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Book Giveaway: Mom’s Big Catch

Join Marla McKenna in this exciting tale and heartwarming story of one family’s adventure at the ballpark, and share Ashley’s love for her dog and best friend, Sadie. Read more

Dog vs. Karate Cat

Sure we’ve seen a lot of these, but the sideways ninja kitty move is a serious bonus… Read more

Mother Dog, 6 Puppies Saved by Firefighters

A building explosion and the resulting fire nearly claimed the lives of a dog and her litter of puppies. Read more

Memorial Held for Hero War Dog

Chyba was one of the first military dogs deployed to Iraq, and was the inspiration behind a local memorial for veteran war dogs. Read more

Animal Control Officer Revives Dog After Intentional Drowning

A Massachusetts woman faces animal cruelty charges for trying to kill her own dog – and a local animal control officer is being hailed a hero for using CPR to revive it. Read more

Teach Your Dog to Swim

Nancy Freedman-Smith offers tips on getting your dog moving in the water. Read more

Static Dog

But it’s a dry heat… Read more

FDA Announces Establishment of PETNet

The Partnership for Food Protection and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today announced the launch of the Pet Event Tracking Network (PETNet). Read more

Kitchom's Stolen Slipper Run

French Bulldog Kitchom goes for a joyously madcap run around the house with mom’s slipper. Read more

15,000 Dogs Slaughtered for Chinese Food Festival

Yulin, China hosted a food festival a few weeks ago, and 15,000 dogs were killed in order to be prepared for consumption. Read more

Wordless Wednesday 130

Just a little to the left…and tell that guy to stop staring at me… Read more

Good Homes Need Not Apply

Nathan J. Winograd on antiquated animal shelter policies and the politics that perpetuate them. Read more

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