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Buddy's Funny Bark

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David Lee Roth: Dog World

Van Halen’s lead singer surprised us with this entertaining look at working with herding dogs. Read more

A Call to Action in California

Please join animal lovers across California by writing to those in the California Legislature who hold the power of life and death over shelter animals.

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Woman Pays Vet to Euthanize Dog, Finds it Living with New Owner 4 Months Later

Lisa Gossett’s one-year-old Chihuahua Lola was viciously mauled by another dog four months ago. The veterinarian told her the outlook was not good and gave her two choices.
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City: 8 Pound Chihuahua is a Danger to Society

She may be pretty in pink, but Windsor city officials say that an eight-pound dog named Misha is vicious. The city has named the three-year-old Chihuahua to its dangerous dog registry after she broke free and nipped a teenage girl in front of her home. Read more

The Day My Cat Called 911

I don’t know about you, but I like my Sundays slow and quiet. The bustle of another busy week leaves me in need of replenishment, and lazy Sundays are just the ticket for recharging before tackling another seven days of business challenges. Read more

Basset Hound in Slow Motion

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10 Ways to Save Money on Veterinary Care

Yes!  As a veterinarian who makes my living from veterinary medicine, I DO want you to save money on veterinary care!  Read more

Happy Birthday Dog Smiles On Cue For a Hamburger

Imagur user w8Had uploaded this hilarious picture with the following note: “Today is my pup’s 10th birthday. I think she likes her present/dinner…” Read more

Army Ranger: "My dog saved my life."

An Army Ranger haunted by his past says a four legged hero has come to his rescue in the fight against post traumatic stress. Read more

Giveaway: Drypet Microfiber Pet Towels

Drypet’s unique towel can cut the drying time of your pets by more than half.

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Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show: Petting Challenge

SB Nation’s Matt Ufford went to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show with a simple, impossible goal: pet each of the 185 breeds over two days. Read more

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