It’s Even Better Than You Think


Perhaps we shouldn’t sell ourselves short in terms of how far we have truly come.
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For the Love of Dog


We draw our inspiration from wherever it comes.
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A Call to Action in California


Please join animal lovers across California by writing to those in the California Legislature who hold the power of life and death over shelter animals.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Kill Dogs


On June 2, 2009, Avery escaped from his yard and was picked up by an animal control officer. His family went to animal control to pick up Avery but they did not have enough money to pay the fees.

All You Need is Love…

sitting pretty

… And hard work.

The Fight for Patrick Continues…


“[T]rademark registration number 23699” is a “very valuable brand for commercial exploitation and fundraising.” —Associated Humane Societies of New Jersey, describing Patrick in their lawsuit against the City of Newark and the veterinarians who saved his life.

Good Homes Need Not Apply


Nathan J. Winograd on antiquated animal shelter policies and the politics that perpetuate them.
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