Smart Cookie Learns a New Trick Every Day for Charity

“She plays dead, does the meerkat where she stands on her back legs, and does a hand stand on her front legs, all sorts of things.” Read more

Man Finds Missing Best Friend While Searching for New Dog

“I opened the door and he just flew right in and buried his head in my armpit and just started whining like a baby.” Read more

Spain's Nurse and First Ebola Survivor Adopts New Pet

“I hope my actions serve as an example for others to follow,” said Romero. “[Rescue dogs] like Alma should have a family of their own and be happy.” Read more

Judge Rules Against Men Who Tied Explosives to Stray Dog

Five under age men and two former members of Hondura’s armed forced, brutally killed a dog and video taped the act. They were prosecuted and found guilty. Read more

The Transformation of These Neglected Dogs Will Shock You

“I couldn’t tell if they were sheep or dogs. You couldn’t see their faces. They looked so badly matted and injured. I have never seen an animal in that state.” Read more

Dog Makes Unusual Friend during Walk on the Beach

These two snuggle-nuggets prove that just because we may look and think different, doesn’t mean we aren’t all deserving of the same love and respect from each other. Read more

Community Rescues Elderly Woman's Trapped Dog

An online post moved dozens of animal lovers to rescue a dog in need. “Somebody brought a tripod with a light and suddenly there were torches, spades and axes.” Read more

Man Leaves Dog in Car and Forgets Where He Parked

A man left his dog in the car while he partied. Once the party was over, the pet owner headed to his car but couldn’t remember where he parked. Read more

Animal Cops Rescue Injured Dog from Highway

A small and scared dog ran into a highway and got hit by a car. Fortunately a motorist reported the injured pet and the dog was rescued. Read more

Social Media Helps Get Injured Dog Rescued

A photograph of an abused dog hit social media and helped get the dog rescued. After the photo went viral, the pet was pulled from his abusive home. Read more

Rescuer's Open Letter to Soldier Who Had to Give Up His Dog

Rescuers write open letter to soldier who had to surrender his dog. They just wanted to let him know, his dog had been adopted into a loving new home. Read more

Dog Abandoned at Scottish Railway Station with Suitcase

This case highlights the potential consequences of selling an animal online as it often leads to the impulse buying of pets that people know very little about. Read more

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