Natural Balance Wild Pursuit: Peak Nourishment, the Way Mother Nature Intended


Feed your pet’s wild side with high levels of protein, unique animal sources in a balanced, grain-free blend and score a $5 coupon for your next purchase.
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Natural Balance Ultra: Whole Body Health, Great Taste


We have a new dog in the house this week, and in a case of impeccable timing, our food sponsor surprised us with a shipment of something new to try: Original Ultra formula kibble.
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Giveaway: Natural Balance semi-moist dog treats


Natural Balance Pet Foods is excited to announce the launch of 15 delicious new semi-moist treats, and today three of our readers will win free Natural Balance treats for their dogs.
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Love Letter to a Cream Puff, from Cute Dog Maymo


Maymo the Lemon Beagle professes his love for a tantalizing flaky pastry, but he knows that love must remain unrequited.
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Jazzy – The story of her Journey


This heartwarming video tells the story of Jazzy’s transformation from a stray dog who was found emaciated, pregnant, and suffering from a fractured pelvis to a happy, strong, love bug! Go Jazzy!
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Dogs and Cats Meeting Babies For The First Time Compilation


Dogs and cats are very interested in the tiny humans joining their families in this cute compilation of video clips.
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Mama dog fosters three abandoned kittens along with her puppies

Mary, with her puppies and her foster kittens

A beagle mix named Mary is very diligent in her duties as a foster mother to three little kittens that were dropped off at the shelter without their mother before their eyes were even opened.
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The Story of Sally


Sally was used as a bait dog and left for dead. Just a little more than one month after her rescue, she is healed, happy and rehabilitated thanks to the loving care of her rescuers.
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Charcoal and His Bucket


Charcoal loves his red bucket with the bottom cut out, and it’s all he needs to have hours of fun!
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Babies Laughing at Dogs Eating Bubbles Compilation


Babies laugh at dogs eating bubbles in this cute compilation of video clips.
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Nothing pleases Brock and Izzy more than getting crazy on the pool cover! Watch them slip ‘n slide all over the place…boxer style!
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14 Pomeranians and Chihuahuas Rescued from Cramped, Filthy Car


Several puppies and adult dogs were rescued on Monday from the filthy car where they were kept crammed together in small carriers. The animals are getting medical care and TLC at the shelter now.
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Misa Minnie Passes Her Therapy Dog Test


Watch as little Yorkie Misa Minnie aces her TDI Therapy Dog Test to become a therapy dog.
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Deaf Pug excited to see his owner return home


An older, deaf pug sings loudly and off-key while showing happiness and excitement at seeing his petmom upon her return home.
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Dog’s reunion with Navy pilot!


Welcome home! This boxer, Zeus, was very happy to see his guardian after a nine-month deployment!
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Cute Dogs Demand Petting Compilation

cute dogs demand petting

Cute dogs make it clear that they want some affection in this compilation of video clips.
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Dogs vs. Bubbles: Cute Dogs Maymo & Penny


Cute dogs Maymo & Penny have fun with edible bubbles. Watch these cute pups chase, lunge at, and ultimately conquer the army of bubbles in uniquely cute fashion. The bubbles used in this video are non-toxic and especially made for pets.
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Giveaway: Natural Balance Dental Chews


Dental Chews help reduce plaque and tartar, are easy to digest, help freshen breath and feature Vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant nutrient to support healthy immune function.
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Sherlock Holmes Goes Home!


A young puppy was rescued after being found huddled under a porch in Detroit on a cold winter day. Now he has found a new home, where he will be loved and pampered and given the good life he deserves.
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Freddie the Great Dane: Britain’s Biggest Dog


A visit with Freddie, the 7ft. 4 in. Great Dane and his guardian at their Leigh-on-Sea, Essex UK home.
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