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eBay Service Dog Vest Listing Draws Fire

With news affiliates reporting frequent abuses of service dog privileges by those falsely claiming that their dogs are certified, it’s no wonder that the comment thread on this eBay listing is heated. Read more

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Baboons Kidnap and Raise Feral Dogs as Pets

A brief yet fascinating clip from the TV series Animals Like Us gives us a closer look at one of nature’s more unique inter-species partnerships. Read more

Devil Dog

Run while you can: this dog is in serious need of a behavioral consult. Read more

Twig Skates Key West

Twig is back in a new video, and this time she’s taking a slow roll through Margaritaville… Read more

Historian: Tale of Greyfriars Bobby is a Scam

According to historian Jan Bondeson, the tale of the most faithful dog in the world was nothing but a marketing ploy to attract tourists. Read more

Training The Tough Ones - There Is More Than One Method

The other day someone asked me how I began training Jack Russell’s and how I knew what to do. I answered, “Necessity is the mother of invention!” Read more

Counter Surfing: Can You Beat It?

Training strategies and management options to outwit the wiley counter surfer lurking for that next opportunity. Read more

Dog Keeps Watch Over Deceased Owner

After an extensive search, New York State Police have reported the discovery of the body of missing Palmyra resident Thelma Wideman. Read more

Book Giveaway: Mom’s Big Catch

Join Marla McKenna in this exciting tale and heartwarming story of one family’s adventure at the ballpark, and share Ashley’s love for her dog and best friend, Sadie. Read more

Dog vs. Karate Cat

Sure we’ve seen a lot of these, but the sideways ninja kitty move is a serious bonus… Read more

Mother Dog, 6 Puppies Saved by Firefighters

A building explosion and the resulting fire nearly claimed the lives of a dog and her litter of puppies. Read more

Memorial Held for Hero War Dog

Chyba was one of the first military dogs deployed to Iraq, and was the inspiration behind a local memorial for veteran war dogs. Read more

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