Natural Balance Wild Pursuit: Peak Nourishment, the Way Mother Nature Intended


Feed your pet’s wild side with high levels of protein, unique animal sources in a balanced, grain-free blend and score a $5 coupon for your next purchase.
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Tractive MOTION – Fitness Tracker for Your pet!


If you think your dog could be overweight and want to help him or her lose some weight, Tractive MOTION might just be the high-tech product for you.
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Dog Photo Art: From a Simple Image to a Handmade Oil Painting


The folks at Pixelist can turn a simple image of your dog into real art.
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Turn Your Dog’s Photo into a Puzzle


Take that adorable picture of Fido and convert it into a jigsaw puzzle.
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Muttropolis Speaks About Site, Products and Community


Recently, we had the privilege of interviewing the team behind Muttropolis, an online store offering distinctive and functional products for dogs
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Looking for Someone to Trust

Blitz shake paw (2)

Blitz was found tethered to a telephone pole a few years ago in Georgia by a homeless gentleman. The man loved Blitz and they both moved to New Hampshire together.
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Four Pit Bull Puppies Find Forever Love Against All Odds

Pathway to Hope1

Like so many other stories, Mac, Petey, Piper and Percy’s rescue started with many late night phone calls, text messages and desperate pleas.
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Organization Combating Dog Overpopulation in Sri Lanka

dogstar roaming dogs (Small)

Samantha (Sam) and Mark Green, both from the UK, have been living in Sri Lanka on and off for about eight years, working to fight dog overpopulation
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Dramatic Rescue of Little Dog Ends with Search for Forever Home

Cotton Ball

Tracy Frank, of SARA Sanctuary in Texas, was headed back from picking up Frieda, a very sweet and energetic black lab who had just come out of eye surgery
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Buy One Scarf or Tie to Feed a Shelter Dog for 20 Days

Dogs n' Ties

The San Francisco SPCA is launching an initiative today, September 2nd, to raise funds for their shelter dogs.
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Last Chance: Petition for Stronger Laws Against Leaving Dogs in Cars

driven to bark petplan

This summer, there has been a lot of attention given to the problem of leaving children in hot cars and how to prevent this
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Sweet Dog Rescued from Crack House Now Searches for Special Home

Dorothy2 (2)

Dorothy was brought to Special Pals during the Christmas season of 2009.
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Dog Dumped and Left for Dead Now Thrives with Loving Family

On the road to recovery

It was the curiosity of a young girl that noted a truck entering the alley, stopping briefly by the dumpster, and then speeding away
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Anderson Pooper: The Incredible Paralyzed Race Dog

anderson pooper4

Anderson Pooper is paralyzed in her back legs as a result of a spinal injury.
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Central Oklahoma Humane Society Seeks Heroic Adopted Pets

OK humane hero awards

The Central Oklahoma Humane Society is hosting a very unique event at 7pm on Saturday, September 27th.
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Abandoned Dog Transformed by Loving Care

Melina & Wilbur (2)

In July, 2013, Wilbur was found abandoned on a driveway, cooped up in a small kennel with several cats.
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Chihuahua Needs Donations for Critical Surgery

Rover_dog (2)

Rover, a 3 year old Chihuahua, has recently had a dramatic change in his life circumstances
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Deaf Dog Learns to Love and Now Searching for Home


Jema is a 4 year old pit bull mix who happens to be deaf. She arrived at 4 Luv of Dog Rescue (located in Fargo, North Dakota) nearly two years ago
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Epic Military-Style Dog Rescue in the Desert

epic rescue

This military style rescue mission took Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws three days and involved driving more than 1,000 miles and an unyielding willpower to save
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Dog Goes From Mistaken As Trash to Searching For Forever Home

Rabbit Today

It was a cold morning this past January when Patrick set out to take the family dogs Roo and Misty on their morning walk.
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