Duncan Lou Who and Meaty, Christmas Socks Tug Of War

Panda Paws Rescue is back with a new video featuring two-legged wonderdog Duncan Lou Who and his little puppy pal Meaty, who was born with swimmer’s syndrome. The pair play tug o’ war with a bundle of socks found under the Christmas tree. Read more

Babies Laughing at Dogs Eating Bubbles Compilation 2013

Babies are overcome with laughter at dogs playing with bubbles in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Dogs on Deployment Reunion - Lucky & Billy

A US soldier returns to the states and a happy reunion with his dog, who was cared for by a family volunteering with the non-profit group Dogs on Deployment, that helps members of the military with their pets. Read more

Rikki's Story: Unique Dog Finds Best Friend

The touching and heartwarming story of Rikki, a Chihuahua with a deformity in her front legs, reminds us that while every animal might not be perfect, it’s still possible to make the perfect match with a loving family. Read more

Pet Hospice Helps Owners Say Good Bye

When the time comes, more pet owners are choosing animal hospice services to help them say good bye to their beloved pets. Read more

Duncan Lou Who Tug O' Wars Too

Duncan wrestles, plays tug o’ war and as you can see, behaves just like any other 17 week old puppy. His brother and sister Mane and Roulette treat him just like any other member of our pack. Pretty amazing to watch. Read more

Ryder's Emotional Reunion

Ryder was at the center of an abuse case after she was taken from her owner by the abuser and then mistreated, but now she is healed and back at home.The moment was captured on video when Ryder shared an emotional reunion with her owner at the Arizona Humane Society on November 26. Read more

The Saturday Pet Bloger Hop: Swan Song

Thank you for playing. Read more

Natural Balance Belly Bites Giveaway

Our pack has enjoyed a seriously tasty week – now it’s your turn. Read more

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Dachshund meets toy penguin for the first time

“Our Dachshund Rocky, confused by a mechanical penguin…” Read more

Dog & Puppy Steal Carrots off the Kitchen Table: Cute Dog Maymo & Puppy Penny

Maymo the lemon beagle and his cute puppy sister Penny are the cutest carrot thieves in the world. Maymo, a Samurai vegetable stealer and baby carrot addict, teaches his cute puppy sidekick the basics of burgling baby carrots off the kitchen table when they think no one is looking. Read more

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: GoPro Dog Faces

Hundreds of HD close-ups of man’s best friend. Read more

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