Poppy Goes Home: Happy Ending for Battered Lab

A shocking incident of dog abuse captured on CCTV has produced a very happy ending for Poppy, the Labrador Retriever puppy seen in the gut-wrenching video below. Read more

Esperanza: A Mother's Love

Perhaps it was a long time coming, but this kind of news is worth the wait: Esperanza and the kitten she adopted have found a forever home together. Read more

Interspecies Love: Three Cats Massage a Dog

This lengthy lovefest is unlike any cat/dog rubdown we’ve come across. Have an aww moment as these felines help their Portugese Waterdog pal to unwind… Read more

Unlikely Animal Friends 2

Eskimo dogs roughhouse with polar bears. A leopard and a golden retriever grow up together. A lion, tiger, and bear trio grow old together, and a goat and 2 dogs make an odd traveling family. This one-hour special takes a heartwarming look at these curious animal bonds. Read more

Wordless Wednesday 100

Nigel gets lit… Read more

Boxer Puppy vs. Leaf Blower

Boxers are known for being nutty and fun, and this ridiculously silly clip of a Boxer pup taking on a leaf blower does nothing to detract from that reputation. Read more

January Rescue of the Month: Muttville

Life With Dogs welcomes the New Year with a renewed commitment to work for the betterment of these majestic animals that so capture our hearts and imagination. After a month off, our Rescue of the Month returns, featuring a terrific organization that is making a difference for dogs often passed over by others. Read more

Jack Russells Have a Blast

It would be so much fun to know what these two nutty Jack Russells are thinking when they move in for a snooter full of spray, but then again, half of the fun is not knowing. Read more

Survey Finds Dog Lovers Plan To Get Fit With Fido In 2011

A recent American Kennel Club New Year’s survey revealed that dog owners will use Fido to assist with a New Year’s resolution to exercise more. In fact nearly 75% of respondents intend on incorporating their dog into their 2011 fitness goals. Read more

Crossing the Line: YouTube Dog Abuse

This is the part of the internet that I despise – young punks with nothing better to do get bored and decide to amuse themselves at the expense of their animals, only to document it for the entertainment of their peers. Read more

Dog Steady


Read more

This Year: Save One, Foster One, Rescue One Dog

The plight of homeless, abandoned pets is overwhelming when we look at the raw numbers, but we can all make a difference, one person at a time, each doing a little bit. Take the step. Get involved. Volunteer. Foster. Adopt. Read more

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