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Compassionate Neighbours Rescue Injured Dog Found in Dumpster

A startling and disturbing discovery was made at a Kentucky apartment complex last week. Calvin King said his wife was just taking out the garbage when she found an injured dog in the dumpster of their Nicholasville apartment. Read more

Fortunate Dog Survives Dangerous Highway Encounter

It was a near death experience for a chocolate lab dubbed “Charlie” last weekend on a dangerous stretch of highway in Florida. Read more

Musician's Assistant

A dog helps a piano player with the sustain pedal. Read more

In times of need, service dogs offer special help

It is difficult to connect with happy thoughts In times of grief, but dogs tend to have an uncanny ability to lift peoples hearts and spirits. Read more

The magpies escourted his fur - a pet portrait

The making of a dog portrait helps bring out layers of feelings for a beloved pet. Read more

Firefighters free dog trapped in a pipe

On Tuesday morning Diane Albracht let her 4-year-old Treeing Walker Coonhound Veronica out in the yard of her California home. Diane went about her morning, busy getting the house ready for a family reunion this weekend. At 9:30 am her granddaughter arrived for a playdate. It was then when Albrecht discovered that her gate was open and Veronica was missing. Read more

Dogs lose jobs due to budget cuts

Bailey, a Canada Border Services Agency worker, spent her last day on the job Friday in Vancouver. Bailey is a seven-year-old chocolate lab. Both Bailey and her canine coworker Brodie were laid off due to most recent federal budget. They are among a suggested 19 dog teams to be impacted across Canada by the cuts. Read more

Police rescue a puppy found buried alive

Police officers in Williston, Florida were disposing of evidence per a court order on Thursday when they heard a whimpering noise coming from underground. Officers located the origin of the whimpering and dug out a one-week-old puppy that was head-first in an eight-inch hole. Read more

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Best Frenemies

2 month old kitten (Daphne) takes on tiny but more experienced Maltese (Luna). They are secretly in love… Read more

Anatolian Dogs Used to Guard Museums in Turkey

Guard dogs are not only used to protect homes. Museums are now looking into the age-old security system. Read more

Jet-setting Oscar Travels the World - Sometimes by Balloon!

Joanne Lefson adopted Oscar just a day before he was due to be euthanized, and now the pair travel around the world to raise awareness about homeless dogs. Read more

Dreaming Shiba Inu Puppy

Off to dreamland . . . Read more

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