Two Young Boys Run Lemonade Stand to Help Dog Rescue Organization

Michael and Nicholas Gowarty ran a lemonade stand outside their home to raise money for the rescue organization, “Hope for Hannah.” Read more

Dog Treadmills are a Growing Trend Amongst Pet Owners

More and more pet owners are purchasing canine treadmills for their dogs. Read more

Dog Thrown From Moving Vehicle is Uninjured and Looking for a Loving Forever Home

After been tossed from a moving vehicle, Sweetie was miraculously uninjured. Emotionally she continues to recover with her foster family, until she finds her forever home. Read more

China Becoming Dog-Friendly, With Pet Companionship on the Rise

Many residents of China are becoming a part of the growing trend of pet owners, enjoying the companionship that dogs have to offer. Animal activists continue to work hard to make China more dog-friendly. Read more

Dog Hit By Light Rail Train Makes Miraculous Recovery

After being hit by a light rail train, Amtrak is blowing her rescue team away with her unbelievable recovery. Read more

Stolen Pit Bull Is Reunited With Owner

After going missing earlier this week, Lily, a grey and white pit bull, has found her way home and her owner, Lauren Paige Richeson could not be happier! Read more

Firefighter Captures Amazing Dog Rescue On Camera

Decorah, Iowa firefighters risked their lives to save a family dog who had fallen off the edge of a bluff. Amazingly, the rescue was captured on camera. Read more

Ottawa Humane Society Charges Three Individuals Who Left Dogs in Parked Car

The Ottawa Humane Society is charging irresponsible dog owners for leaving their pets in hot cars. So far, three owners have been charged for leaving their dogs unattended in their car during the heat wave that swept through Ontario, Canada in July. Read more

UPDATE: Man Charged With Animal Cruelty After Abandoning Dog on Colorado Mountain

After leaving his dog abandoned on one of Colorado’s steepest mountains, Anthony Joseph Ortolani, 29, is being prosecuted. The dog was found on Mount Bierstadt, a 14 065 foot mountain. Read more

Volunteer Pilot Rescues Dogs From High Kill Shelters

Mike Young, a volunteer pilot with the Pilots N’ Paws organization, works with various rescue groups across the United States to deliver adopted animals to their forever homes. Read more

Dalmatian Adopts Young Lamb As Her Own

An abandoned lamb, who was rejected by its mother, has found love and nurturing from an unlikely source – a Dalmatian named Zoe! Read more

Graduates From Prison Dog Training Program Looking For Forever Homes

Oscar, an older bearded collie, and Sammy, a black Labrador mix puppy, arrived at the Greyhound Friends kennel, following weeks at Camp Canine – a special training program at a correctional facility in Kentucky Read more

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