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Navy SEALs Special Patrol

Navy SEALs demonstrate the Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction (SPIE) rig during a capabilities exercise. Read more

Family Demands Answers After Vet Loses Their Dog

A Dunn, North Carolina woman is demanding answers after a veterinary clinic lost her 7-year-old Labrador-German shepherd mix while her family was on vacation. Read more

Oral Drops for Dog Allergies Promise Effective Alternative to Injections

A study reported July 24 at the World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology shows that placing allergy drops under a dog’s tongue can be as effective as allergy injections for controlling skin allergies. Read more

The Dolphin Dog

Kira is an ordinary dog with extraordinary friends. Read more

Lifetime Ban on Animal Ownership for Couple Convicted of Cruelty

“These people failed on all levels of care,” declared Justice of the Peace Mitchell Baker. Read more

Dog Survives Three Weeks Adrift at Sea After Losing His Owner

After a long and treacherous journey, Dingo has a new home – with the man who saved him. Read more

Concerned Neighbors Rescue Overheated Dog

Investigator Anne Vincent said the dog would have died from heat exposure if it weren’t for the residents who hosed her down with water and provided her with cold water. Read more

New York Signs Puppy Mill Bill Into Law

“Our mission is to protect the puppies, kittens and consumers from the unscrupulous breeders and pet stores,” said Charlemagne’s Law advocate Lorriane Pagano. Read more

Distraught Owner Says Pitbull Euthanized 'Without Due Process'

A Canadian dog owner says his pet was unfairly sentenced to death in a clear-cut case of discrimination. Read more

Pug vs. Bug

Our Pug playing with an artificial bug toy… Read more

Dog Honored with Valor Award for Saving Woman's Life

John Benton knew something was amiss when his dog tried to prevent him from leaving his home for the office. Read more

SPCA Saves 14 Dogs from House of Horror: Owners Demand Their Return

Jessica Heller was one of the first to enter the house. “The smell blew us away as soon as we walked into the house. The smell of pee, feces, and there was also a dead dog there,” Heller said. Read more

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