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The Heroic Dogs of 9/11

In the days following the attacks of 9/11, rescue and cadaver dogs and their handlers worked tirelessly to first locate survivors, and ultimately to recover human remains that helped families find closure. Read more

Loyal Dog Sacrifices His Own Life to Save Suicidal Man

A loyal canine sacrificed his own life to save his suicidal owner from an oncoming train. Read more

Baby Moose Gets Cozy with House Pets

Freddie is a young animal that loves to play with his dog friends, go for car rides and sleep indoors. You might think he is an average puppy, but you’d be wrong. He’s not a dog – he’s a baby moose! Read more

Celebrity Dog Caesar Helps Other Dogs in Need

Steve Valenti DiGiulio and his Yorkshire terrier Caesar have been hitting the streets of Athens, Georgia to spread the word about helping dogs Read more

"Shooting Star" by Sinthya Somorra

The Mayor’s Alliance has just released this independently produced video that recaps Star’s story for an appeal to the public to encourage the NYPD to change their practices toward animals. Read more

UPDATE: Hero Dog Kabang Begins Trip to US for Facial Reconstruction

Finally, Kabang, the heroic shepherd mix begins her trip to The Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital of the University of California, in Davis, CA for the first ever maxillofacial repair surgery performed on a dog. Read more

Chase, an Autism Service Dog, is Giving One Family Peace of Mind

Adrian Chavez’s parents sleep a lot better now thanks to Adrian’s service dog, a Goldendoodle named Chase. Adrian is an 8-year-old boy with autism who often wandered off when the family was out or even in the middle of the night slipping out of the house. Now thanks to Chase, who is always with Adrian, his parents know he is safe. Read more

Woman Faces Sentencing for Throwing Her Boyfriend’s Dog into Traffic

Shellie Hubbard, 46, of Portland, Oregon faced sentencing on Friday after she pled guilty to the charge of first-degree animal cruelty on August 30th. Read more


The American Veterinary Association announced a recall this morning for thyroid medications. Read more

Internet Reunites Homeless Military Vet and Canine Companion

When nomadic military veteran Rusty Reed opened his camper door to find he beloved dog missing, his heart sank. Timber, a malamute-shepherd mix, vanished into the Utah wilderness, leaving his collar and 50-foot exploring leash behind. Reed retraced the steps taken by the pair on a hiking trail they had walked over the last several days, but found no sign of him. Read more

Hundreds of Shelter Dogs Adopted

Nearly 300 lucky dogs have found themselves new homes Saturday after the Albuquerque Animal Welfare Shelters waived adoption fees this weekend. That number is expected to increase by the end of Sunday. But shelter officials say it’s a temporary fix to a larger problem. Read more

Tippy Teddy

Teddy the Morkie puppy tips himself forward in the cutest way when it’s time to get into his food bowl. Read more

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