Rescue Dog Helps Apprehend Neighborhood Thief


Thanks to Squid, a recently adopted shelter dog, a thief in Boulder, Col., was caught in the act and is now behind bars.
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Dog Helps Owners run Corner Store in Japan

8.4.14 - Dog Helps Owners run Corner Store in Japan1

It’s unclear if the dog was trained to do this or just decided it felt like being helpful, but he patiently awaits customers stopping by the service window to make a purchase, and actually opens it up for them.
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Oklahoma Dog Mourns Owner’s Death


Animal Control was called when the loyal pet refused to leave his owners side. The dog was very thirsty, confused and scared..
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Volunteers Needed to Participate in Dog Study

7.17.14 - Dog Study

The objective is to shed light on how owners’ moods influence their pets’ moods and behaviors.
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Waffle, the Ball Thief or Collector?


She collects balls of all sizes – from tiny bouncy balls to big space hoppers. She must have collected almost 1,000 since we first got her.
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Dog Gets Stuck in Security Bars


A Dachshund needed rescuers to get him out of the jam he put himself in. The pet tried squeezing through burglar bars but unfortunately got stuck.
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Cheetah Cub Rejected by Mother Finds New Friend in Puppy

6.16.14 - Cheetah Cub Rejected by Mother Finds New Friend in Puppy

As Raina and Ruuxa got closer together when they first met, the dog’s body language seemed to tell the cheetah that there was nothing to fear in her surroundings.
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Meet Milkshake, the Rescue Cow that Thinks She’s a Dog

6.11.14 - Meet Milkshake, the Rescue Cow that Thinks It’s a Dog

Her milkshake brings all the dogs to the yard.
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Improvised Training Results in Fewer Dog Shootings by Police

6.8.14 - Improvised Training Results in Fewer Dog Shootings by Police1

Lt. Mark Stanmeyer says the officers will begin a new training session on the subject in September, but in an email said “but right now we are focused on homicides and non-fatal shootings.”
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World’s First Wingsuit BASE-Jumping Dog

5.29.14 - BASE Jumping Dog2

“My main philosophy with pet behavior, as well as my own behavior, is that an exercised and tired dog is a well-behaved dog. Additionally, whatever I do, I bring Whisper if at all possible.”
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Hero Dog Leads Drivers to Unconscious Woman

5.24.14 - Dog Leads Drivers to Unconscious Woman1

“I could see a pair of legs hanging out of that doorway, so I walked closer,” said Tony. “The dog was chasing me and barking the whole time.”
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Family Unhappy with Service Dog’s Training

5.23.14 - Family Unhappy with Service Dog

“We were told she would be able to pick up peanut residue on your fingers,” Judy said. “They made me believe it was my fault.”
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Kittens Just Can’t Resist Hugging This Dog

5.21.14 - Kittens Just Cant tommy

“Lucas and I have fostered eight kittens so far. Seven bottle babies and another current special needs cat,” said Karen. “Yes, Con has gotten hugs from each and every one!”
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Dogs are Being Trained to Sniff out Prostate Cancer

5.19.14 - Dogs are Being Trained to Sniff out Prostate Cancer

The testing being done to see if dogs can in fact sniff out cancer in a similar way to the various other organic compounds they have been trained to pick up. So far, the testing has about a 98% accuracy as to dogs being able to detect prostate cancer.
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Deaf Dog Finds Forever Home with Deaf Woman

5.14.14 - Deaf Woman

Cindy Koch has always wanted a deaf dog. When asked why she would give the same reply every time. “Because I’m deaf and we want to relate to her, and understand how she feels- (we) want to communicate with her through signing, teach her signing.”

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Dog Carries Abandoned Newborn Child to Shelter

5.9.14 - Maternal Instinct Dog Pic1

“She took it like a puppy and rescued it,” Chief Salcedo told CNN. “The doctors told us if she hadn’t done this, he would have died.”
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Silly Dog Chases Birds and Gets Stuck on Roof

Photo Credit: East Anglia News Service

There was nothing the pet owners could do to bring the silly canine inside. Firefighters were called to come rescue the pet.
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And You Think You Sleep Strangely?

4.28.14 - Weird Sleeper9

This position is not just for sleeping, however. She also plays with chew toys this way, and even prefers gnawing a tasty bone up there, too.
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Four-Legged Car Vandal Caught on Tape


Now that “the culprit has been identified,” the canine delinquent will be stopped before inflicting future damages to private property.
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Great Dane Accused of Attacking Dog Cleared by Investigation

4.14.14 buddy gold

“Following completion of an investigation, including a canine autopsy of Buddy, which was authorized by his owner, it was determined that there were no puncture marks, crushing or other identifiable cause of death of Buddy. Further, the County has been unable to locate the other dog witnesses describe was involved. Additionally, the County had a behavioral review conducted of Zeus,” says Colene McEntee.
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