U.S Military Working Dog Teams National Monument Dedication Ceremony


The John Burnam Monument Foundation is pleased to announce that the U.S. Military Working Dog Teams National Monument will be formally dedicated and added to the inventory of the United States of America’s national treasures, at a special ceremony on October 28, 2013.
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The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Best Day Of My Life (Dog Version)


Meaty from Georgia English Bulldog Rescue is the star of this infectious new music video.
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Rescuer Helps Dog Dragging Heavy Chain


A rescuer helped an unfortunate dog out loose on the streets in East St. Louis when she relieved him of the long heavy chain he was dragging along with him.
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Harleigh, A Puppy Mill Survivor


Harleigh was rescued from a puppy mill in September 2013. She spent her life in a small wire cage, producing litter after litter of puppies. She never knew the kind touch of a human hand, until her rescue.
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The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Clever Dog Escapes Shelter, Finds New Home

shelter break

Nicknamed Houdini for his great escape, a Colorado dog is making headlines for employing unusual tactics to find a new family.
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Helping Heroes Month


Our animal companions’ willingness and capacity to improve our lives is limited only by our imagination and contingent only on our support.
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Smokey Loves Life at Age 17


17-year-old Smokey was abandoned by her family in the twilight of her life, but thanks to Young at Heart Senior Pet Rescue, she has found joy once more.
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The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Big dog gives big hugs


Zeke makes a grand entrance at the ten minute mark: fast forward for a great big dose of dog love.
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The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Ralph’s funny reaction to the dog on TV


They say that dogs can’t see TV – but try telling that to Ralph…
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LA Celebrates Opening of New No-Kill Shelter

NKLA Pet Adoption Center

Animal advocates, celebrities and politicians convened in West LA last month to mark the opening of a special new shelter.
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The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Baby Elephant Tries to Wake up a Dog

sleeping dog

An elephant, a human and a rooster conspire to wake their sleeping friend – and fail miserably…
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A Severely Neglected Dog Gets A Fairytale Rescue


Carly was rescued by Los Angeles organization the Bill Foundation in May, and her life has since been wonderfully transformed. She has now been adopted and went to her forever home in San Diego earlier this week.
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Special Offer – $5 Coupon for Natural Balance Original Ultra – All Formulas


Natural Balance Original Ultra® Ultra Premium Dry Dog Food is a great foundational diet with multiple proteins and multiple grains.
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The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Dog Meets Hedgehog

dog and hedgehog

Nimbus meets his new pal Poki for the very first time…
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Chanel Gets Help


Chanel, a blind dog, touched many hearts at the shelter where she ended up following a dog attack. Now she has a new, loving home and the shelter is saying thank you to those veterinarians in the community who help with cases like Chanel’s.
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The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Compassionate Humans Helping Dogs in Danger

people saving dogs

A heartwarming video collection of dog lovers from around the world – united in a common cause: saving dogs from danger.
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Rescuer’s Creed


A touching video from National Mill Dog Rescue illustrates the rescuer’s creed.
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German Shepherd Adopts Orphan Kittens


A loving dog mothers a litter of foster kittens.
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The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Smart dog locks himself in the bathroom for sympathy


Darwin plays the sympathy card for treats. Watch closely at 00:50….
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No Prison Time for Patrick’s Abuser


Kisha Curtis could have gone to prison for the abuse of Patrick, the pit bull whose face led a crusade for tougher animal cruelty laws. Instead, she was given probation at a sentencing hearing today.
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