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If You Died Tomorrow What Would Happen To Your Pets?

Many of us are remiss in putting in place the proper documents and procedure should we die an unexpected and/or sudden death. Some of us are even more remiss in not planning for the eventuality of death at an older age while we still have time to do so. Read more

Stolen Service Dog Reunited With Iraq War Veteran

LEHIGH ACRES, FL – An Iraq war veteran says his special needs assistance dog was stolen from behind his home on Unice Avenue South Monday night. Read more

New Standards for BC Sled Dog Owners Include Instructions for Shooting Them

Animal rights groups in British Columbia say new guidelines created in response to the 2010 slaughter of 52 sled dogs amount to one step forward and two steps back. Those new guidelines include instructions on how to “humanely shoot a dog.” Read more

The Latest Recalled Dog Foods All Contain This Ingredient

In early December, three pet food recalls were initiated due to aflatoxin levels above the ‘acceptable’ limit. Read more

German Shepherd Trees Mountain Lion

California Department of Fish and Game spokeswoman Janice Mackey said Cody, an 85-pound German shepherd, spotted a male mountain lion around 7:30 a.m. yesterday near La Barranca and Elena roads in Los Altos, and promptly chased him up a tree. Read more

Puppy Love in a Strawberry

Read more

Don't Take My Lead On This One

Sunny came to us a dog with no skills for interacting comfortably with people. That was obvious, but what wasn’t obvious to me at the time was that being in a house was also a horrifying experience for him as well. Read more

Cute Cat Outsmarts Dog

Read more

Ohio's Pit Bulls Freed from Discrimination with Passage of HB-14

Ohio’s pit bull owners are celebrating today after Governor Kasich signed HB 14, into law, marking the end of 25 years of discrimination against the breed. Read more

A New Breed of Television: DOGTV

Cox and Time Warner Cable have launched the first and only television network for dogs, DOGTV. Scientifically developed and tested for four years, DOG TV, “a new channel for man’s best friend,” aired for the first time last week in the San Diego market. Read more

16,307 Pets Find Unconditional Love During National Adoption Weekend

More than 16,000 pets found a forever home during the most recent PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The event was held in partnership with nearly 2,000 animal-welfare organizations throughout North America, Canada and Puerto Rico. Read more

Festus the Three-Legged Therapy Dog

My best friend is a three-legged dog named Festus.  He may look a bit odd, but he is an inspiration. Read more

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