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The Talking Frenchie

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The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Taylor Cleans Her Ball at the Dog Park

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Roos Like Jagger

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Dog Goes Missing for Three Years, Turns Up 2000 Miles from Home

The last time Peter Farmer saw his dog, he was merely a puppy. When he was just five months old he was stolen from Farmer’s back yard in Fayetteville. Read more

PA Senate Approves Daniel's Law to End Gassing

The Pennsylvania Senate has voted in favor of Daniel’s Law in an attempt to ban the gassing of dogs and cats in the state. Read more

Prosthetic Paw Gives Doomed Dog a Second Chance

A dog facing euthanization after the loss of a paw was saved by the kind hearted veterinary technician who refused to give up on him.

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Lady and the Trampoline

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The Brooklyn Mutt Show (VIDEO)

Our last visit with SB Nation’s Matt Uttford found us taking a whirlwind tour of backstage happenings at Westminster. Now he’s slumming it with the mutts, and we couldn’t be happier to hear it. Read more

Giveaway: Giant George: Life with the World's Biggest Dog

Giant George, the current Guinness World Records Tallest Dog in the World, is partnering with Life With Dogs to give away his newest book, Giant George: Life with the World’s Biggest Dog, being published April 10, 2012. Read more

Dogs Play with Adopted Fox

This is one of the orphaned fox cubs that have been raised by my dogs Molly and Saba.

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Delaware's First Family Adopts Shelter Dog

Delaware’s first family has a new member of the household and her name is “Rue.” Rue is a playful, three-month old puppy with some pretty big paws. Read more

One Happy Beagle

This is what happened when we picked Reggie up at the doggie inn after our beach vacation. I think he missed us!
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