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Man Donates Ton of Dog Food to Shelter

A local resident delivered a surprise early Christmas present to the Humane Society of North Iowa last week.

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Project Pooch Provides a Second Chance for Man and Dog

Founded in 1993, Project Pooch pairs youths incarcerated at the MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn, Oregon, with homeless shelter dogs in a cooperative program designed to make a real and lasting difference for all participants – two legged and four. Read more

French Bulldog vs Cat

Trash talking Frenchie is all barkscream. Read more

Dogs Are Not Wolves in Designer Fleece Coats

Dogs have been as successful as they have been because of their ability to cooperate with us, not because of our ability to dominate them. Read more

Man Goes Homeless to Protect Dog

Peter “Ivory” Bowling has spent the last two weeks sleeping on the streets of LA. He has an apartment, but says he has forgone the safety of home in order to protect a dog. Read more

Blind Pug and Her Guide Dog Seek Forever Home

Nursed back to health after being abandoned in ill health, a pair of Pugs have formed a unique and precious partnership, and now the two are seeking a loving home – together. Read more

Adorable Pug Puppy Fishes For Cheerios

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Something My Dog Does When Wearing Pants

“It was Christmas day so I threw a pair of Santa pants on my dog. He was fine walking around but when he ran down the stairs to greet someone, something amazing happened.” Read more

Philly Undercover Premieres January 7th on NatGeo

A war is being waged against animal cruelty in the City of Brotherly Love, where dogfighting has become a lucrative illegal sport. Read more

Dog Vandalizes Petco

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Mugger Left Holding the Bag

Police in Santa Cruz, California are seeking a suspect who robbed a 62-year-old woman while she was walking her dog. Read more

The Flying Beagle

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