Philly Undercover Premieres January 7th on NatGeo

philly undercover

A war is being waged against animal cruelty in the City of Brotherly Love, where dogfighting has become a lucrative illegal sport.

Dog Vandalizes Petco

dog vandalizes petco2

Mugger Left Holding the Bag


Police in Santa Cruz, California are seeking a suspect who robbed a 62-year-old woman while she was walking her dog.

The Flying Beagle

flying beagle

Canine Intervertebral Disk Disease Part 2

IVDD Posttreatment

I wanted to write a short follow-up to the article on intervertebral disk disease. It is such a complex condition, that justice can not be done it in one post…or two for that matter.

World’s Happiest Dog Part II

worlds happiest dog part ii

Another year, another bone, same adorable reaction.

How the Dog Stole Christmas


While preparing for Christmas, NBC29’s Henry Graff carefully placed a number of presents under the tree a couple of days early. Big mistake.

Fudge & Friends


Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

a doggy christmas surprise

Christmas Pug Head Tilt

Christmas Pug Head Tilt

Max & Minnie can’t decide what they want for Christmas…

Skating Santa Dogs

skating santa dogs

Best Christmas Present Ever

worlds best christmas present

Dog Hates Christmas Costumes

Dog Hates Christmas Costumes

But he loves his stocking…

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Meanie Cat

meanie cat

A cat video on a dog website?!? Blasphemy, you say? Watch closely – this feline is on our team…

Elderly Woman Living in Car with Pets

elderly woman lives in car with pets

In the middle of a country full of animal lovers, a 79-year old woman says she and her pets have been forced to take shelter in her car – not because she can’t afford housing, but because she can’t find a landlord who will rent to her.

Golden Loves Guitar

golden loves guitar

Death Row Dog Adopted by Nursing Home


An Ohio dog has received the gift of a new home for the holidays – and not a day too soon.

Chihuahua Christmas Caroler

Chihuahua Christmas Caroler

Boxer Puppy Falling Asleep to Christmas Carols

boxer puppy falling asleep

Prepare Before Your Pet Is Lost


Recently a friend’s foster dog slipped her collar and was on the run for twelve days. Eventually this lucky pup made it home safely, but her story got me thinking about how prepared we’d be in the same terrifying position.