You Can Help Move Oregon "Tethering Bill" Into Law

If you live in Oregon, today is a good day to reach out to your state Senators. Today is the day they are voting on limiting how long a dog can be chained in one place or left exposed to the elements. Read more

Diet and Your Pet's Food

Being an animal behaviorist for dogs and cats, I have seen “higher-quality” pet foods I had recommended fizzle in quality while increasing in price. Read more

Dognition Helps You Understand How Your Furbuddy Thinks

Find out how your dog solves problems with Dognition Read more

Chinese City Uses Dogs as Earthquake Alarms

Chinese city Nanchang reports barking of dogs held together as living earthquake alarm. Read more

Breed Specific Legislation and Alpha Dog Mythology

Touting the concept that dogs are inclined to seek a higher status in their relationships with people, including displaying aggression to do it, is scary. Read more

10 Pet Safety Tips for the 4th of July

The 4th of July can be one of the most dangerous days of the year for pets. Read more

Lost Cats and Dogs: Your Pets Versus 4th of July Fireworks

Do you know what day is historically the busiest day of the year in animal shelters all across the country? It’s the FIFTH of July. Read more

The Power of the Positive: Train Humane

It is amazing what joy and compassion, consistency and structure will bring to dogs. They blossom. Read more

An Interview with Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson’s mission is to help people help their dogs. Read more

Put A Muzzle On It

In the contest of who dislikes the thought of putting a muzzle on my dog, I’d come in a close second to the dog who has to wear it. Read more

Living In The Moment

Of all of the silly things I hear in regard to dog behavior the proclamation that ‘dogs live in the moment’ perhaps takes the cake. Read more

An Interview With Ian Dunbar

John Bell Young interviews world renowned dog trainer, behaviorist, lecturer, and author Dr. Ian Dunbar. Read more

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