Strangers Come Rescue Dog Tossed from a Car

A group of teenagers came to the rescue of a dog thrown from a car in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. Read more

Rescued Greyhound Saves New Owner's Life

Erin Cramer adopted Clobber from a Greyhound rescue two months ago. Cramer rescued Clobber and now Clobber has returned the favor and saved her life. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Abandoned Dog from Ravine

Firefighters in New Jersey repelled down a 50 foot cliff to rescue an abandoned malnourished poodle. Read more

Couple Brought Together by Guide Dogs Marries

Last year we brought you the story of Claire Johnson and Mark Gaffey, a couple who met and fell in love thanks to their guide dogs Venice and Rodd. Over the weekend the blind couple married with Venice and Rodd serving as ring bearers. Read more

Hero Police K-9 Survives Shooting

Anaheim Police K-9 Bruno is recovering after being shot last Thursday during a search with SWAT officers. His heroism saved the lives of several other officers and even after being shot by the suspect Bruno didn’t want to stop doing his job. Read more

Dog Saves Home from Burglar

When a man attempted to burglarize John Demaria’s home Friday morning a pit bull named Chloe came to the rescue. Demaria was asleep when an intruder came in, but his dog Chloe came to the rescue and protected the home. Read more

Soldier Reunited with K9 Partner that Saved His Life

John Logie and K9 partner Balto served side by side in Afghanistan for almost a year until Logie was injured by an improvised explosive device. On Saturday Logie was reunited with his hero Balto this time to take him home for good. Read more

Hank the Dog Greeted by Hundred of Fans in Milwaukee

Hank, the stray dog that wandered into the Milwaukee Brewers’ spring training earlier this year, arrived in Milwaukee for the first time on Sunday and was greeted as a celebrity. Hundreds showed up at the airport to welcome Hank to his new city. Read more

Funds Raised to Help Dog with Missing Jaw

In February a Rough Collie named Lad was badly injured when he was shot in his muzzle. The lower part of his jaw is almost completely gone. Now thanks to generous donations Lad is at UC Davis Veterinary Hospital getting the treatment he needs. Read more

Dog Saves Owner from Choking to Death

Rachel Hayes began to choke on a piece of candy at her home and thought she was going to die, but then her dog Mollypops came to the rescue. Sensing something wasn’t right Mollypops jumped on Hayes back until the candy dislodged and Hayes could breathe again. Read more

New Photography Project Helping Shelter Dogs

Sarlota Bán’s new photography project is showing shelter dogs in a new way. Her project, “Help Dogs with Images,” is creating amazing images of dogs and helping to bring attention to dogs in need of homes. Read more

Sheriff's Helicopter Rescues Dog From Cliff

Police in Santa Rosa, California used a helicopter to come to the rescue of a black Lab named Oreo who had fallen down a 90-foot cliff on Saturday. A sheriff’s deputy dangled 100-feet from the helicopter to bring Oreo to safety. Read more

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