Canadian Man Fights Off Cougar to Save Girlfriend’s Dog

“He’s good. We took him to the hospital and he just had some teeth marks on his skull from where the cougar was trying to drag him,” the hero said. Read more

Dog Saves Owners After Neighbor Sets Home on Fire

A 26-year-old man was arrested after setting his neighbor’s home on fire. No one died thanks to a heroic dog who warned and saved his owners from the fire. Read more

Man Jumps into Dirty Canal Waters to Save Stray Dog

People gathered around a canal to witness how a man, with the help of two policemen, saved a dog trapped in the dirty waters. Read more

Community Saves 15-year-Old Dog Tossed in Garbage

Firefighters opened a garbage bin and learned the tossed dog was placed inside a double, tightly knotted bag. Whoever tossed him wanted to make sure the pet had no way out and no chance of survival. Read more

Authorities Rescue Dog Living in Back of Truck

Police found the dog’s owner who admitted he had his pet living in the back of a truck for the past three months. The man was arrested on felony animal cruelty charges. Read more

Dog Walks Over 37 Miles to Reunite With Owner

After walking on hot pavement for hours, the dog was tired and his pads were injured, but nevertheless, Corbata was excited to see his owner once again. Read more

Man Risks Own Life to Save Dog Hit by Car on Mexican Highway

The dog survived and was called Lucky and adopted by Rodrigo. Read more

Dog Found After Five Months Living Alone on City Streets

All it took for a pet owner to ID his lost dog was a birth mark. After the positive ID, the pet owner breaks down in tears. Read more

Dog Joins Fellow Gang Members on Ground During Arrest

“We tried to make him leave, but he didn’t want to,” said Officer Fabio. Read more

Stray Dog Receives Unexpected Gift

A stray dog received a bath on a hot day, and learned what it felt to be cleaned and loved for the very first time. Read more

Crocodile Ruins Vacation By Eating Dog

A mean crocodile ruined everyone’s vacation when the reptile jumped out of the water and attacked a dog. Read more

Dog Surrenders to Police as His Owners Are Apprehended

A loyal dog saw his owners get arrested and he too surrendered to police. Read more

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