RSPCA Puts UK Dog Fighting Kingpin Behind Bars

“John Psaila appears to be a big player in the dog fighting world, judging by the evidence we found during our investigation.” Read more

Crying Pit Bull Abandoned at UK Train Station

The sad and confused dog sat alone for hours, crying anxiously until passersby reported him to staff members. Read more

Four-Year-Old Pens Heartbreaking Letter to Thieves Who Stole His Dog

“He has never forgotten about Fern and always asks us where we think she is and if she is happy.” Read more

Firefighters Rescue Man and His Lost Dog from Treacherous Cliff

Firefighters used climbing equipment to rescue a man and his dog from a dangerous cliff. Read more

Emaciated Husky Rescued After Eating Gravel to Survive

“Her muscles are still very weak and she sometimes loses her balance but is now able to walk nearly a block with support,” Drever said. Read more

Five-Month-Old Puppy Rescued from Underground Pipe

When firefighters pulled the puppy out of the pipe, he was scared and dirty, but thankfully unharmed. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Dog Drowning in Retention Pond

Hero rescuers found a dog fighting to stay alive. The dog’s front paws were injured after the pet struggled to scale out of the pond. Read more

Police Officer Jumps into Wetland to Save Dog

A police officer heard the cries of a dog in need and the heroic man did not hesitate to do whatever it was needed to rescue the pet. Read more

Orphaned Lamb Raised by Collies now Thinks it’s a Dog

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s really unusual,” said Mackenzie. Read more

Neglected Dog in UK has life Saved and Avoids Euthanasia

“It is heart-breaking to see a dog that has been so obviously neglected. Despite all he has been through he is just full of life and loves everyone he meets….” Read more

Perceptive Dog Saves Tourists from Cliff Collapse

“It’s as if Hazel had a sixth sense. If we’d had stayed where we had been we would have been dragged down.” Read more

Adopted Rottweiler Saves Pregnant Woman from Knife Attack

“He’d even tenderly nudge my bump with his nose. It was as if he was telling the baby not to worry either.” Read more

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