Annie the Mathematician Dog

Annie showing off her math knowledge.

Dog knows multiplication tables. “Annie what’s two times two?” Answers woof, woof, woof, woof.
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The Artful Dodger Finally Lands Himself a Home

8.27.15 - The Artful Dodger2

“We called him Dodger after the Artful Dodger when we discovered he had a cheeky knack for stealing loaves of bread.”
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Dog Emoji Keyboard Created by Animal Welfare Group

8.27.15 - Dog Emoji Keyboard Will Help Dogs in Need2

“We see so many wonderfully different dogs every day, we wanted to share this with the public.”
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Kind-Hearted Couple Cares for Dog Caught in a Rainstorm

8.26.15 - Kind Couple Shelters Dog During Rainstorm1

“We had no idea who they were, they just turned up and the guy had even taken his jacket off. Jon took them over some umbrellas to help them out.”
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Hero Men Risk Lives Saving Dog Stranded for 10 Days in Canal


Why didn’t anyone do something before? This we will never know, but the pooch named Moi is now safe and awaits a forever home.
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Eight Puppies Are Rescued from a Garbage Bin


Police find eight puppies in a garbage bin and community members help identify the animal abuser who abandoned the days-old dogs.
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Vets Save Dog Found Tied Up and Stabbed

Naif recovering.

Naif was found with his legs tied together, rope wrapped around his torso, and a stab wound on the neck. Today he is recovering and looking for a forever home.
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Dog Survives 32 ft. Drop into Ravine


Firefighters rush to rescue a small dog abandoned in a 32 ft. ravine.
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Woman Adopts Stray Dog Who Saved Her from Attackers

8.22.15 - Stray Dog Saves Woman from Attack3

“When we left to go to the airport, Pepper was running after the car. I couldn’t stop thinking about her so I took the soonest flight back out that I could.”
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Hungarian Man Saves Street Dog When No One Else Will

8.22.15 - Thunder Dog in Hungary4

“I told her ‘we’re alone in this, let’s go, be strong.’ There was no time to wait, for one life I was too late, but for the other maybe I not.”
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Firefighters Save Dog Believed to Be Dead


Firefighters respond to a car crash but find no injured humans. Instead they find a dog believed to be dead and rush the pet to a vet clinic.
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Police Officers Work Overtime Helping Stray Dogs


Armed with dog food, police officers take to the streets to help homeless animals.
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Stray Dog Goes from Fat to Fit

Photo credit: Facebook/PamPet

How can a stray dog be fat? Seems impossible but it can happen. Meet Bolinha.
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Sea Lion Wants a Piece of Dog’s Tasty Treat


“Hey sea lion. Drop my treat!” said a hungry dog.
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Man Walks for Two Days Carrying Pet to Save Dog’s Life

Photo credit: Marc McCormack

After a croc attacked Choco leaving him injured, his owner carried the large dog and walked for two days until reaching vets.
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Intuitive Dog Stops Owner from Committing Suicide

8.12.15 - Intuitive Dog Stops Owner from Committing Suicide4

“He chewed up the noose. He never growls, but each time I tried to take it off him, he would snarl. I wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for him.”
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Stray Dog Adopts Orphan Monkey


Talk about true love! A stray dog recognized that an animal of another species was in greater need and she stepped up to care for a baby monkey.
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Commuter Saves Dog Thrown in Medellin River


The rescue efforts were shared on social media platforms and community member now praise the commuter as their local animal hero.
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WANTED: Security Camera Captures Men Tossing Dog over Fence


Krugui’s owner illegally dropped him off at a shelter by tossing him over the fence. Now the men are among Spain’s most wanted.
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Dog Buried Alive Saved Because of Another Dog

8.6.15 - Dog Buried Alive Is Rescued5

“It’s horrible. There are no words. If you no longer want your pet, there are people who can put them in centers… But this is pure sadism.”
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