Gorham Town Supervisor Bows to Public Pressure, Calls for Moratorium on Proposed Breeding Facility

Public outrage over a proposed new puppy mill has led Gorham, NY Town Supervisor Fred Lightfoote to reverse his position on the project. Read more

Mechanics Matter

Most dogs are adaptable enough that they are able to learn despite the quality of our training skills, not because of them. This ability has contributed to making them one of the most successful species on the planet. Read more

Living with More Than One Dog

Living with more than one dog can be a rewarding experience. Knowing how to prevent problems and teaching dogs how to share resources so they do not bully each other, or pester you, is pivotal to having a harmonious multi-dog home. Read more

It is so not about being tired

“A tired dog is a good dog.”

Ugh. Seriously? A good dog is a good dog from the moment they wake up in the morning. Read more

Stop Insulting Dogs!

I realize that most people do not intend to insult dogs when they say the following things about them, but if I were a dog, I’d find them less than complimentary. Read more

Oxygen As A Training Tool

I’m an open-minded trainer and dog owner who has looked at and considered the merits of a variety of different training techniques.

Read more

The Dark Age of Dog Training


I have been struggling with a website a friend shared with me.* Read more

Dogs Are Not Wolves in Designer Fleece Coats

Dogs have been as successful as they have been because of their ability to cooperate with us, not because of our ability to dominate them. Read more

Blazing The Trail

If you’ve ever gone for a walk in the woods or in the mountains and followed a well-used trail, getting from point A to point B is just a question of glancing down now and then to make sure you’re still on the path. Read more

Convenience Store Training

The story I am about to tell you is true, the names have been changed to protect the foolish (albeit well-intentioned). Read more

Training Tips for Happy Dogs and Holiday Houseguests

The holidays are approaching. You may be worried about your canine crew mixing with friends and relatives for festive get-togethers, but a little planning can make the holidays more enjoyable for all.
Read more

It's Not Just in Their Heads

A recent article in the New York Times highlighted the effects of military service work on dogs. That dogs can and do suffer from disorders attributable to stress may be revelatory to some, for people doing rescue or behavioral work with dog, it’s old news. Read more

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