Would You Give up Your Job for Your Dog? This Woman Did

“I was tired of waving outside coffee shops trying to get the attendant to notice us.” Read more

Dog Gets Shot Defending Owner in Armed Robbery

I was coming back from the bank when suddenly two men approached me demanding cash. Hachi lunged towards the man holding a gun and the thief shot my dog. Read more

Two Men Jump into River to Save Drowning Dog

A dog struggled to stay afloat and almost drowned, but thanks to two heroic men, the pet is alive today. Read more

Ignored, Badly Injured Dog Gets the Rescue of a Lifetime

“Dogs are not the mud beside the road – they have hearts like ours. They would never leave a man by the road to die, and because of that I cannot tell them no!” Read more

Dog Hit by Train Makes an Awe-Inspiring Recovery

Learning to walk without his front legs would be difficult. But Joy was full of spirit, and he was determined to get around on his own. Read more

Spanish Authorities Euthanize Ebola Patient's Dog

“A dog should not be contagious to a person and vice versa. Or should they sacrifice me as well just in case?” said Excalibur’s owner. Read more

The American Dream for a Street Dog, Part 3

We’re so excited to learn that after ten months of struggles, Nikko has finally arrived at his forever loving home. Read more

The American Dream for a Street Dog, Part 2

Vanda Hale met a stray dog in Colombia but had to leave him behind. With the help of local animal lovers Hale planned to transport the stray to Arizona. Read more

Abandoned Blind Dog Gets a Wonderfully Unexpected Rescue

“I thank God they didn’t come back for him, as he is a major part of my life.” Read more

Hero Dog Saves Six Cats from Garbage Can Death

Other than being scared, confused, and hungry, the cats were in good condition but “would have certainly died” had it not been for that dog. Read more

This Dog's Survival Is an Absolute MIRACLE

“Rita’s experience is the very epitome of a rising miracle, one created by ordinary heroes determined to see her heal.” Read more

Vet Student Investigated for Stitching “I Love You” onto Dog’s Skin

“One of the first points of the Vets’ Code of Ethics is that a vet practicing his profession of public trust needs professional conduct and good morals,” explained Andrzej Koncicki, head of veterinary studies at the university. Read more

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