Hanging 20 at the Surf Dog Surf-a-Thon – Watch It Live!

Dogs and their people surf to bring awareness to homeless animals. (Photo - PRNewsFoto/Helen Woodward Animal Center)

Dogs are making waves, and riding waves, to show their support of homeless dogs everywhere. Watch the festivities and events live on Google+ on September 9th!
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Amanda Seyfried Loves Her Dog, Finn

Amanda Seyfried takes her dog, Finn, for a walk in Manhattan. (Photo - Mail Online)

It’s good to see celebrities being responsible dog owners. Amanda Seyfried and Finn have quite a love affair!
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Dog Flu on the Rise in Pennsylvania

Dog can get the flu, too, and an outbreak of canine influenza is on the rise. (Photo - Baltimore Humane Society)

Veterinarians in Pennsylvania are seeing a rise in cases of canine flu. If your dog is sneezing and has a runny nose and watery eyes, you might to get your furry friend checked out.
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London: See.. I can play like everyone else!


London gets some slow mo action from the new GoPro cams while he plays with his new friend Laka!
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Community Bands Together to Increase Reward Offered for Information Leading to Dog Fighting Convictions

SCRAPS Hopes information from the public will lead to dog fighting convictions.

After a pit bull was found tied to a dumpster, covered in blood, a Spokane County in Washington is looking to the public for information to help convict those involved in this horrific case of animal cruelty.
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After Terrifying Car Crash, Dog Who Went Missing is Now Safe At Home

Buddy fled the scene of the car crash and went missing. He was later found and reunited with his family.

After getting in a terrifying car crash, two of their three dogs jumped out of the car. It wasn’t long before the dogs were out of sight and missing. Each dog ran in a different direction. To make matters worse, the owner stated she saw the dogs get hit by other cars.
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Stolen Puppy Left For Dead in Suitcase Finally Reunited With Owners

After being found stuffed in a suitcase, Scrappy has been reunited with his family.

A young Labrador-pit bull mix was found stuffed inside a suitcase and left for dead. Luckily, life for Scrappy has gotten back to normal as he reunited with his owners!
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Dog Found in Garbage Can Still Happy and Playful

Found in a garbage can, injured and thin, this sweet boy will be looking for a new family soon. (Photo - Chris Kasprak/Post-Gazette)

As a true testament to their good nature, a dog tossed away like yesterday’s trash is happy, friendly, and loving.
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Dogs and Shelters Need Help in New Orleans

Members of the Louisiana National Guard rescue a dog and his family (Photo - AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

During this latest disaster, the dogs of New Orleans need your help.
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Dog Rescued from Dog Fighting Ring Voted “Most Beautiful Dog in the Country”

Johnny Justice will be immortalized as a Gund stuffed toy. (Photo - Examiner)

After being subjected to a life in a dog fighting ring, Johnny Justice is now a therapy dog and was recently voted “Most Beautiful Dog in the Country!”
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Talented Puppy Hero Goes Shopping!


Hero the 11 month old Border Collie goes shopping at the pet supplies store.
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Pastor Finds Dog Alive Four Days After Church Fire

Lil Bit showers Rev. David Reasby with kisses at their joyful reunion.

After a fire swept through an Illinois church, Rev. David Reasby thought he was mourning the loss of his dog who had been inside. That is, until the dog was found alive four days later.
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Batman Wins ‘Happiest Dog in America’, Now Hoping to Win The Heart of a Family to Adopt Him

Batman the Superdog is the winner of "Happiest Dog in America"

Leaping with ease, chasing down the ball and walking around like he owns the place are typical for “Batman the Superdog”.
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Dog’s Frantic Barking Sets Off A Hillside Rescue Mission

Georgie is a hero after his frantic barking alerted help for his injured owner.

Jennie Warr was on a walking track when disaster struck. She had found an unused trail and was walking along when she accidentally stepped into a hole. This sent her twisting forward and landing on her leg, which ended in the bone breaking. As she laid in agony, her border terrier Georgie frantically barked to call for help.
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Should Your Dog Be Allowed to Ride Unrestrained?

If NJ Bill Number 3221 passes, your dog will no long be allowed to feel the wind in his face. (Photo - Lew Robertson/Getty Images)

A NJ bill proposes that if a dog is not restrained, the owner can be charge with animal cruelty. What do you think?
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The Search for Lost Dog Continues

Meggie, a "nervous" dog, continues to be on the run, evading capture but her family remains hopeful. (Photo - Democrat and Chronicle)

The search for Meggie, a lost sheltie, continues. Missing since July 1st, plenty of sightings have been reported but Meggie continues to be on the run.
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Milk Bone and Smith’s Food Gives Service Dog to Disabled Youngster

Carter Veldevere will get a service dog of his own, thanks to two companies. (Photo - KSL.com)

A service dog will be a great help to Carter Veldevere, a young boy with a degenerative muscular disease. Milk Bone and Smith’s Food are covering the cost of the service dog for young Carter.
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Two Alberta Kids Work All Summer to Make Donation to Local Animal Rescue Foundation

Meet Dizzy, one of the pups adopted by the family from WHARF.

After working all summer, Olivia Vandekerchhove babysat and her brother Zach cut grass, the two decided to put away some of their money to put towards a cause close to their hearts – the Whitecourt Homeless Animal Rescue Foundation (WHARF).
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Sonya, the Google Maps Stray Dog Rescue


Eldad Hagar found Sonya right where the street view at Google maps showed her. She had been living on her own near that spot for years.
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Once Homeless & Paralyzed, One Strong Willed Pup is Now in Recovery and Preparing for Adoption

These days, Gordo is well on his way to recovery as he prepares to find a forever home.

Life has taken a turn for little Gordo, a young Shih Tzu who required expensive spinal surgery. Gordo had been surrendered to Manhattan Animal Care and Control by his owner after he was unable to afford Gordo’s surgery. Gordo was paralyzed and unable to use his back legs or urinate on his own. This left him with a full bladder, as he waited in the city shelter for his death sentence. Lucky for Gordo, a New Jersey rescue group saved him just in time.
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