Lost man cuddles with dog to stay warm overnight

A New Zealand man is safe and sound thanks to his dog after being missing overnight. Geoffrey Hanson, 80, was found by search and rescue staff in a state of hypothermia this morning after spending a cold night outside. Read more

Comfort dog helps child testify in sexual assault case

Sometimes it’s easier to talk to dogs than to people, and that is especially true when it comes to Bronksey, a three year old lab/retriever mix who works as a victim comfort dog in the Staten Island District Attorney’s office. Read more

Devastated family fights to get their dog back

A devastated family is outraged that they cannot have their pet back after he went missing from their home six weeks ago. Rocko, who is now six years old, has been with Deborah Parrott and her five children since he was a pup. Read more

Good Samaritan helps rescue abused dogs

It must have quite a shocking sight to see while driving down the highway, a dog, clinging desperately to the top of a crate while the truck it was riding in sped down the road. Read more

Puppy found alive in car one month after it had been towed

Miraculously, a 12 week old puppy had survived being captive inside a locked car for almost a month. The pup, named Kia, was discovered inside a car that had been towed to a Kansas City impound lot on April 8th. Read more

Clover helps track down missing woman

Shauna Karlash and Ed Swift were up early, as they are every day, to walk their 6 year old bichon shih-tzu who is named Clover. Usually they don’t see a soul in their neighbourhood but yesterday they came across police who were searching for a woman who had gone missing from the Sunnyside Nursing Home just before 2 a.m. CST. Read more

A beautiful tail of hope and a new life for Arwen

In the dead of winter Karma Rescue went to the Mojave desert to save the lives of 89 dogs being kept by an animal hoarder. It was below zero, and they were living in makeshift kennels with chain link fences and no protection from the elements. Read more

Husky saved from the sea by RNLI volunteers

A pedigree husky owes his life to 2 men who were in the right place at the right time, and happen to have to right skills to save him. Koda was sniffing the area near the edge of a cliff in Sandy Cove, Ireland, when he slipped fell into the sea below. Read more

When it comes to loving your dog, is there any limit?

Many pet owners think their pets are “priceless” but for Michael Baldwin the price tag for his beloved dog is mounting. Baldwin has a young, neutered Siberian husky named Toby who is a very loveable dog. Read more

AKC under fire for protecting bad breeders

Choosing a dog can be a challenging task, and though there are many shelters and rescue organizations with dogs that need homes, some people choose to go through a breeder thinking that they they are more likely to get a healthy dog and know more about it’s history. Read more

Lentil, the cutest little bean there is

Every cloud really does have a silver lining, just ask Lentil. Lentil is a French bulldog that was born with a cleft palate which made it difficult for him to eat, which can make life pretty tough for a puppy. But that same condition also gave him the most adorable face imaginable, and that has helped make little Lentil a star. Read more

Yoga is going to the dogs

Doga, or doggy yoga, which is incorporating dogs into yoga practice, is growing in popularity. Mahny Djahanguiri, a Doga instructor, is also a certified adult and children’s yoga teacher, and says that her practice was inspired by working with the Kids Company charity. Read more

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