Days Shorten for Passage of Nitro’s Law in 2012 Session


Four years after Nitro’s tragic death by starvation at a Youngstown, OH training facility, the bill that bears his name has yet to become law. One week remains for it to pass in the current session.
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Retired Police Dog Valiantly Risks his Life to Protect his Home


Drake may not have made it as a police dog, but he nearly gave his life trying to stop burglars from entering his owners home in West Palm Beach, California. The 5 year old german shepherd was home alone when 3 intruders entered. When he tried to protect his property, he was shot at least 4 times and is now fighting for his life.
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Great Dane Howling and Aroooing at Another Dog Howling on YouTube


My Great Dane howling and aroooing at another dog howling at an emergency test system.
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City Council Votes to Ban Sale of Puppy Mill Pets by LA Stores

Pug on white background

The LA city council voted 12-2 Wednesday to prohibit pet stores from selling animals purchased from commercial breeders.
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Puppy Swims Out of Water


A cute puppy enjoys a day at the lake. He swims in the air as if he’s in the water.
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Pool Party: Dogs in Slow Motion


Fun times at a doggie pool party, shot in glorious slow motion video.
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Airlift of Love


Asheville Humane Society participated in the 4th annual Pilots N Paws airlift to save the lives of dogs and puppies by flying them to other communities where new homes await them. This video captures that loving event.
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Evening Playtime with Obie


Obie and his pal have a new playtime routine when mom gets home from work. The big dachshund is having fun and getting fit while losing weight.
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Musician’s Assistant


A dog helps a piano player with the sustain pedal.
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Sky & Apollo rescued while the Endeavour space shuttle flies over us – a MUST SEE


Two dogs living at a Los Angeles park are rescued at a historic moment by Eldad Hagar’s Hope For Paws, in association with Fuzzy Pet Foundation.
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Quincy & Sadie


Huge Doberman, Quincy, letting his new little Pomeranian friend Sadie feel like a big dog!
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Noelle Greets Her Dad


Noelle, a deaf terrier mix, is excited to see her dad return to get her after his Army training mission.
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Puppy vs. Lemon


Bernese Mountain dog puppy, Nilah, seems to have a love/hate relationship with a lemon. Is she dancing to the music or does she just have a very rhythmic way of playing?
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Mackie Boston Terrier Wants Mac & Cheese


Mackie knows what he wants and knows how to ask for it.
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Obie Kisses


Dog lovers far and wide are rooting for Obie the obese dachshund as he is helped to become a slimmer, healthier boy. Here he wags his tail nonstop while giving kisses and getting love.
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Olate Dogs Wow Viewers With Their America’s Got Talent Finals Perfromance


AGT judge Sharon Osbourne described the popular dog troupe’s act as “pure love on this stage” after the Olate dogs gave their finals performance in the TV talent competition.
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“Shooting Star” by Sinthya Somorra


The Mayor’s Alliance has just released this independently produced video that recaps Star’s story for an appeal to the public to encourage the NYPD to change their practices toward animals.
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Internet Reunites Homeless Military Vet and Canine Companion

Rusty Reed is overjoyed to be reunited with his dog, Timber.

When nomadic military veteran Rusty Reed opened his camper door to find he beloved dog missing, his heart sank. Timber, a malamute-shepherd mix, vanished into the Utah wilderness, leaving his collar and 50-foot exploring leash behind. Reed retraced the steps taken by the pair on a hiking trail they had walked over the last several days, but found no sign of him.
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Hundreds of Shelter Dogs Adopted

Robert Hamlette is excited to bring his new dog home.

Nearly 300 lucky dogs have found themselves new homes Saturday after the Albuquerque Animal Welfare Shelters waived adoption fees this weekend. That number is expected to increase by the end of Sunday. But shelter officials say it’s a temporary fix to a larger problem.
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Science Explains Wet Dog Shake

Scientific research has shown that the loose-hanging skin on furry mammals allows them to dry up to 70 percent in just milliseconds!

Minneapolis shop owner Bonnie Kane spends her days getting drenched while giving dogs baths at Royal Pet Beauty. Hosing dogs down for 30 years, she knows that when a dog gets wet, the first thing they want to do is shake off. But she never realized how drying-efficient it was for them to do so.
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