6th Grader Honors Dog, Fights for Change in Kansas Law

Aaron Coash and his dog Nikko

Antifreeze poisoning is responsible for causing the deaths of 10,000 animals each year, and after losing his dog, a 12-year-old Kansas boy is asking law makers to do something about it.

Pekingese is Best in Show

best in show

A crowd favorite took best in show at Westminster last evening.

Pets in the Classroom Grant Program Helps Students with Special Needs


Pets in the Classroom, an educational grants program supporting responsible pet care in today’s youth, has provided funding to acquire 10 aquariums for the classrooms of Green Chimneys, a nationally renowned, non-profit organization that helps children with emotional, behavioral, social and learning challenges with the aid of animals.

Why Dominance Won’t Die


Before I proceed, I have to respond to the title of this post with, “I only wish I knew.” I have some ideas, but I suspect reasons vary from trainer to trainer and pet owner to pet owner.

Mishka’s Valentine Greeting


Dog Starves on Chain in Full Public View

starving dog

A man who wishes to remain anonymous has brought media attention to an egregious case of animal neglect, and says that unless something is done soon, he is going to watch his neighbors starve another dog to death.

How Safe is Your Child Around Dogs?


According to the CDC, 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. One in five bites requires medical attention. And in 2006, over 30,000 people required reconstructive surgery to repair damage done by a dog bite.

Microsoft Engineer Invents Robotic Petsitter


Microsoft engineer Jordan Correa has invented a robot to keep his dog company while he and his wife are at work.

The Closer


Westminster 2012 Backstage


WNYC goes behind the scenes to explore the 2012 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Man Crawls Across Frozen River in Underwear to Rescue Dog


In what eyewitnesses called a foolish act of bravery, a British man stripped down to his underwear and made his way across a frozen Essex river to save a drowning dog.

High Diving Dog

high diving dog

Man Uses CPR To Save Dog Caught in Trap


LAKE CITY, Minn. — A Minnesota man said it took 15 minutes of CPR to save his dog after it was freed from the deadly grip of a hunter’s trap.

Boxer Puppies at Birth

boxer puppy

Nevaeh welcomes her new litter in this beautiful, close-up look at the miracle of life.

ParCool: Extreme Daredevil Dog


The extreme sport that seems to defy gravity and some of the rules of physics appeals to many two legged adrenalin junkies, and now a four legged one as well. A dog in western Ukraine has become an internet sensation over its passion for an active lifestyle.

HeARTs Speak: Photographers Focus on Shelter Dogs

rescue 1

Studies tell us that having a pet can help a person lead a happier, healthier, longer life. Pets can reduce stress and depression and improve our mood. But, for those who have found an animal companion (or have they found us?) who became our confidante/best friend/exercise buddy/shoulder to cry on/biggest champion, our family, we don’t […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dalmatian Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! May your home be full to the top with flowers and chocolate…unless you have pets, and then may your home be full of unconditional love and awesomeness, which are way better than flowers and chocolate any day!

Giveaway: Signed, Limited Artist’s Print


Today’s giveaway features an artist that we’ve long admired. Linda K. Evans is very well known in the Greyhound community, but her work appeals to a wider audience. Today, one lucky winner will have the chance to see why we’re such big fans.

Grizzly Bear Cub & Wolf Pup are Best Friends

bear and wolf

Trapped Puppy Rescued from Underground Pipe


On February 9, the Michigan Humane Society received a call about a one-month-old puppy in need. This is their rescue story.