Injured Bull Terrier Recovers after Getting Pulled out of Garbage

A dog with injuries to his legs was found tossed inside a garbage container. Police are now looking for the dog’s abusers. Read more

Stray Dog Goes from Homeless, to Rescued, to Rescuer

A dog abandoned and tied outside a home found a new loving home with hero firefighters. Read more

South American Stray Follows Extreme Racing Team and Wins Forever Home in Sweden

Stray dog joins Swedish Peak Performance Team in adventure race held in Ecuador, and after crossing the finish line the dog wins permanent residency in Sweden. Read more

Handicapped Stray Rescued from Thailand Beach Gets New Life in Canada

Thanks to a Canadian woman, a stray and paralyzed dog from Thailand was rescued from a beach and is now enjoying a new life. Read more

Golden Retriever Hilariously Fails at Dog Competition

This competitor knows what a winner really is – the one who gets the most food! Read more

Owner Saves Dog from Python’s Deadly Grip

At first it seems like the swatting does little to even annoy the python, but the man does not give up, and soon the snake begins to uncoil itself. Read more

Family Rescues One-Eyed Dog off the Streets of Cyprus

“The situation in Cyprus is quite dire for dogs – many are dumped, poisoned or even shot and there are no laws criminalizing this, so there are so many sad stories.” Read more

Seventy-Year-Old Woman Risked Life to Save Her Pet

An elderly woman and her pet were saved from drowning in a frigid river by a brave man and area firefighters. Read more

Firefighters Free Puppy Trapped Underneath Car Seat

A dog inside a car tried to reach something underneath the car’s seat, and in the attempt, got his head stuck. Read more

Elderly Disabled Woman’s Life Transformed by Service Dog

“She’s changed my life, not just by the things she does for me, but I would say a lot of it is the companionship,” she said. “She’s an incredible dog. It’s a partnership.” Read more

Spanish Nurse Sues over Dog’s Unnecessary Euthanization

Romero’s attorneys said the government’s decision to destroy her dog was “improvised and taken against medical advice.” Read more

Rescued! Chubby Dog Trapped in Iron Fence

No one knows why this dog was trapped in the fence, he probably wanted to chase another dog and thought he could squeeze through the iron bars. Read more

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