Karen Harrison Binette

Karen is a longtime fan of Life With Dogs and site editor at Life With Cats. She lives with two sweet retired Greyhounds and two gorgeous black cats.

Vets help Lucy "grow" bone to overcome a crippling leg condition

Angell Animal Medical Center surgeons “grow” bone to help Lucy, a Black Lab, overcome a crippling leg condition caused by a birth defect. Read more

Rescue # 75 - Beagle Freedom Project

Beagle Freedom Project rescue # 75, dubbed the ‘LA Love’ rescue, includes Guinea Pigs alongside four lovable Beagles! Read more

Rescue Dogs Rescuing People

Marley’s Mutts rescues dogs in need, and those dogs help the community through various programs. Everybody wins. Read more

Nathalia: Beautiful Abused Saluki Rescued from Qatar Gets Help

Saved from a life on the streets of Qatar and brought to the US by ASHA: Alabama Sighthound Adoptions, Nathalia the rescued Saluki is getting help for old fractures and was found to be riddled with buckshot. Read more

Lucy: Formerly Paralyzed Dog Walks Again

Senior dog Lucy was paralyzed when she came to the shelter. Now, after surgery, Lucy is walking again and has a spring in her step! Read more

The Story of Hooch

Hooch is a French Mastiff who suffered unthinkable brutality; this is the story of his recovery. Read more

Roland's Rescue

A Yorkie caught in a trap set for a coyote found his forever home. Read more

Babes dumped in the woods now safe

A trio of five-week-old puppies found abandoned in a box in the woods are now recovering from their ordeal Read more

Connecticut Police Dog Retires from Service

The Shelton, Connecticut Police Department has recently retired its K-9 officer, a German shepherd named Jager, and is recognizing him for his service. Read more

Puppy Doe Memorial Bench is Dedicated in Quincy, MA

Hundreds of animal lovers attended the unveiling and dedication Saturday of a park bench placed as a memorial to Puppy Doe, the abuse victim found in the same park just over a year ago. Read more

Honoring the Search and Rescue Dogs of 9/11

We remember the canine heroes of the 9/11 tragedy. Read more

Jellybean Goes Home

A heartbroken woman who thought her missing dog had been stolen was overjoyed to get a call from the shelter saying Jellybean was safe and ready to go home. Read more

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