Soccer Ball-Sized Tumor Removed from Senior Dog

7.30.15 - Soccer Ball-Sized Tumor4

“I was really shocked when they said it was a tumor on her spleen. Suddenly I thought I might lose her. It was awful.”
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Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped 5 Days in Between Boulders


It is uncertain how the pooch got stuck in between the boulders, but after five days, the dog was rescued by hero firefighters.
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Veterinarian Saves Puppy Doused with Acid


Matias might have long lasting scars along, but animal lovers have come together to make sure the pet is loved and cared for.
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Border Collie Saves Newborn Lamb


Dino the sheep dog licked the newborn lamb stimulating blood flow and helping it come back to life.
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Bus Driver Stops Bus to Save Run Over Dog


A bus driver noticed an injured pet in the middle of the road along his route, and didn’t hesitate to help.
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Police Officers Rush to Help Dog Hurt By Hedgehog


Police officers rush a veterinarian to aid a dog who encounter a hedgehog and was left wounded with dozens of spines.
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Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped in 6 ft. High Wire Fence

Photo Credit:  SOS Cantabria 112

Rescuers are amazed the dog did not suffer any injures after being trapped in the fence for who knows how long.
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Spanish Town Grants Pets Equal Rights

7.22.15 - Spanish Town Grants Pets Equal Rights1

“Dogs and cats have been living among us for over a thousand years. The mayor must represent not just the human residents but must also be here for the others.”
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Family Adopts Pesky Sheep Who Thinks He’s a Dog

7.18.15 - Sheep Thinks He's a Dog2

“It’d be wonderful if he’d learnt how to clean up after himself, and then he’d probably be welcome to stay,” Butler said.
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My First Dog

7.18.15 - My First Dog4

“Finally, after six years of debating the pros and cons of shelter dogs, purebreds, puppies or adult dogs, fate threw us a mixture of all and we took the plunge!”
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Rescue Puppies Gone Global

7.17.15 - Rescue Puppies Gone Global5

“We took the mom in, and when she gave birth to those little puppies I totally fell in love.”
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Dogs Rescued From Dog Meat Farm in South Korea

7.15.15 - dog farm

Humane Society International saves 23 dogs from a dog meat farm in South Korea.
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Dog Graduates with Honors from University

7.11.15 - grad dog

Fudge has been with his human every step of the way through university, and got to walk the stage with him at graduation time.
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Golden Retriever Is BFFs with Eight Birds and a Hamster

7.8.15 - Bob - Who Loves Birds & Hamsters22

Love knows no bounds, and dogs are proof of that!
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19-Year-Old Rescue Dog Beats All Odds to Survive

7.8.15 - 19-Year-Old Kia6

“We would love to know where she came from. She is certainly a very friendly, lovely dog. Someone must have loved her.”
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Parking Officer Saves Dog Locked Inside Vehicle’s Trunk


When the trunk was opened, officers found an unconscious dog trapped under a bicycle. The pet was minutes away from dying.
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UPDATE: Blind Dog and Seeing Eye Buddy Adopted Together

7.8.15 - Glenn & Buzz

Glenn and his seeing eye buddy Buzz have found a forever home together, and we couldn’t be happier for them!
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Dog Tries to Mark Fire Hydrant but Gets Marked Instead

Louie with his new fur color.

A bright red fire hydrant marked a dog with its fresh red paint when the dog tried to mark the hydrant.
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Homeless Dog Makes 5,000 Mile Trek to Forever Home

7.7.14 - Hero1

Hero was taken off of the streets of Istanbul, and brought to the U.S. where he has found an amazing forever home with the Taylor family.
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Dog Dies Saving Little Girl, Gets Statue Erected in His Honor

7.6.15 - Serbian dog

“The idea was to raise awareness about how important animals are to us and how they are always there for us when we need them,”
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