Champion Rescue Dog Beats the Odds Again Thanks to a Blood Transfusion

Wallace has continued to beat the odds.

Wallace, a 10-year-old pit bull, is a special dog that has beaten the odds several times in his life. Wallace was rescued in 2004 by Andrew and Ciara Yori from the shelter where they volunteered. Without them, Wallace most likely would’ve been euthanized.
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A Dog with a Unique Skill is Helping Marine Biologists Track the Health of Orca Whales

Tucker helps track Orca whales to assist the marine biologist teams.

Tucker, a black Labrador mix, was found as a stray on the streets of Seattle. Tucker has a unique skill though and these days he spends his days on a boat in the San Juans about two hours northwest of Seattle working with marine biologists.
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UPDATE: Life With Dogs Community Helps Raise Money for Shadow’s Surgery


Thank you to all of our readers who donated to Shadow’s surgery fund! After our post yesterday about Shadow, we helped raise over $1200 for his care! Thank you to all of our readers who donated to Shadow’s surgery fund! After our post yesterday about Shadow, we helped raise over $1200 for his care!
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Man Acts as Seeing-Eye Guide for His Blind Dog

O’Toole (left), Manny (center) and Steve Boers out for a run.

A visit to the vet gave Boers the unfortunate news that Manny had diabetes. Within a few months Manny had gone completely blind. However the 8-year-old setter and his owner haven’t let it slow them down.
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Family Searching for Dog Left Behind at Wal-Mart

Marby Word hopes to have Sissy home soon.

Marby Word took his nine month old miniature dachshund, Sissy, with him to the Wal-Mart in Bellevue, Nebraska. Unfortunately Word made a mistake when his medication wore off, which led to Sissy being left behind. Now Marby and his family are looking to get Sissy back, after another customer left the store with her.
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Group Helps Down-on-luck Dog Owners Keep Pets

Founded in 2009, the organization has helped over 400 dogs stay with their families.

A group in Kingston, Massachusetts helps people pay for their pets’ needs during times of economic hardship.
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Hero K9 Finds Elderly Man Missing for Four Days

Chase, seen here, is credited with saving the life of the elderly man.

An elderly Long Island physician is alive after a four day ordeal thanks to Chase, a 4 yr. old German Shepherd member of the NY State Park Police. Dr. Jerome Nadler went fly fishing on Labor Day at a Smithtown, NY nature preserve and did not return that evening.
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Dogs Rescued from Bronx Dog Fighting Ring are Looking for Good Homes

Daphne hopes to find her forever home with a loving family.

Just over two months ago, a raid on a Bronx apartment house led to the rescue of 50 dogs that were part of an illegal dog fighting ring. Four of those dogs are now available for adoption through the Humane Society in Hudson, New York.
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Alfie the 176 Pound Lab Slims Down


The RSPCA released a video yesterday showing Alfie when he arrived at a shelter in March, weighing 176 pounds. Since then he has lost 66 pounds.
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The Fate of Another Shelter Dog Hangs in the Balance

Protesters fight for Memphis, the dog confined to an animal shelter, despite several adoption attempts.

The future of Memphis, a 2- or 3-year-old dog impounded at New Jersey’s Bloomfield Animal Shelter since February 2012, hangs in the balance.
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Boy Donates Life Savings to Help Injured Stray

Hayden, seen here with Slicer, the pup he has donated his piggy bank to.

Young Hayden Sando of Kennett, MO was on his way to church when he spied an injured puppy lying helplessly by the side of the road. Hayden has emptied his piggy bank and offered to help pay for the puppy’s care.
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Young Lab Mix Needs Donations For Surgery After Being Abandoned

Shadow, a 5-month-old Lab mix, is hoping to raise enough money to pay for his expensive surgery so he can find his forever home.

After being hit by a car and abandoned by his owner, 5-month-old Shadow, his foster mom and their local vet clinic are hoping to raise enough money to pay for Shadow’s expensive surgery and find him a forever home.
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Owner Has Change of Heart After Taking Dog to Shelter, Seeks to Get Him Back

Debbie Van Buren is hoping to get Max back from the shelter.

Debbie Van Buren surrendered her Jack Russell terrier, Max, to the shelter in Wright, New York, but now she wants him back.
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Police Raid Suspected Dog Fighting Ring in Virginia

Screen Shot 2012-09-06 at 10.40.54 AM

A suspected dogfighting ring has been uncovered in the Alexandria section of Fairfax County, Virginia. On Wednesday, police executed a sealed search warrant and rescued several pit bulls from the suspect’s residence.
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Dog Walks 500 Miles to Find His Best Friend

Bucky with his best friend, Mark Wessells.

When Mark Wessells moved to Myrtle Beach in January he couldn’t have dogs at his new home, so he left his beloved three year old black lab, Bucky, behind in Virginia with his dad. Shortly after being left behind, Bucky went missing.
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UPDATE: New Information Shines Light On What Really Happened to Jetta

Jetta with her pups.

A man has come forward with information regarding the death of Jetta, a black lab that was found this past Saturday morning initially believed to have been dragged to her death.
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Coyote Survives 75mph Hit and Takes a 600 Mile Ride in Car Fender

This lucky survived a 75mph impact and a 600 mile ride inside a car fender.

Though we focus on dogs, we love coyotes and other wildlife too! This story is amazing and unbelievable – this coyote had a guardian angel looking over him!
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Dog Alerts Owner to Danger Before Tree Falls on Their House

A tree fell onto the roof of the woman's home.

An Indianapolis woman is thankful for her dog’s keen sense after the dog saved her from a collapsed roof.
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A Community Gives Back To Their Beloved Animal Rescuers

A former safe haven for dogs who need to find homes has burned down.

This past Friday night the wonderful safe haven for dogs had an unfortunate turn. A fire started on the porch of the house and as quickly as it was noticed, it began consuming what the couple had worked so hard to create.
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Veteran’s Dogs to Be Euthanized by the Town of Yucca Valley

Lovell and family hoped to have the ruling overturned to save their beloved dogs.

Disabled war veteran James “JR” Lovell and his family continue their eleventh-hour fight to save his dogs from being euthanized. One of the two dogs, Dakota, has been deemed “vicious” by authorities, and she and her brother Blaze will be euthanized by close of business today.
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