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  2. You had better have a good connection. It is a video!

  3. I know all the foods that kill your dog

  4. guest says on  02/25/2016 at 11:40 am

    Natural cyanide in peach pits, apricot pits, apple seeds etc actually kills cancer cells in the body but does not hurt the body in humans or dogs. The great side effect of feeding several ground up peach, apricot or apple seeds is that the cyanide is absorbed by cancer cells and kills the cancer cells. We have been feeding 5 – 10 ground up raw apricot seeds, and apple seeds to our dogs daily for years and we eat them ourselves to kill off cancer cells. Oncologists eat apricot seeds privately too to prevent cancer cells, but they do NOT tell their profitable patients because cancer is the most profitable business in America,

  5. Glen Andrews Kanako Ohara George Naylor Maria Mirovskaya
    I would give Maximus a piece of peach every now and then… Yikes…

  6. Andre Threethousand – I’m going to start to mention you in the posts like these if you want.

  7. Jennifer says on  02/25/2016 at 12:56 pm

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND GODS . . . .AVOCADO MEAT is NOT TOXIC TO DOGS!!! The persin toxin is in the PIT, not in the meat or skin of the fruit. Do you SERIOUSLY THINK THAT Avoderm brand pet food (which contains avocado meat and oil) would be allowed to be sold commercially by the FDA if it was poisonous to the animals ingesting it???? In the past 10 yrs, I have yet to hear about a single incident in the news of of a dog dying of avocado poisoning. Avocado oil is actually very beneficial to dogs b/c of the omega fatty acids in it! GREAT for their fur & skin, just like humans. Here’s the truth straight from the horse’s mouth:

  8. great infp

  9. Jaclyn Snell

  10. Bobby Angulo Brenda Preciado Claudia Baeza Vivian Escobar Cecy Torrez 😢😟

  11. Rebeka Bertovic

  12. I never knew this & always fed my childhood dog grapes & leftovers with garlic & onions. He never had any problems & lived a long life.
    I don’t feed my dog any of these things but he sneaks to our grapevines whenever he can when they’re in season.
    I did some digging & found it would take quite an amount to do harm.

  13. I didn’t know some of these 😱

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