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Pedigree Dog Food Recall Announced

Affected product may contain small pieces of blue plastic, which entered the food during the production process. Read more

Guide Dog Injured Pulling Owner from Path of Oncoming Car

A heroic guide dog has recovered from injuries sustained in the process of saving his blind owner’s life. Read more

Radioactive Food Bowls Found at Chicago Pet Store

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency is working with Petco to identify and recover stainless steel pet bowls contaminated with cobalt-60, a radioactive material. Read more

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Ki-lee's Crazy 360's

Love came over for a play date – and Ki-lee was desperately trying to get someone to play with her… Read more

Rescuers Brave Gunfire to Save Starving Dog

Determined to save a starved dog, animal rescuers dodge bullets in their attempt to rescue him. Read more

Heat Stroke in Dogs

You’ve seen it – the pet locked in a parked car on a warm day. Maybe you’ve even done it yourself. What you may not know though, is that such a situation can quickly lead to severe, expensive, and often fatal, problems for a pet. Read more

Loyal Doberman Shot in Face Defending Owner from Armed Intruder

Five year old Zeus, a Doberman pinscher, took a bullet to the face while defending his owner from an armed trespasser on Monday evening. Read more

Sassy Dachshund Puppy Doesn't Listen

Apple is a rebel… Read more

Inspired by Rescue, Teen Gives Shelter Dogs a Second Chance

Teen animal lover Molly Tillander is changing the dog world, one rescue at a time. Read more

Woman Smashes Window to Save Dog from Hot Car

When police fail to respond, a woman comes to the aid of a dog locked in a hot car. Read more

Study: Dog Walking More Beneficial than Walking with Human

According to a study from the University of Missouri, walkers realize the greatest health benefits when accompanied by a dog. Read more

Rescued Bird Infatuated with Dog

Magpie rescued and raised by hand is free to return to the wild, but loves our dog too much to leave… Read more

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