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Hanging 20 at the Surf Dog Surf-a-Thon - Watch It Live!

Dogs are making waves, and riding waves, to show their support of homeless dogs everywhere. Watch the festivities and events live on Google+ on September 9th! Read more

Amanda Seyfried Loves Her Dog, Finn

It’s good to see celebrities being responsible dog owners. Amanda Seyfried and Finn have quite a love affair! Read more

Dog Flu on the Rise in Pennsylvania

Veterinarians in Pennsylvania are seeing a rise in cases of canine flu. If your dog is sneezing and has a runny nose and watery eyes, you might to get your furry friend checked out. Read more

London: See.. I can play like everyone else!

London gets some slow mo action from the new GoPro cams while he plays with his new friend Laka! Read more

Community Bands Together to Increase Reward Offered for Information Leading to Dog Fighting Convictions

After a pit bull was found tied to a dumpster, covered in blood, a Spokane County in Washington is looking to the public for information to help convict those involved in this horrific case of animal cruelty. Read more

After Terrifying Car Crash, Dog Who Went Missing is Now Safe At Home

After getting in a terrifying car crash, two of their three dogs jumped out of the car. It wasn’t long before the dogs were out of sight and missing. Each dog ran in a different direction. To make matters worse, the owner stated she saw the dogs get hit by other cars. Read more

Stolen Puppy Left For Dead in Suitcase Finally Reunited With Owners

A young Labrador-pit bull mix was found stuffed inside a suitcase and left for dead. Luckily, life for Scrappy has gotten back to normal as he reunited with his owners! Read more

Dog Found in Garbage Can Still Happy and Playful

As a true testament to their good nature, a dog tossed away like yesterday’s trash is happy, friendly, and loving. Read more

Dogs and Shelters Need Help in New Orleans

During this latest disaster, the dogs of New Orleans need your help. Read more

Dog Rescued from Dog Fighting Ring Voted "Most Beautiful Dog in the Country"

After being subjected to a life in a dog fighting ring, Johnny Justice is now a therapy dog and was recently voted “Most Beautiful Dog in the Country!” Read more

Talented Puppy Hero Goes Shopping!

Hero the 11 month old Border Collie goes shopping at the pet supplies store. Read more

Pastor Finds Dog Alive Four Days After Church Fire

After a fire swept through an Illinois church, Rev. David Reasby thought he was mourning the loss of his dog who had been inside. That is, until the dog was found alive four days later. Read more

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