Best Friends Seek New Forever Home

william and henry

This week’s adoption feature focuses on a pair of pals from New England who are meant to stay together: let’s help them to do just that.
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Marine Mascot Promoted

Sgt. Archibald Hummer

Hummer has served in his meritorious assignment as mascot since early 2006 – more than 35 dog years.
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Fudge & Friends


Note to self: no more kisses…
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A Cry for Help


My name is Therese. I’m sure there’s alot of people out there who know me within the Greyhound community and there’s probably some that do not. Although this is extremely difficult for me to admit – I need your help.
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The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Crazy Bath Time Dog

crazy bath time dog

Who needs a towel anyway?
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I met Cole and his owner at a friend’s barbecue…
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Dog Stands Vigil at Late Owner’s Grave


Kirby is not ready to say goodbye to his beloved guardian.
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9 Year Old Boy Charged With Cruelty for Killing 2 Dogs

warsaw police arrest 9 year old

A 9-year-old boy from Warsaw, NY is facing charges for beating two dogs to death.

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Hendrix vs Pinecone

hendrix vs pinecone

A puppy and a pinecone get ready to rumble…
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Dogs – The Movie Effect


Dogs don’t inherently save Timmy from falling in the well every darned week.
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Giveaway: Kanine Kollection Dog Throws from Simply for Pets

blanket party

Today, we’re giving away supreme comfort. Note: dog and fuzzy bunny not included. 😉
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Leaping Lab Learning Impulse Control

talleyimpulsecontrolpool 004

What you may view as just downright rude doggy behavior could be a screaming need for impulse control to be taught. Learn from leaping labbie Talley.
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What a Dog Does When It’s Cold

what a dog does when its cold

Makes total sense. Makes for total cuteness too…
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Dog Saves Owner from Sexual Assault

golden retriever running

Madison, WI. police say a dog came to the rescue of it’s owner, thwarting an attempted sexual assault in a city dog park.
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Veterinary Oncologist: What to Do When Your Pet Has Cancer

cancer cells

How human cancer research is actually helping man’s best friend.
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Special Investigation: Pennsylvania’s Puppy Mills

Breeding dogs in a Pennsylvania puppy mill -  (PRNewsFoto/Main Line Animal Rescue)

A special investigation by WHPT casts harsh light on Pennsylvania’s puppy mill epidemic.
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Me and Finn and our mission from doG

finns nose meridith

The totally true tale of a girl, and her dogs who were pulled over by a cop who never heard that Collies can come with short coats. No – she didn’t shave that Collie…
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Korean Scientists Create $3m Glow-in-the-dark Dog

glowing dog

A cloned beagle named Tegon is the world’s first transgenic dog: her body produces a fluorescent protein that glows in ultraviolet light.
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Dog Pushes A Basket Swing

basket case

Who wants a ride?
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US Soldiers Rescue War Dogs

war dog rescue

Military regulations specifically prohibit the men and women of our armed forces from keeping or caring for pets in a war zone. But some rules were meant to be broken.
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