Consumer Reports: Pet Insurance is Bad Investment

stealing saturday

A frequently debated topic is studied by Consumer Reports, and you may be surprised to learn what they found.
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Woman Places Man Under Citizen’s Arrest For Throwing Dog from Car

dog thrown from truck

A Manteca, CA man has been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty after a witness saw him throw his dog out of a moving vehicle.
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Preparing Your Dog For An Evacuation

Tsunami Sign

This week Ty and Buster, Life with Dogs’ travel correspondents, share some tips to prepare your dog for a trip you’d rather not have to take … an emergency evacuation.
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Terrier Litter Born from Sperm Frozen for 22 Years

fox terrier pups from frozen sperm

Australia’s Monash Veterinary Clinic has announced the birth of a litter of three fox terrier pups from sperm frozen 22 years ago.
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Pug Stare: Look Into My Eyes…

pug stare down

You are getting very sleepy….
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Dozens of Dogs Confiscated from Vermont Puppy Mill

vermont puppy mill raid

The Vermont State Police, The Humane Society of Chittenden County, HSUS, and the Franklin County Humane Society team up to save neglected animals.
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Reader Rescues


Your touching tales of rescue, shared.
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Giveaway: M&J Dog Essentials Home Spa Package

M&J Dog Essentials gift package from life with dogs

M&J Dog Essentials crafted a line of grooming products for dogs because tending to your dog should be a treat, not a chore.
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Puppy Fakes His Own Death


Tremendous acting talent…
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This Week is Better…

Baby Dog

Sometimes grief makes us do crazy things. Meet Dog family’s newest member, Baby Dog.
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