Top Ten Reasons Mutts are Awesome


Approximately 3-4 million animals are euthanized every year (1), many of which are mixed breed dogs. In honor of National Mutt Day, has put together the top ten reasons dog lovers should adopt mixed breed dogs (aka mutts).

Holiday Safety


My Daughter: “What are you going to write about this week, Mom?” me: “I think holiday safety, if that isn’t too boring.” My Daughter: “Safety isn’t boring, Mom.”

Mega Dog Toy Giveaway

Toy giveaway

Today’s giveaway winner is going to make their dog’s December – with a pile of seven engaging and interactive toys that are perfect for alleviating boredom.

Missing Virginia Dog Found in California Eight Years After Disappearance


Thanks to a good Samaritan, a Virginia dog found wandering in California is headed home for the holidays.

2 Dogs Skype

2 Dogs Skype

Fudge & Friends


The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Dog Disco

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Dog Disco

Trippy fun, circa 1979.

Boxer Puppy Saves Family


A six month old Boxer puppy from Georgia is being hailed as a hero for evacuating his family from their home after detecting a gas leak.

Casper the Bath Loving Dog

Casper the Bath Loving Dog

Chinese Dog Goes Shopping for Owner

Chinese Dog Goes Shopping for Owner

A dog in China has been trained to go shopping on behalf of its owners.

Do Animals Go To Heaven?

Crusher Chair Smaller

Sooner or later every pet owner finds himself or herself faced with the reality that their pet may not be with them much longer.

All I Want For Christmas….


Material has never been my style; with that in mind, all I really want for Christmas is a home for Frosty.

Giveaway: Limited Edition Holiday Cards


Holiday cards are an annual tradition for Artist Ron Burns and this year – Jingle & Bells would like to wish you and yours very happy howlidays!

Former Pound Puppy is Goodwill Ambassador at Alzheimer’s Home


Four years ago, Cole was adopted by the Courtyards Senior Living center in Knoxville Tennessee.

Dining with Dog

Dining with Dog

Greyhounds Dumped in Wichita Falls


The Greyhound Adoption League of Texas is caring for eleven greyhounds that were abandoned in a dog trailer outside a Wichita Falls convenience store earlier this week.

Ke$ha: Street Dog Defender

Ke$ha - street dog defender

Pop star Ke$ha has joined forces with HSI in an effort to raise awareness of the plight of the word’s neglected stray population.

Behind the Scenes: Katherine Heigl Hates Balls

ball hater

Dog Lovers Come Through for Retired Police K-9

tommy 3

K-9 Tommy is a 7 ½ year old Dutch Shepherd. He has been a Tiffin Police Dept K-9 since 2007, partnered with Officer Jake DeMonte. In October 2011, Tommy was diagnosed with T-cell metacentric lymphoma. By the time it was caught, Tommy’s lymphoma had progressed to Stage IV.

Bar’s Open! Desensitization – a Basic Guide


It is clearly too late to desensitize your dog to everyday things like the doorbell and that pesky vacuum cleaner before guests arrive for Thanksgiving this year. As the sayings go, Christmas is coming, there is no time like the present and all that jazz.