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Dog Crashes Truck Into Carport, Totals Car


Louisville resident Gary Hickock is a dog lover with a sense of humor – and that’s a good thing. Read more

Giveaway: Teddy the Dog T-shirt & Beach Towel

Conceived in 2006 and introduced nationally in 2007. Teddy the Dog always has one paw out the door. Read more

Here's Your Sign

Cut and paste the following two notes into a word document and monkey with them until you like how they look. You can even change the wording to fit what YOU would say. Make copies to keep in the car to use as needed. Read more

Battened Down

We’ve been keeping an eye on the sky, and it’s getting ugly here, fast. Read more

Fudge & Friends

Bottoms up!
Read more

Pet Check Technology™ Provides Peace of Mind for Customers of Dog Walking Services

Dog walking customers in California can now find out exactly what time and where their dog was walked. Read more

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Funny Dog Rides In Passenger Seat

Good luck calling shotgun – seat taken! Read more

A Happy Ending for Hawkeye

After a picture of a loyal dog laying at the side of his deceased master went viral this week, many were left questioning the fate of Hawkeye. Including us. Read more

Dog in Hot Car Lands Good Samaritan in Hot Water

Would you intervene if you saw a dog locked inside a hot car? Read more

Pool Playing Chihuahua is Good for Business

Amadeus, a pool-playing chihuahua, is helping his owners with the family business.
Read more

The Scoop on Poop, Nutrition and Behavior Issues

Warning: this article contains the graphic scoop on poop. When is your dog food not doing your dog a favor? Is your dog eating the best possible diet? Read more
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