Police Woman Rescues and Adopts Abused Dog

The same police officer that pulled the pet from the river and saved the dog’s life, adopted the abused dog. Read more

Yoyo the Dog Is Not a Dog, Just a "Very Large Cat"

Whenever Yoyo is seen around campus people greet Mosey and his dog with witty remarks such as “I love your big cat.” Read more

Puppy Saves Family of Five from Arson Attack

Araya awoke to the flames and smoke, and immediately went to warn Mark. She got him to wake by pawing at him and barking very loudly and non-stop. Read more

Meet Lemon, the Farming Dog

Lemon seems to be a natural farmer. Not only can this wonder dog pump and carry buckets of water, but he can also plow a straight line. Read more

Woman Reunited with Dog Believed Dead in Massive Arson Fire

“This place is part of our childhoods. We love dogs – of course we are going to run in there. We wanted to make sure as many as possible would be okay.” Read more

15 Dogs Whose Best Friends Are Wild Animals

Dogs aren’t just man’s best friend! Read more

Recycling Program Helps Feed Istanbul’s Street Dogs

“I own five dogs myself and simply love animals — not just my own but also those that live on the streets, and those are the ones that need help,” said inventor Engin Girgin. Read more

Meet Britain's Smallest and Cutest Fur Ball

Tyson is so small he needs a special harness. The smallest dog collar is too big for him and when out on walks he uses a ferret harness. Read more

Spiderdog Terrorizes the Streets of Poland!

Through she was clearly a terrifying sight, Chica had no idea, and just trotted about quite happily. Read more

Live News Report Helps Woman Reunite with Lost Dog

A local news program showed a stray dog tugging at the live feed cables, and moments later an elderly woman showed up claiming the stray dog as her lost pet. Read more

Unusual News: Dog Helps Woman Break Family Curse

In some of India’s villages people believe that if a cursed woman marries a dog, the curse will be passed on to the dog,freeing the woman of all evil spells. Read more

Organization Combating Dog Overpopulation in Sri Lanka

Samantha (Sam) and Mark Green, both from the UK, have been living in Sri Lanka on and off for about eight years, working to fight dog overpopulation Read more

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