since LinkyTools moved to an icon-type list, I’ve been unable to get the alternate coding to work on my blog. Have others had problems?

  4. Thank you for sharing this!! Such an excellent cause!

  5. Thanks for letting the doggie community know about this project. A Win for soldiers and dogs. A definite LIKE.

  6. Hi Y’all,

    Love the heartwarming stories to start our day. We dogs have a huge capacity for helping humans and offer our love unconditionally.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  7. Terrific story.

    And sorry about the double link in the blog hop listing. Had some problem loading the pic and somehow created two. Feel free to delete the blank one. We guess our big paws on this keyboard just messed things up.

  8. Hi there,
    Say I used the alternate code for WordPress and it sends to a different page for the list, but the list does not show up on that page. Ideas please??

  9. Wonderful program you are promoting – thank you!

  10. Awesome program … dogs make such a difference! ♥

    We also started a program for our soldiers (human AND canine) last fall called “Operation K9 Care Package” … if you would like to learn more about it, here is the link >>>

    We are still accepting donations … we have several care packages packed and waiting to be mailed, but do not have enough funds to mail them all. Any help is appreciated greatly. ♥

  11. Nice, very nice!

  12. shared

  13. Rebecca says on  06/18/2011 at 4:35 pm

    Ditto! Shared as well.

  14. Shared!

  15. Shared

  16. Thank you for introducing us once again to a terrific program for dogs! Thanks for sharing. Dropping by on the blog hop today. If you have a few seconds to drop by my blog, please leave a comment and enjoy the cat video. Talking cats – can’t get enough of them!

    Have a great Father’s Day!

  17. OH wow. What a great idea and initiative. I have read and seen many stories on how these dogs make such a difference in a soldier’s life. I was all set to go over and “Like” the site, when I realized I already had before! So I will do the next best thing and pass it on. I hope they get to 100 dogs! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  18. Mom just finished reading “Until Tuesday” which is an amazing tale of a soldier and his dependence on his service dog, Tuesday. We highly recommend it!

  19. Shared! And Thank You!

  20. I’m just saying-put them & some of us to work!

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