The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Chase’s Story

Happy holiday weekend, and thanks for stopping by for this Saturday’s hop. Before we get to it I wanted to share one last video from Hope for Paws that we could not get to yesterday. Chase’s story is brief and powerful, and will leave you with a happy heart. Read more

Feel Good Friday Video Matinee Part II: Hope for Paws Reunites Pack

This powerful, gritty, street level view of rescue work in LA should not be missed by anyone with a soft spot for dogs or an interest in saving them. Read more

September Rescue of the Month: Hope for Paws

We saved the best for last this Friday. There has been some rough dog news around this week and it’s time to turn a corner for the holiday weekend. Let’s kick it off on an extremely high note. Read more

Puppy Expo Exposé in St. Louis ran a recent multi part series on an alleged puppy mill that also owned the store where many of it’s pups were sold. Bonnie and Herman Schindler are said to have approximately 1,000 puppies on the property and a staff of only ten to provide for them – meaning each employee cares for 100 dogs each day. Read more

ERC Study Finds 50% of DC Cab Drivers Avoid Blind Customers With Service Dogs

In a report released Wednesday morning, The Equal Rights Center said it conducted 30 tests earlier this year and that in half of the tests, drivers passed a man or woman with a guide dog to pick up a person who did not have a guide dog. Read more

A Dog's Life: Riding the Bus to Dog Day Camp

The yellow school bus makes its rounds, picking up one eager passenger after another en route to day camp. Small legs quickly climb the stairs, heads pop out of bus windows and excitement rises. Read more

Wordless Wednesday 82

Making a splash… Read more

Find This Woman: Puppy Killer Caught on Camera

PETA is offering a reward of up to $2500 USD for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons responsible for heinous video ‘Twisted Girl Throws Puppies in River’. If you have information regarding this or any cruelty to animals case, please contact PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Department at [email protected] Read more

Dance Champ

There was a similar video that went viral last year, but this clip has an even higher fun factor. Hang in there until the end, it’s adorable. Read more

Video: About My Dog

I defy you not to fall for either the narrator, or the star of this video. Chances are pretty good that one of them will get to you. Read more

(Big) Cats and Dogs

A pair of lion cubs are making a big splash with visitors to The Wild Animal Sanctuary, and surprisingly enough, they are proving even more popular with the resident canines. Read more

Boredom Busters

This is well worth a watch – it’s about time someone got to the bottom of these old wives’ tales that make us all worry so much about some things that we just don’t need to. Read more

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