Abandoned Dog Transformed by Loving Care

Melina & Wilbur (2)

In July, 2013, Wilbur was found abandoned on a driveway, cooped up in a small kennel with several cats.
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Chihuahua Needs Donations for Critical Surgery

Rover_dog (2)

Rover, a 3 year old Chihuahua, has recently had a dramatic change in his life circumstances
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Deaf Dog Learns to Love and Now Searching for Home


Jema is a 4 year old pit bull mix who happens to be deaf. She arrived at 4 Luv of Dog Rescue (located in Fargo, North Dakota) nearly two years ago
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Epic Military-Style Dog Rescue in the Desert

epic rescue

This military style rescue mission took Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws three days and involved driving more than 1,000 miles and an unyielding willpower to save
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Dog Goes From Mistaken As Trash to Searching For Forever Home

Rabbit Today

It was a cold morning this past January when Patrick set out to take the family dogs Roo and Misty on their morning walk.
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Prosthetic Device Making Life Better for Rescued Mama Dog

Jessie with prosthetic

Jessie was left chained up one week, with her five puppies, after her owner went on vacation for five days.
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Dog Loses Eyes But Gains a Forever Family

Wally Instagram Walterjbird

When Wally, a little MiniPin, arrived at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, chances seemed to be against him finding a forever home
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From Cold and Hopeless to Forever Love

Richland After

Richland had never really thought of himself as a “fuzzy friend” before he was rescued.
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Older Dog Goes from Abandoned and Hungry to Forever Home

Delbert with Diane

No one knows when or where Delbert was abandoned but he had obviously been without food for weeks when he finally found his way to the rural road where ARFhouse
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Puppy Given Weeks to Live Now Thriving Under Continued Care

Thomas after beginning treatment

On Easter weekend, Vancouver Island Dogs Rescue Society received a call about a very sick puppy that urgently needed help.
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San Francisco Event Celebrating the New “Rescue Row”

Rescue Row1 (2)

A San Francisco street will be honorably renamed “Rescue Row,” due to the location of four of San Francisco’s premier animal rescue organizations
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Eating Grass: Normal or Abnormal?

Dr. Nancy Kay, DVM

Dr. Nancy Kay, DVM, has written an informative article on a common concern of many pet owners-Is eating grass normal or not?
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Short Film Beautifully Captures How Dogs Touch Lives

Halo Pets4

Ellen DeGeneres’ natural pet food company, Halo Pets, has created a touching video for all who have ever been rescued by a pet.
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Leslie May Shares About Cleaning for Your Dog’s Health

Leslie May

Leslie May of Raise a Green Dog shared a bit about how to safely clean without needlessly exposing your dog to harmful chemicals
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Dallas Firefighter Saves Puppy and Finds Forever Friend

Roo (2)

A week ago, Dallas firefighter Ryan Snow received a call that would have a huge impact on his life.
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Dog Loses Leg but Finds Forever Love

Max and Holly

Max was found with his brother, Milo, living in a basement, before being rescued and brought to the Hillside SPCA in Pottsville, Pennsylvania
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Puppy in Rehabilitation After Nearly Euthanized for Injuries


When Chance, a 2.5 month old English Bulldog puppy, arrived at a California shelter with multiple broken bones, it seemed that he had irreversible damag
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Shih Tzu Learns to Love After Rescued From Puppy Mill

George and new family (Small)

In March of 2011, Katie, a volunteer from Agape Animal Rescue, first met the little Shih Tzu named George
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Blind and Deaf Puppy Proves All Pets Deserve A Second Chance

Bruno in New Home

Many people would assume that being blind and deaf would damper a puppy’s spirits.
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Exclusive for Life With Dogs: ASPCA Efforts to Combat Dog Fighting

aspca dog fighting 4

April 8th has been established as as National Dog Fighting Awareness Day to advance the conversation about dog fighting
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