A Postcard for the Animal Abuser

This terrific and slightly edgy slideshow/video just came out and the buzz is already substantial. Read more

The Puppy Protector

Laura Flynn Amato has inspired countless dog lovers to act on behalf of those who cannot save themselves, and this powerful and important documentary is garnering much acclaim – as well it should. Read more

A Jack Russell Christmas

Everyone’s favorite JRT is back to help you get in the spirit of the holiday and give you some decorating tips! Read more

Dogs Are Awesome

This is a brilliant seven minute compilation celebrating the greatness of our best friends. Read more

Freedom For Florida Death Row Dog

Broward County’s canine death row dog Brandie was released Friday to her relieved family, who fought for months and spent thousands of dollars saving their pet’s life. Read more

Giveaway: Hartz 9 Toy Gift Pack

Speaking from personal experience, this is going to make December a month to remember for one of your dogs. Read more

PETA's Everyday Dogs Ad

A new PETA ad is raising hackles and alienating media outlets – de rigueur and certainly not newsworthy in and of itself, but has the the controversial animal rights group taken things a step too far this time? Read more

The Puppy Mill Effect

Marshall is a sweet, scared puppy mill escapee, and I share this because it so clearly illustrates just one of many lasting psychological challenges that these innocent creatures face when they step out into the real world. Read more

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Hot Salsa Dog Video

Happy Saturday blog hoppers! This fun little viral video clip will have you grooving in no time, and is perfect for kicking off your weekend. Make sure you catch it before you take off for another weekend blog tour! Read more

Nitro's Law

This is tough to watch, but please do: it could very well signal the start of a movement to see that these dogs did not perish in vain. Read more

You Know It's Too Cold When....

At least he didn’t put it in a burning bag and ring the doorbell… Read more

Book Giveaway: A Dog’s Purpose, Round 2

Does this giveaway look familiar? It should, this is a repeat! So many of you entered that I wanted to give one more of you chance at winning a copy – the feedback about this book has been quite impressive. Read more

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