Karen Harrison Binette

Karen is a longtime fan of Life With Dogs and site editor at Life With Cats. She shares her home with with two retired Greyhounds and two mischievous, curious cats.

Kissing Dad: Cute Dogs Maymo & Penny

Watch cute dog Penny the lemon beagle surprise her “dad” (cute dog Maymo) with kisses. Read more

The Comfort of a Best Friend

A young man home from the hospital following surgery for testicular cancer was comforted by his best friend. Read more

Brock the Boxer : DOG TEMPTATION!

Brock finds himself surrounded by doggy temptation. Can he resist and not break the rules?!? Find out as he dukes it out with some of his favorite guilty pleasures! Read more

Petition Against Devocalization Seeks More Signatures

Two women who adopted dogs debarked by former owners joined as advocates trying to ban the procedure after witnessing what it had done to their own pets. Read more

Rescuing Two Abandoned Dogs, Betty and Baby

Eldad Hagar rescues two abandoned dogs in a new video from Hope For Paws. Read more

Sonya, the Google Maps Stray Dog Rescue

Eldad Hagar found Sonya right where the street view at Google maps showed her. She had been living on her own near that spot for years. Read more


Newly adopted pooch Butch shows off a special talent! The Pug Tzu is dancing for joy – and for treats – shortly after leaving the shelter for his new home. Read more

Kitchom's Stolen Slipper Run

French Bulldog Kitchom goes for a joyously madcap run around the house with mom’s slipper. Read more

A Gift Keeps Jack In Action After His Wheelchair Cart Is Stolen

Less than a day after the theft of Cranston, RI lab-shepherd mix Jack’s specially fitted wheelchair cart, a family whose own dog had passed on presented Jack with the gift of restored mobility. Read more

Bad Neighbors vs. Pooper Scooper

Residents of a new apartment complex in Lebanon, NH will not be able to give that furtive sidelong glance and leave the poop behind while walking their dogs, at least not without consequence. Read more