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Dog Helps Police Find Suspect Who Shot At Two Deputies

Once a rescue dog, now a hero! Abby, a pit bull mix, has been praised for leading investigators to a suspect who had allegedly shot at two deputies. Read more

Lonely Old Dog Has His Final Wish Fulfilled

Every dog deserves to feel love and companionship. Ol Boy had his final wishes fulfilled by a wonderful rescue team. Read more

Animal Advocates Remind Owners to Have Evacuation Plans In Place For Pets

As Hurricane Isaac continues to blow towards the south Eastern United States, animal advocates are encouraging pet owners to have evacuation plans in place for their four-legged friends. Read more

Family Dog Found After Going Missing Three Years Ago

An Oregon family is stunned beyond belief after getting a phone call that told them their dog Sara, who had been missing for 3 years, was alive and well. Read more

Soldier's Dog Helps Raise Funds for Shelter in Afghanistan

Peg, a rescue dog from Afghanistan, now living in England, helps raise awareness and funds for a shelter in Kabul. Read more

Bradley Cooper Loves and Adopts Rescue Dogs

Bradley Cooper not only talks the talk, he walks the talk…well, he walks the dog. His adopted rescue dog, Charlotte, that is. Charlotte is the love of his life. Read more

Dozer Heads to Seattle's Georgia Peaches Puppy Rescue

Dozer, an abused puppy from Atlanta, GA, is looking for his new family in Seattle, WA, all thanks to Georgia Peaches Puppy Rescue. Read more

Bentley the Bulldog Puppy is Fussy pt. 2

Bentley is talking up a storm. Read more

Hulk and Friends Head to Oregon to Find Homes

Left behind because of his size and lack of space, Hulk, a beautiful shelter dog in Palm Springs, CA, will head to Oregon in hopes of starting his new life. Read more

Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

National Dog Day is a day for celebrating our own pets and all those dogs and puppies who are in shelters and pounds across the country looking for love. Take a minute to share how you will be celebrating this awesome day. Read more

Puppy Dreams of Running

Sleeping puppy has cute little twitchy paws. Read more

August 26th is National Dog Day - CELEBRATE!

Today is a day devoted to all those dogs who make our lives happier, easier, and more fulfilled on a daily basis. National Dog Day encourages everyone to visit their local shelter and make a donation of time and money. Read more

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