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Patches and Sally: Bonded Blind/Deaf Dog and Her Guide Need Home After Owner Dies

A pair of bonded dogs have lost nearly everything after their owner passed away unexpectedly. For now, at least they still have each other. Read more

Firemen Rescue Dog, Dog Bites Reporter

A news helicopter captured footage of a firefighter rescuing a dog after it fell through thin ice at the Kendrick Reservoir in Lakewood Colorado yesterday afternoon. Read more

Brock the Boxer: Growth Stage Timeline

Read more

The Canine Language

Have you ever wished that your dog could talk to you? I’m sure, like millions of others, myself included, that you have. Well, I have good news for you, dogs do “talk” to us, and they do it a lot. Read more

Funny Dog Pictures, Unless You're The Dog

I have a sense of humor, really I do. I think those pictures of puppies in hotdog buns, chewing on shoe laces and snoozing belly up are cute, I do, honest. Read more

Terminal Cancer Patient Victorious in Fight to Keep Dog

Imagine that you’ve just received the worst possible news, that you’ve been diagnosed with an incurable terminal illness. Now imagine your dog being taken away from you at the same time. Read more

Gorham Town Supervisor Bows to Public Pressure, Calls for Moratorium on Proposed Breeding Facility

Public outrage over a proposed new puppy mill has led Gorham, NY Town Supervisor Fred Lightfoote to reverse his position on the project. Read more

Woman Arrested for Throwing Veteran and Service Dog out of Restaurant

Police in Kent County, Michigan told WWMT that they have made an arrest following a November incident involving a case of discrimination against a disabled veteran and his service dog. Read more

Raise a Puppy and Change a Life

New Year’s resolutions forgotten already? There’s still time for another one, and this one will change the life of someone with disabilities. Read more

Crazy Husky Eats iPhone

My Husky, Fry, has been making some crazy noises while my wife and I get ready for bed. When we would come out we’d find the bed to be a mess, so, I decided to record what he was doing… Read more

South Africa's Dog Whisperer's Dog Attacks Another Child

This past summer, we reported on an incident involving a dog who attacked a little girl at a South African shopping mall. The story and video are no less troubling with the passage of time. Read more

The One Eyed Pug Hospice Worker

We found her sitting in a chair, alone, and when she saw Billy, she began to cry as she reached for him.

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