Dog stolen in Pennsylvania found on the streets of Houston

A dog that was stolen 2 weeks ago in Pennsylvania turned up in Houston on Friday, 1400 miles from home.  The dog, named Roxy, was apparently taken from her home in Allentown by her owners grandchild without permission, and then later seemingly abandoned on the streets of Houston.

Animal Control found Roxy and took her to the shelter where she was scanned for a microchip and it was discovered that she was a long way from home.  Her owner was extremely relieved to get the news that Roxy was safe and would soon be on her way home in good health.  Ashton Rivet, brand development coordinator at BARC, the city of Houston animal shelter and adoption facility is a big advocate of microchipping.  “Microchips are the answer,” Rivet said. “It is absolutely the difference between being reunited and not being reunited with them.”

Roxy’s owner worked quickly with BARC to coordinate her return home and by Sunday afternoon there was a joyful reunion at Newark airport in New Jersey where an elated owner gratefully retrieved her pet.  Many of the pets that end up at shelters are not microchipped and it makes identification nearly impossible, especially in cases where the animal is found far from home.

Microchipping saves lives, and gives pet owners some peace of mind.  For more information on microchipping your pet, please contact your local vet or animal shelter for information.  “We’re elated,” Rivet said. “It’s wonderful,” though she added that she wishes every story ended this happily.


  1. Brush Creek Border Collies says on  01/08/2013 at 3:50 pm

    Microchips to the rescue again!! Love a good ending and especially love seeing that owners care enough to chip and keep their info up to date. Spread the word, microchips save lives and save owners from days of anguish or forever wondering what happened to their pets.

  2. Cheryl F says on  01/09/2013 at 10:04 am

    That “grandchild” would never be welcome in my home again. What a loser.

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