Stranded Dog Rescued from Lagoon

In the middle of the night and in complete darkness, three hero animal rescuers headed into a lagoon, armed with a kayak, a paddle, and a few flash lights, to rescue a stranded dog. Read more

Catholic Dog Participates in Religious Festival

Father Luis Ángel Espínola Echeverría joked during mass services saying that even the town’s dogs were Catholic believers. Read more

Dog Travels Almost 3 Miles Every Night to Feed Her Friends

“We as human beings barely share things with others,” Neile commented. “An animal sharing things with other animals is a lesson… a lesson for us.” Read more

Dog Owner Uses Car Jacks to Rescue Rock-Trapped Pet

After more than 90 minutes waiting for professional help, dog owners took matters into their hands and used car jacks to separate the rocks and free their dog from his confinement. Read more

Mistreated, Sickly Dog Now So Happy He Wags His Tail in His Sleep

Frank was so neglected and traumatized that he’d pee on everything. Now he’s so happy, it shows in his sleep. Read more

Chacho the Invisible Dog Wants a Home

Why is Chacho still at the shelter? Like many of other adult, large breed dogs in the United States, he is just getting passed over for fluffy, young, pocket size dogs. Read more

Aussie Rottweiler Goes from Feral To House Pet

Two women planned to bring Rosie to safety. For months they visited the dog, set up a feeding station, and patiently waited to rescue the dog. Read more

Animal Lovers and Social Media Save a Dog's Life

A stray dog was found near death with an old collar that had screws cutting into his neck. The pet was rescued and has received the medical help that saved his life. Read more

Dog Rescued from Being Swept Away in Sea

We tried calling her back, but sometimes when she’s swimming she gets a bit naughty and doesn’t want to listen. She thinks she’s a fish. Read more

Puppy Almost Drowns in Well

In India, an Animal Aid Unlimited (AAU) rescuer jumped to action to save the life of a puppy drowning in a well. Read more

Rescuers save Dogs' Lives Performing CPR

“One of the dogs was almost dead and that is why we did mouth-to-mouth,” said BRAC volunteer rescuer Cristián Espinoza Read more

Dying Street Dog Gets the Rescue of a Lifetime

Three weeks later, and Toffee was a completely changed dog! He could run and scamper about with other rescued dogs, and cool off in a dirt pit he’d dug out for himself. Read more

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