Caped Crusader Wages War on Lazy Dog Owners

Thinking about not scooping your dog’s poop? This could happen to you.

STV reports: “A masked superhero in the Czech Republic has vowed to wage war on dog poo. The caped crusader – who calls himself SuperVaclav – says he was forced to take a stand against dog owners who refuse to clear up their pooches’ droppings after Prague was named the dog poo capital of Europe.”

This defender of public cleanliness says: “I am SuperVaclav, and I have decided to take action against the indifference and hypocrisy in society. I’m tired of just sitting back and watching the injustice around us. It is my mission.”

Sounds impressive – but wait. According to one bystander who witnessed SuperVaclav in action: “His only super power seems to be running pretty fast because the dog owner is furious and sprints after him as if he means to kill him.”

A first person perspective…


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