Karen Harrison Binette

Karen is a longtime fan of Life With Dogs and site editor at Life With Cats. She lives with two sweet retired Greyhounds and two gorgeous black cats.

Noah's Rescue

A blind dog seen wandering the street in appallingly terrible shape has been rescued and is ready to begin a new and better life. Read more

Elvis gets mobility with his new wheels

A special little special needs dog has regained his mobility and improved his quality of life with the help of a customized wheeled cart and some caring friends. Read more

Puppies Rescued from Attic of Abandoned Detroit Home

If you’ve ever been in an attic on a hot summer day, you know how unbearable it can be. Imagine what it must have felt like for four tiny puppies left in an abandoned home in Detroit. Read more

Massachusetts Legislature Stiffens Penalties for Animal Cruelty

The Puppy Doe bill to protect animals from abuse and increase penalties for abusers has passed the Massachusetts legislature and awaits Governor Patrick’s signature. Read more

Afghanistan veteran reunited with service dog in Boston

A U.S. Marine Corps veteran and the dog who worked by his side were reunited Wednesday months after serving together in Afghanistan. Read more

Jail for man who kept starving dogs in squalid kennels

A man has been jailed after he kept dogs and puppies in squalid kennels and left a dog with fighting injuries to suffer. Read more

Hazel, Abandoned Disabled Puppy, Gets Help

Hazel was abandoned at a highway travel plaza last month, but she is now getting lots of love and the best of care for her physical disability, thanks to the Oshkosh Area Humane Society. Read more

Stolen Pug Returned After Thieves are Named and Shamed at Facebook

A young woman’s use of Facebook was key in identifying a pair of dognappers and getting them to return her beloved pug to her unharmed. Read more

Dog vs. Shark: Cute Dog Maymo

In preparation for Shark Week, cute lemon beagle Maymo battles a remote controlled shark. Read more

Bull Terrier Plays with Bulldog Puppies

A bouncy bull terrier just wants to play with a pair of little bulldog puppies in this cute video. Read more

Dogs vs Beach Balls

Dogs play with beach balls in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Dog Scared by Fireworks is Rescued After Getting Stuck Between Walls

Cairo got stuck in a 6 inch space between two walls when he tried to hide from fireworks. A specialized animal rescue team freed him from his predicament. Read more

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