Freddie the Great Dane: Britain's Biggest Dog

A visit with Freddie, the 7ft. 4 in. Great Dane and his guardian at their Leigh-on-Sea, Essex UK home. Read more

Ginger's Happy New Life: Formerly Sad Dumped Dog is Transformed

Ginger was sad and scared when she was dumped at the shelter. Within 20 minutes of her rescue, Ginger already seemed like a different dog, and she is blossoming in the care of her rescuer. Read more

Wordless Wednesday 261

The groundhog was right. Today’s forecast: Read more

Wordless Wednesday 260

Well now this is awkward… Read more

Abby's Wheels: Aussie Pup Walks for the first Time

Abby, a 3 month old Aussie pup with with rear leg spasticity due to a spinal cord injury, walks for the first time in her life using an Eddie’s Wheels dog wheelchair. Read more

Wordless Wednesday 259

Best friends. Read more

Been waking up late for some reason

Kermit figures out how to use the snooze button on the alarm. Read more

Wordless Wednesday 258

Keep your friends close… Read more

Flutter's Rescue and Adoption

A sweet puppy who fractured both front legs when she fell from a second floor porch in Detroit was rescued by the Michigan Humane Society. Now healed, she has recently been adopted into a responsible and loving home. Read more

Wordless Wednesday 257

HAPPY Wednesday. Read more

Duncan Lou Who and Meaty, Christmas Socks Tug Of War

Panda Paws Rescue is back with a new video featuring two-legged wonderdog Duncan Lou Who and his little puppy pal Meaty, who was born with swimmer’s syndrome. The pair play tug o’ war with a bundle of socks found under the Christmas tree. Read more

Wordless Wednesday 256

Party animals. Read more

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