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Petco Sued for Cutting Dog's Ear Off, Gluing it Back On

Two Hawaii women have filed a lawsuit against the Kaneohe Petco, claiming that groomers had accidentally chopped off body parts and tried to hide the injuries by gluing ears and tails back on. Read more

French Bulldog Befriends 6 Wild Boar Piglets

Orphaned wild newborn boar piglets are being raised by a French bulldog named Baby at the Lehnitz animal sanctuary outside Berlin. Read more

Breakthrough Canine Cancer Research Helps Dogs and Humans Live Longer, Healthier Lives

An innovative cancer treatment process improving survival rates for dogs could soon take the phrase “man’s best friend” to a whole new level, according to a research project funded by the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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Daughter's Best Friend

“At 5pm my daughter comes home from school,” writes redditor todayyes. “Five minutes before … someone is looking at the school bus stop.” Read more

Vintage Video: Freaky Pekes in Wedding Outfits

This rather bizarre 1956 clip comes from a longer film about Alexandra Williams, a champion breeder of Peckingese Dogs. Her dog Ts’Zee and his ‘fiancee’, Toydom Cherrey are seen modeling their wedding outfits… Read more

Does Your Dog Get Along with Other Dogs?

Many dog owners one day realize their pet no longer seems interested in being with other canines. Their formerly social dog has grown standoffish when other dogs are around. Read more

Howling Mad

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Dog Adopted After Spending Six Years in Shelter

This is the story of Rufo, a dog who, though loving and sweet, just could not get adopted. Read more

6th Grader Honors Dog, Fights for Change in Kansas Law

Antifreeze poisoning is responsible for causing the deaths of 10,000 animals each year, and after losing his dog, a 12-year-old Kansas boy is asking law makers to do something about it. Read more

Pekingese is Best in Show

A crowd favorite took best in show at Westminster last evening. Read more

Pets in the Classroom Grant Program Helps Students with Special Needs

Pets in the Classroom, an educational grants program supporting responsible pet care in today’s youth, has provided funding to acquire 10 aquariums for the classrooms of Green Chimneys, a nationally renowned, non-profit organization that helps children with emotional, behavioral, social and learning challenges with the aid of animals. Read more

Why Dominance Won't Die

Before I proceed, I have to respond to the title of this post with, “I only wish I knew.” I have some ideas, but I suspect reasons vary from trainer to trainer and pet owner to pet owner. Read more

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