Seventy-Year-Old Woman Risked Life to Save Her Pet

An elderly woman and her pet were saved from drowning in a frigid river by a brave man and area firefighters. Read more

Firefighters Free Puppy Trapped Underneath Car Seat

A dog inside a car tried to reach something underneath the car’s seat, and in the attempt, got his head stuck. Read more

Elderly Disabled Woman’s Life Transformed by Service Dog

“She’s changed my life, not just by the things she does for me, but I would say a lot of it is the companionship,” she said. “She’s an incredible dog. It’s a partnership.” Read more

Spanish Nurse Sues over Dog’s Unnecessary Euthanization

Romero’s attorneys said the government’s decision to destroy her dog was “improvised and taken against medical advice.” Read more

Rescued! Chubby Dog Trapped in Iron Fence

No one knows why this dog was trapped in the fence, he probably wanted to chase another dog and thought he could squeeze through the iron bars. Read more

Abandoned Dogs Rescued from Garbage Dump

It must have been either a place where local people would drop off unwanted animals, or a place where the animals seeking out food. Read more

Dog Lost While Climbing Mountain is Found and Recovered

The Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team was called into action. It didn’t take them long to find Jasper. Apparently, he had been doing a bit of exploring and adventuring of his own on Cam Spout. Read more

Romanian Shelter Burns to the Ground – Help Needed!

Everything is gone. There is no food, shelter, or bedding. Winter is quickly approaching, with temperatures averaging -25 degrees Celsius (-13 degrees Fahrenheit). Read more

Lugo Plaza's Friendliest Dog Passes Away

Lugo Plaza in A Coruña, Spain, won’t be the same without Ney. Read more

Dog Swims Half Mile after Getting Spooked on Halloween Night

Fireworks spooked a dog to the point the pet jumped into the water and swam half a mile, getting stranded on an island. Read more

Dog Falls in Manhole Chasing after Ball

“We got him – and the yellow ball he had been chasing – out safe and sound,” said Firefighter Callum Faint. Read more

Stray Dog Trespasses Bank's ATM Room and Finds Forever Home

A photo of a stray dog chilling next to an ATM machine in an air-conditioned room went viral and helped him find a forever home. Read more

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