Karen Harrison Binette

Karen is a longtime fan of Life With Dogs and site editor at Life With Cats. She lives with two sweet retired Greyhounds and two gorgeous black cats.

Boston Terrier Adopts Litter of Motherless Kittens

A Boston terrier dog from South Carolina surprised her petmom by adopting and nursing a litter of orphaned kittens. Read more

Paws and Stripes - I Will Save You

Paws and Stripes is on a mission to help veterans with PTSD and TBI live the lives they deserve by pairing them with former shelter dogs which are highly trained as service dogs. Read more

Nelly's Story of Survival

Despite a life as a laboratory test animal and a horrifying incident that followed, Nelly is sweet, trusting and full of joy. Read more

Missing Poodle Puppy forms special bond with rescuer

A truck driver who found an stray poodle eventually tracked down the owner – who said he could keep her because the dog had fallen in love with him. Read more

Boys get help for trapped puppy on cold Boston night

Two boys were thanked for their efforts after they got help for a puppy who’d gotten wedged between a chain link fence and a concrete wall and was crying in misery on a very cold night in Boston last week. Read more

Profile of a Rescuer

Soi Dog Foundation’s Gill Dalley’s own life challenges have only strengthened her commitment to rescuing the abused and neglected dogs of Thailand. Read more


A dog who was rescued after being discovered, bound and emaciated, by a utility worker was reunited recently with the man who changed her life. Read more

Petco removes dog and cat treats made in China from website and shelves

Pet supplies retailer Petco announced on Monday that it has removed all cat and dog treats made in China from its website and store shelves. Read more

Dylan's Amazing Rescue Journey

Dylan is now happy, healthy, handsome and enjoying life in his new home, six months after being found, shockingly emaciated and abandoned. Read more

Beagle Freedom Project - A year in rescue, 2014 a look back

BFP takes a look back at some of the dogs whose lives were transformed when they left behind their grim existence in laboratories and experienced the joys of freedom. Read more

Zeus' Remarkable Journey

Zeus’ story became known not only for one dog’s triumph over debilitating adversity, but of the greater example it sets. Read more

Unexpected Friend Transforms Formerly Abused Dog

An abused dog in India was rescued, but nothing seemed to heal her fearful heart. Until one day she met with a surprise… Read more

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