40 Amazing Animal Attributes

A new slideshow video from Louise du Toit includes 40 examples of animal goodness set to music, and it is beautiful in its simplicity. Read more

Hero Great Dane Rescues 14 Year Old from Sex Attack, Corners Suspect

A Great Dane from Chicago is making headlines for stopping a sex crime in progress and keeping the suspect at bay until police were able to apprehend him. Read more

Tucker Tickles the Ivories

Allow me to rephrase: Tucker wails on the ivories and howls like Little Richard. In other words, this is canine musical perfection. Read more

Checks and Balances

True story. Who knew Labs were so good with finances? Read more

The Pet Blogger Challenge: Q&A

I noticed this challenge with 34 minutes left to get a post together for it, and I’m glad I did not miss it – it’s a fun mental exercise that will help you get to know some of your favorite bloggers a little better. Read more

It's Me or the Dog - One Chubby Chihuahua

Victoria Stilwell travels to the Big Apple to visit Jill Zarin of the Real Housewives of New York City. Her chihuahua Ginger has taken over her home by barking at guests and even biting her daughter. Read more

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/The Little Hoarder

Meet this brave little defender of the food bowl… Read more

Cuda the "Unique" Pit Bull

Follow the story of Cuda, the deformed pit bull in her bid to compete in and win the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest in Petaluma, Ca in June of 2011. Read more

Pug Attack: Crash the Super Bowl 2011 Finalist

Underdog was the winner of the Doritos 2010 Crash the Superbowl contest, and if this latest entry in the 2011 competition is any indicator, this year’s event is off to a very cute start. Read more

Giveaway: The Dogs of Proud Spirit

What does an unliklely pack of stray and homeless dogs have in common with a certain herd of downtrodden horses? They were all lucky enough to wind up in the loving arms of Melanie Sue Bowles and her husband, Jim, the founders of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary. Read more

Community Seeks Help While Abandoned FL Dog Awaits Rescue

Marion County Animal Control has opened an investigation in an attempt to locate the owners of a dog left in an abandoned home since Christmas. Read more

German Shepherd Dodges I-95 Traffic

The first available tape of this runaway dog was terrifying to watch – news that the pooch had escaped unscathed had not yet been reported when it was released. The PennDOT footage was not part of a news report, and simply showed one near miss after another as this lost German Shepherd wound through lanes of I-95 traffic in Philadelphia. Read more

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