Charlie Gets Help

Charlie is a 2 year old Shih Tzu who came to the shelter barely able to walk. A few months later, after the therapeutic use of a wheeled cart, he’s getting around much better all on his own. Read more

Blind Dog And His Guide Cat are Best Friends

A dog who lost his vision to cataracts got a new lease on life when a stray cat came to stay and became his loving companion and guide. A video visit with the pair shows their devotion to one another. Read more

The Story of Taz

Taz’s story of overcoming incredible challenges will serve as an inspiration to all! Read more

Madeline's Rescue

Madeline was found, sacred, dirty and injured, living in a park in greater Los Angeles. Her rescue was a joint effort between Eldad Hagar’s Hope For Paws and the Bill Foundation. Read more

Days Shorten for Passage of Nitro's Law in 2012 Session

Four years after Nitro’s tragic death by starvation at a Youngstown, OH training facility, the bill that bears his name has yet to become law. One week remains for it to pass in the current session. Read more

Retired Police Dog Valiantly Risks his Life to Protect his Home

Drake may not have made it as a police dog, but he nearly gave his life trying to stop burglars from entering his owners home in West Palm Beach, California. The 5 year old german shepherd was home alone when 3 intruders entered. When he tried to protect his property, he was shot at least 4 times and is now fighting for his life. Read more

Great Dane Howling and Aroooing at Another Dog Howling on YouTube

My Great Dane howling and aroooing at another dog howling at an emergency test system. Read more

City Council Votes to Ban Sale of Puppy Mill Pets by LA Stores

The LA city council voted 12-2 Wednesday to prohibit pet stores from selling animals purchased from commercial breeders. Read more

Puppy Swims Out of Water

A cute puppy enjoys a day at the lake. He swims in the air as if he’s in the water. Read more

Pool Party: Dogs in Slow Motion

Fun times at a doggie pool party, shot in glorious slow motion video. Read more

Airlift of Love

Asheville Humane Society participated in the 4th annual Pilots N Paws airlift to save the lives of dogs and puppies by flying them to other communities where new homes await them. This video captures that loving event. Read more

Evening Playtime with Obie

Obie and his pal have a new playtime routine when mom gets home from work. The big dachshund is having fun and getting fit while losing weight. Read more

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