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Missing boy found safe in the woods with his dog standing guard

Once again a dog proves his love for his little human. On Monday a 3 year old boy from South Dakota went missing from his home for about an hour before he was found in the woods near his home being protected by his large brown pit bull. Read more

Loaded guns and dogs are a bad combination

Just as guns should be kept safely away from children, they can be equally dangerous to have lying around near dogs. Gregory Dale Lanier found this out the hard way when he was shot by his dog while driving his truck down a Florida street on Saturday. Read more

Family of slain dog awarded $51,000 in damages

Justice has finally been served to the family of Rosie, who was needlessly shot and killed by Des Moines police in 2010. Though it will not bring back their beloved dog, a judge has awarded $51,000 plus attorney’s fees to Charles and Deirdre Wright. Read more

Retired Military Dog to Continue Saving Lives by Joining the Police Force

Slick is a war hero that has saved the lives of countless soldiers. He is also only 5-years-old. The black lab has retired from military service but he isn’t done helping people. On Tuesday he was introduced as the newest K9 for Prince George’s County Police Department in Maryland. Read more

ARL Boston Rescues Diamond, Dog Stuck Under a Shed

Rescue techs used a 2 ton jack to lift a building and rescue a trapped dog yesterday. Read more

Dog Helps Save Woman Having a Seizure

A Montrose, Colorado woman is crediting her dog Tiger with saving her life this past weekend. Patty Jensen and Tiger were out for a walk along the Uncompahgre River when she began having her seizure. Tiger immediately sprang into action taking care of Patty until help arrived. Read more

Mailman Rescues Dog Impaled on a Fence

Kory Cantrell is used to being chased and barked at by dogs as a mail carrier, but while delivering mail the other day Cantrell heard a dog in distress. Without hesitation he went to find the dog. What he found was a 110-pound yellow lab named Wyatt stuck on a fence after he had tried to jump it. Two neighbors were desperately trying to lift Wyatt off the fence, but were unable to without Cantrell’s help. Read more

Dog Goes from Homeless Home-Wrecker to Beloved Rescue Dog

Rayven went from anxious and despondent to relaxed and content. Read more

The Public is Needed to Help Bring Two Missing Dogs Home

There’s even a $5,000 reward for one of the dogs missing. Read more

Justice for Argus and Fiona: Senator Introduces Anti-Dog Killing Bill

The new bill would protect runaway dogs that are only chasing other animals, and not attempting to harm them. Read more

Abandoned and Disabled Puppy Making Great Improvements

In just a few weeks a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross has made a remarkable recovery. The puppy was given the name Wonky because her malformed front legs caused her to walk awkwardly on bent joints. Now the name isn’t as fitting as she walks and runs around like a normal puppy. Read more

Bear Dog Captures the Hearts of an Entire Town

Bear Dog is well known around the community of Castle Rock, Washington. The 18-year-old black lab is so beloved that he not only is allowed to break the “no pets allowed” rule at several areas around town they even write the exception into the signs. Read more

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