Watching the crazed dog show couple search for their dog’s busy bee toy last night in the movie Best in Show (again) last night, I was reminded of a client’s dog, Sandy. Sandy was a 2 year Lab who stayed here quite often over a 2 year period. He was not the most secure fellow and he used to self soothe himself by taking plush toys and sucking on them. He would fall asleep this way, like a baby with a binky.

Here is sweet Sandy in a very short video from 2008.

Does your dog have a woobie? When I shared this video several years ago, people chimed in with all sorts of interesting behaviors. Love to hear yours!

Some OCD behaviors are believed to have a genetic make up, like flank sucking in Dobermans.
Is your dog OCD? Consider being a part of a Tufts Veterinary School study on OCD behavior. They are still looking for Bull Terriers, Border Collies, German Shepherds, and Dobermans. But the Dobermans need to live locally.


  1. So cute. A lot of Labs I know seem to have Woobies. I know Daisy does. Did. Until I ran over it with the lawn mower.

    She had a new one that my friend Brenda got her and she carried it with her everywhere until Miss Lady decided it was hers. So, I broke down and bought just one Christmas present for one dog this year. Daisy now has her own Woobie and she loves it. I love watching her carry it around.

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