The Window (Panes) to the Soul

Sophie Merkley

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the lenses are the window panes.  That is not as poetic, but it is true.

Giveaway: Crypton Throver Pet Throw


Innovation. Industry leadership. A deep commitment to product excellence. These core elements are at the heart of the Crypton DNA – a labor of love that began in 1993 when founders Craig and Randy Rubin set out to create a new generation of stylish fabrics that were moisture-resistant and easy-to-clean, yet soft, comfortable and breathable.

Fudge & Friends


The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: A Fun Sunday Drive with Animals

natures song

Synchronized Schnauzers


Lazy Doberman

lazy doberman 2

Victoria Stilwell: The Westminster Interview

victoria stilwell

Victoria Stilwell graciously agreed to be interviewed by Vegan Petman, and over the course of this nearly 6 minute video, she reveals a number of things that fans may not have known about her.

The Dangers of Heartworm Infection – Infographic


Heartworm infection is a dangerous condition that can lead to severe lung disease, heart failure and damage to the body’s other organs. Dog owners (and even cat owners) should consider year-round heartworm protection to prevent a potentially fatal infection and a costly medical bill.

Dog Friendly Must-Do’s in Austin


If I were going to create the perfect dog-friendly city, it would look a lot like Austin. The weather invites outdoor activities, and Austinites take full advantage. But the best part is – whether they’re running, biking, playing sports, eating, or just sitting back taking it all in – they take their dogs along.

Pit Bulls Helping Kids Trust Again


A daycare manager at a safe haven for homeless women and their children is doing her part to change perceptions of a much maligned breed.

Dog Found Alive Day After Catastrophic House Explosion


Pinned under the crushing weight of the garage that collapsed on him when his home exploded, a dog named Rocco was found alive yesterday – 16 hours after the blaze was extinguished.

Puggles Teaches Baby How to Chew

teething  lessons

10 Things That Make Corgis Happy


Sled Dogs Mush Through the Sands of New Jersey

sled dogs

Hardly any snow has fallen in the Mid-Atlantic region this season, making life difficult for skiers and sledders. It’s no picnic for dogs, either.

Paraplegic Dog Stars in YouTube Reality Series

vets on call

One of YouTube’s most popular animal reality series, Veterinarians On Call, logging over 100,000 viewers since its fall launch, premieres Season Two with two special stories: a paraplegic dog who gets around on a wheeled cart, and a veterinarian preparing abandoned cats for adoption.

Puppy is Suspicious of Broccoli

suspicious puppy

If You Died Tomorrow What Would Happen To Your Pets?


Many of us are remiss in putting in place the proper documents and procedure should we die an unexpected and/or sudden death. Some of us are even more remiss in not planning for the eventuality of death at an older age while we still have time to do so.

Stolen Service Dog Reunited With Iraq War Veteran


LEHIGH ACRES, FL – An Iraq war veteran says his special needs assistance dog was stolen from behind his home on Unice Avenue South Monday night.

New Standards for BC Sled Dog Owners Include Instructions for Shooting Them

sled dogs

Animal rights groups in British Columbia say new guidelines created in response to the 2010 slaughter of 52 sled dogs amount to one step forward and two steps back. Those new guidelines include instructions on how to “humanely shoot a dog.”

The Latest Recalled Dog Foods All Contain This Ingredient


In early December, three pet food recalls were initiated due to aflatoxin levels above the ‘acceptable’ limit.