Indian Dog Holds Vigil over Owner’s Grave for 15 Days

“When Tommy saw her, he jumped on her and was licking her before he rested his face on her feet. It was obvious he knew her,” Dawn explained. Read more

Former Stray Dog Saves Owner's Life after Car Accident

Canelo followed his owner’s car and saw when the pet owner tumbled down a cliff. Thanks to the dog’s bark, the pet owner was found and rescued. Read more

Dog Almost Plays Catch with WWII Grenade

“There’s probably people thinking, ‘how can she pick up a grenade and think it’s a stone?’ But it was so corroded that it was completely brown. The pin was embedded in the sand.” Read more

Kids Rescue Dog Locked in Garbage Can

“He’s so outgoing and he’s so friendly,” said OSCPA investigator Tracy Laraway. “Thankfully those boys called it in.” Read more

Unbelievable! Dog Found in Garbage Tossed with His Own Bed

A man walking his own dog found a small pet inside a metal garbage bin. The scared pup was resting on top of garbage. Read more

Driver Rescues Eight Puppies Left in Middle of Road

A driver saw eight little bumps on the road. He though they were bunnies, but after approaching them, he realized the bunnies were newborn puppies instead. Read more

Dog Left in Scrapyard Van with “Take Me” Note

“Valerie has had a pretty rough start but this hasn’t knocked her happy-go-lucky nature. She is a typical puppy who loves everyone and everything.” Read more

Puppy Saves 4-Year-Old Lost in Siberian Wilderness for 11 Days

“We were sure that the puppy was next to the little girl all this time, warming her at night and scaring away wild animals,” Nikolayev said. Read more

Three-Legged Rescue Dog Saves Trapped Kittens

A rescue dog alerted her owner about five kittens trapped on a roof. Thanks to the canine, the five little felines were found and rescued. Read more

Security Camera Captures Rescue of Ecuador Street Dog

After a couple unsuccessful attempts to lure the dog to him, the man knew he had to get much closer to the water, risking falling in himself. Read more

Rescuer Helps Dog That Survived Machete Attack

Machi was found in critical condition with six large machete wounds on his body. Luckily, a veterinarian performed emergency surgery on him and saved his life. Read more

Street Dogs Are Being Trained in India to Form Special Security Squad

“Hundreds of dogs die every day and their bodies decay on the roads. This will engage the street dogs with the society and will also benefit people,” said Unnikrishnan. Read more

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