The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Dazzle Goes to College

dazzle's campus trick tour

Dazzle shows off her impressive bag of tricks on the WSU campus…
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Hailey is Rescued from Iowa Cliff by Volunteer Firefighters

The Poland Family stops by the Decorah Firehouse to thank the volunteers for their heroic efforts in saving their dog, Hailey. (Photo by Sarah Strandberg)

Thanks to the excellent training and compassionate nature of some Iowa volunteer firefighters, Hailey was rescued from a cliff in an Iowa park.
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Doberman Found After Missing for Weeks

Niobe, a Doberman who had been missing for several weeks, is carried out of the brush where she'd been hiding. (Photo supplied by NEWS)

Niobe is a lucky girl. After missing for weeks, Niobe is on the road to recovery and has a new home waiting for her, all thanks to a doggedly determined dispatcher.
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“Diamond in the Ruff” Benefit for Mutts Matter Rescue

Zen, Clarabelle, Missy, Sir, and Camelot plan on attending the Diamond in the Ruff event at Boone & Sons Jewelry.

In McLean, VA, at the Boone & Sons Jewelry Store, Teddy will greet you at the door as you stop by to check out the latest and greatest bling. Since 1966, the Boone family has long been known for giving back to the local community schools and the local Red Cross. A new generation of Boones is taking over the leadership in the family business. Amanda, Morgan, and Erik Boone, all dog lovers, have decided its time to put their own paw print on the way their company gives back.
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Border Collie Zoe – Frisbee !


Zoe shows her skills in a beautifully shot video.
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Four-Legged Reason to Keep It Together

credit: Brian Rea

Timothy Braun shares the story of how his rescue dog helped him keep it together.
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Man and His Dog On Their Way to the Record Books for Frisbee

McLeod and Davy are the 2012 Quadruped National champions.

Rob McLeod and his pup, Davy Whippet have set a new quadruped world record in Denver, Colorado. McLeod threw a Frisbee 116.5 yards, which was caught by quick-footed Davy.
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Police Canine Retires from Police Force After 8 Years of Service

Ike and his handler, Officer Josh Marshall

After eight years of dedicated service to the Huntley Police Department, police canine Ike is off to a much deserved retirement. Ike, a German Shepherd, has served on the force since 2004.
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Service Dogs Let Loose On Their Day Off at the Beach

Photo Credit: Dog Bless You

It’s a lot of work to be a service dog, especially when they are in training. Like humans, dogs need some time to shake it off and let loose!
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The Pit Bull Problem

pit bulls1

Lori Weise, founder of Downtown Dog Rescue and Cornelius “Dog Man” Austin describe the unjust depiction and treatment of pit bulls in the media and society.
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Schoep’s Laser Treatment


The arthritic dog being lovingly cradled in the waters of Lake Superior in the famous photo is getting laser treatments for his arthritis thanks to a donor who wanted to help.
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Chihuahua Nurses Her Two Pups and Two Orphaned Kittens

Harmony nurses her two pups, and two kittens.

A young Chihuahua, Harmony, is a busy mommy taking care of four kids, who aren’t all puppies.
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Michigan On The Forefront of Becoming The First No-Kill State

Nathan Winogard, Executive Director for the No-Kill Advocacy Center, holds his furry friend.

The state of Michigan is currently in the forefront of being the first no-kill states. A conference held by the Michigan Pet Fund Alliance, is helping the state along to reach that goal.
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Rescue Dog Invites Hungry Stray Home For Dinner

Fozzie, and his new friend Lars, who he brought home for dinner.

After escaping from the yard, rescue dog Fozzie meets up with a stray and invites him home for dinner.
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Doggone Worship – Pet-Friendly Church Services

Lauren Baker and Ginger, an 11-year-old cancer survivor, attend services at First Christian Church in Brunswick, OH. (BRIAN LISICK/SUN NEWS)

It’s “Take Your Pet to Church Day” every Sunday at the First Christian Church in Brunswick, Ohio. Dogs are more than welcome to attend services with their owners, and the congregation accepts them as part of their church family.
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A Canadian with an Amazing Can-Do Attitude

Michel Garant and his assistnace dog, Mollo, take a break from their fundraising trek across Canada. (MICHEL FORMAN/Truro Bureau)

On a cycling trip across Canada to raise money to buy service dogs for others in need, Michel Garant, a paraplegic, hopes to inspire others that challenges can be overcome.
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50 Dogs Seized After Complaint of Dog Walking Along a Rooftop

50 dogs and one cat were seized in a raid on two residences. (Richard Walker/T&D)

Thanks to a phone call about a dog seen walking on a roof, 50 dogs and one cat are safe and being cared for.
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Dog Flips Over His New Ball


Tito enjoys his new toy.
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4-Year-Old Girl Cries Tears of Happiness As She Reunites With Her Dog Who Had Been Missing for Six Months

4-Year-Old Leah Evans, and her brother, are over the moon about having their dog, Levi home again.


One British family was left heartbroken after their beloved pooch went missing six months ago. This sad tale has a heartwarming ending, as Levi, the 7-year-old American bulldog mix, was found over 120 miles away from the family’s home. Little Leah Evans, only 4-years-old was delighted to be reunited with her best friend.
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Florida Woman Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison For Animal Cruelty and Theft

Palena Rae Dorsey has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for her horrific treatment of 158 dogs.

After her horrific mistreatment of 158 dogs, and stealing $500 000 that was supposed to be a donation to assist in the animal’s care, Palena Rae Dorsey has been sentenced to 10 years in prison, as well as 20 years probation.
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