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A Day In Time

An intimate look at a day in the life of a dog; perfectly edited, and right on the mark. Read more

Carjacker Targets the Wrong Vehicle

A Kirkland, Washington parking lot was the scene of an attempted carjacking Friday night, but the criminal was thwarted by a dog. Read more

Family, Friends, Dog Say Final Farewell to Navy SEAL Tumilson

More than 1,000 people attended the funeral of an Iowa born Navy SEAL who was among those killed in a helicopter attack in Afghanistan. Read more

Awkward Sleeper

I found this in Toby’s photo album and thought that someone might enjoy seeing it. He was and still is such a clown! He was sound asleep when I took this photo, I believe he was only 4 or 5 months old! Now he is a strapping man at the age of 6. –Rachel Paulson

Hiking Tips For Encountering Predators

Do you know what to do if you meet a bear, a coyote, or a mountain lion on the trail? This week Buster and Ty offer advice that could protect you and your dog from being attacked by wild life while you’re hiking. Read more

Dog Days Are Over

Let’s start the week off on a very, very high note… Read more

Biscuit the Rock Climbing Dog

Like most Jack Russell Terriers, there is no stopping Biscuit – but this crafty canine has found a fun way to burn off all of that excess energy. Read more

Mutt Makeover Saves Unruly Dog

Labeled a bad dog and scheduled to be put down, Magnus has a new lease on life. Read more

Woman Sells Home to Save Her Dog

When her six-month-old puppy was diagnosed with patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), Australian Tanya Hoberg realized that she was in over her head. Read more

Giveaway: Houndstown Leash/Collar Set

Today’s giveaway features a matching leash and collar of the winner’s choosing. Read more

Have You Ever Accidentally Supported a Puppy Mill?

Pet store puppies in their clean, shiny kennels, soon to be on their way home with their new (accidental puppy-mill supporting) families do not need rescuing. Their parents need rescuing. Read more

Fudge & Friends

There goes my cell phone bill… Read more

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