Anonymous Donor Covers $1400 Life-Saving Surgery for Ownerless Dog

11.30.12 - Anonymous Donor

A woman walked into the police station after hearing Ira’s story and gave the dispatcher $1400 in cash.
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Dog Shocks Firefighters when She Arises from Smoldering Wreckage Completely Unscathed

Family members rejoice at being reunited with the dog they feared dead

Ninety percent of the house was gone when Abigail emerged from the ashes.
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Police Officer’s Daring Rescue of Drowning Dog Becomes Facebook Knockout

Officer Eric Elliott

Officer Eric Elliott didn’t have to respond to the call, but was in the area and knew he had to act fast.
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Loyal dog stays by lost 2-year-old boy’s side


When 2-year-old Peyton Myrick went missing in the woods on Wednesday night, his dog Ash was by his side the whole time. After rescuers searched for almost five hours, Ash would be the one to lead them to the boy.
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Gone Fishin’

fishing dog

Tosh’s patience pays off!
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Family is reunited with missing dog after seeing him on TV


When Gregg Mohler turned on the television on Monday morning he couldn’t believe what he saw. His missing dog was being featured as the Pet of the Week by the Iowa County Humane Society. It had been four years since Lucky had gone missing from his home in Lone Rock, Wisconsin.
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Firefighter saves dog trapped in burning barn


Captain Les Porter dove through flames to rescue a dog trapped inside a burning barn on Thursday morning. Thanks to his efforts a pit bull named Moe only suffered some minor burns and is alive.
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For Charity, a beautiful reprieve after years of neglect


Charity was found starving and abandoned in front of the Santa Maria animal shelter on November 4th. The German Shepherd, estimated to be about 9 years old, was emaciated and nearly bald due to a raging yeast infection which left open wounds on her skin that oozed.
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After surviving a venomous snake bite, Dante goes home to his family at last

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 9.07.18 AM

Two months ago you heard about Dante, the black lab that saved Gudrun Mastriano from a dangerous cottonmouth snake. Mastriano was out walking with Dante when he saw the snake, leapt forward and tossed it away, being bitten himself in the process.
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Updated information on Gracie – Who still desperately needs a home


A couple of days ago you read about Gracie, a 1 year old brindle Boxer mix who is desperate need a home. Gracie has a medical condition, an esophageal abnormality that affects the way she can eat and drink. At one point, when she was younger, Gracie needed the aid of special chair to eat her food so that she could properly digest it, but that is actually no longer the case.

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Inmates help save dogs from being put down


Thanks to a partnership with the inmates at CCA Lee Adjustment center, the euthanasia rate at the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter is declining.
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Adorable Bonded Puppy and Kitten Find Home Together


The formerly abandoned JRT pup and kitten gained fame when a series of photos went viral in October. The shelter has found them the perfect home, where they will remain together.
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Dog goes missing after saving his owner’s life from a fire


Jeff Rossi made it safely out of a fire thanks to his dog Harley. Now Rossi is desperate to find his best friend and hero
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After missing for seven years dog and owner are reunited


Dan Kesler patiently waited seven years to get the phone call he always hoped for. Four weeks ago he finally got that phone call. His Doberman B.A. had been found and they were going to be reunited.
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How Adopting Dogs Helped Jackass’s Steve-O on the Path to Sobriety

11.28.12 - Steve-O

Steve-O is using his new show “Killer Karaoke” to show how inhumane people can be toward dogs.
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Massachusetts Dog is First in the State to be Protected under Domestic Violence Restraining Order

11.28.12 - Restraining Order

Panzer is being kept at a secret location, far from the hands of his abuser.
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80 Dogs Saved from Certain Death and Three Dog-Fighting Rings Busted

11.28.12 - Dog Fight 2

The 65 dogs rescued in Tennessee need donations so they can receive proper medical care.
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Owners of Ohio puppy mill plead not guilty to 723 charges of animal cruelty

puppy mill rescue

Back on November 17th a raid on Pedigree Pets in Ohio led to the rescue of 241 dogs that were being kept in deplorable conditions. Now the owners of the alleged Shelby County puppy mill and their son have been charged with 241 counts of animal cruelty each.
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Dog Friend vs. Cat Friend

cat and dog friends

Dog friends or cat friends? These two tell it like it is.
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Dog who lost all her fur stays warm with a tiger onesie


When Lily goes out for walks she tends to draw a lot of attention and turn heads. Lily suffers from a rare skin condition that has caused all of her fur to fall out. With the onset of cold weather her foster mom has come up with a unique way to keep her warm when she goes out for walks. Lily sports a human adult-sized onesie with tiger stripes to stay warm.
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