Homeless Chihuahua Gets Starring Role and a Forever Home

source: Marietta.Patch.com

The Atlanta Lyric Theatre was in need of a small dog to play a leading role. For the part of “Bruisier” in the musical adaptation, the theatre group looked to the rescue group Furkids for help.
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Kasper and Alex – A Match Made in Canada

Kasper has given Alex Mertens the freedom to do things she couldn't do before.

Kasper, a Dog with Wings graduate, is making life easier for Alex Mertens, a young girl with cerebral palsy and epilepsy.
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A Home Away from Home

Kerry Brown and Christian Skowlund, co-owners of the D Pet Hotel in Chelsea, greet a new arrival upon check-in.

Giving your dog all the comforts of home is a priority for many dog owners who travel, and the new D Hotel in Chelsea can make that happen.
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The Amazing London, in Stairs? NO Problem!


An Unlikely Pair of Abandoned Dogs Find Their Forever Home

Kathy Klamka and her husband Paul are overjoyed to have Samson and Delilah as a part of their family.

A 100 pound German Shepherd and an 8 pound Shih Tzu are two lucky dogs. After being found abandoned, the odd pair have found a home with more than enough love.
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Rescue Organization in California Providing Low Cost Spay and Neutering

HOPE organizers are hoping the clinics will educate pet owners on the benefits of spaying and neutering their pets.

The Helping Out Pets Everyday (HOPE) organization is hoping to help Upland, California pet owners understand why it is so important to spay and neuter your pets. HOPE has been offering spay and neuter surgeries at low costs since 2004. Their clinics are for Upland residents.
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Rescue Teams Saves Newfoundland Dog Who Had Fallen Over 150ft Cliff

Lee Burnett, his partner Gemma Richens and their three children are so happy to be reunited with their pup after their Newfoundland, Ted plummeted down a 150ft cliff.

During a family holiday, Ted, a Newfoundland the size of a small pony, fell from a 150ft cliff.
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The Queen’s Corgis Attack Visiting Canine Royalty

Queen Elizabeth's Corgi/Dachshund mix dogs attacked Princess Beatrice's dogs.

It wasn’t their fault. The Queen’s Corgi/Dachshund mix dogs and Princess Beatrice’s dogs were not formally introduced in a safe manner, and one little elderly Norfolk Terrier was injured.
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Celebrate National Dog Day with Free Doggie Ice Cream

Best Friends Pet Care will give away free ice cream to celebrate National Dog Day.

National Dog Day starts early at Best Friends Pet Care centers across the US. Treat your dog to a special, dog-friendly frozen dessert to show your dogs how much you love them.
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Puppy Survives After Being Tied to Railroad Tracks

Puppy survives terrifying ordeal of being tied to railroad tracks.

After being tied to railroad tracks in the path of a speeding train, this puppy does the unthinkable and survives.
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Crazy Italian Greyhound Plays With Kitten


Cantaloupe, star of the video, “A very bad dog (kleptomaniac greyhound!)” is back and this time she’s trying to get Pancake the kitten to play in her own special way.
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Dogs Are Helping Children Get Through Cancer Treatment

Juci enjoys being cuddled by all the children.

Every Wednesday, Veronica Pardo brings her two pups, Lancelot and Juci, to visit children at the only hospital in Ecuador’s capital city that treats cancer.
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Two Young Boys Run Lemonade Stand to Help Dog Rescue Organization

Michael and Nicholas with their pup, Cabela, who they adopted from the Hope for Hannah organization.

Michael and Nicholas Gowarty ran a lemonade stand outside their home to raise money for the rescue organization, “Hope for Hannah.”
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Dog Treadmills are a Growing Trend Amongst Pet Owners

Dog treadmills are becoming more and more popular.

More and more pet owners are purchasing canine treadmills for their dogs.
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Book Giveaway: Handbags and Poobags – Tales of a Soho Boxer Dog


What happens when you drop a big, bouncing Boxer dog into the life of a glamorous girl about town? Alice Wright reveals all in her dog-memoir with a difference…
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Dog Thrown From Moving Vehicle is Uninjured and Looking for a Loving Forever Home

Sweetie will be looking to find her forever home, with a loving family.

After been tossed from a moving vehicle, Sweetie was miraculously uninjured. Emotionally she continues to recover with her foster family, until she finds her forever home.
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Daniel – AHA’s Emerging Hero Winner

Jenna Dwyer and Daniel. Daniel will compete as the Emerging Hero in the Hero Dog Awards.

After surviving the gas chamber, Daniel, the “Miracle Beagle,” wins the Emerging Dog award. Now he’ll compete for top dog honors in the AHA’s Hero Dog Awards.
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China Becoming Dog-Friendly, With Pet Companionship on the Rise

A couple with their dog at Coolbaby Dog Park in Beijing.

Many residents of China are becoming a part of the growing trend of pet owners, enjoying the companionship that dogs have to offer. Animal activists continue to work hard to make China more dog-friendly.
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Dog Hit By Light Rail Train Makes Miraculous Recovery

Amtrak, seen here with vet, Nicole Bartley is making a remarkable recovery.

After being hit by a light rail train, Amtrak is blowing her rescue team away with her unbelievable recovery.
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A Dog Named by Destiny


Saying goodbye to Max was one of the hardest things Chloe Brennan has ever faced. The Florida youth was raised with the dog, and her parents say Max offered invaluable support to their daughter when, as a young child, surgeons cut into her tiny chest twice to repair a defective heart.
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