Officer Jumps in Icy Pond to Save 160-Pound Dog

“I didn’t really think about it,” DeDieu said Friday. “There was a dog in trouble. I have my own dogs. I knew what to do.” Read more

Abused Senior Dog Finds Second Chance with 96-Year-Old Woman

“I put my hand out to pick him up and he came up to kiss me and that settled that.” Read more

Getting Stuck in Car's Bumper Saves Dog's Life

A man tried to avoid a dog on the road but couldn’t. After hitting the pet, the man was surprised to find the dog alive but stuck in the car’s front bumper. Read more

Smugglers Beware, Pipo Is On to You

Merry Christmas dear smuggler! We hope you enjoy your stay in Spain’s jail. Read more

Firefighter Fired After Abusing Community Dog

A Fire House learned one of their volunteer firefighters abused a dog and members immediately came out to support the dog and condemn the abuser’s actions. Read more

Deceased Homeless Man's Dog Continues to Look for Dead Owner

Every night, a homeless dog returns to his and his deceased owner’s sleeping ground, and every night, the dog’s heart breaks when he doesn’t find his owner. Read more

Dog Rescued After Spending 15 Days Trapped in Cave

A dog fell 49 feet into a cave, and spend 15 days waiting to be rescued. Multiple rescue attempts were made until the dog was saved. Read more

Abandoned Dog Waiting for Owners' Return Almost Starves to Death

Vucko was abandoned without a bowl of water or a plate of food, and he almost starved to death waiting for his owners’ return. Read more

Pope Francis Says All Dogs Go to Heaven

Let us not forget – the word animal comes from the Latin anima, which means soul. Read more

Car Hits Stray and Leaves Him for Dead, but Firefighters Save Dog's Life

A motorist hit a stray dog and fled the scene but hero firefighters stepped up to rescue and care for the dog in need. Read more

Bored Dog Went for a Walk Along Rooftop

A naughty dog was home alone and bored so he decided to go for a walk on a slanted roof. Luckily, he was spotted and rescued. Read more

Toronto Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped on Icy River

Toronto firefighters wore water suits and used safety ropes to rescue a dog stranded on an icy river. Read more

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