France Grants Pets Rights as Living Beings

For hundreds of years, dogs, cats, and horses in France had the same legal status as furniture, but they now have had their rights upgraded. Read more

13-Year-Old Uses Facebook to Save Romanian Strays

“I like to know that my dogs will be spoiled, and will be allowed to sit on the sofa,” Ana-Maria Ciulcu said. “So one of my first questions would be, ‘Are you going to chain him?’” Read more

Tijuana Special Needs Stray Gets Second Chance in Life

A special needs dog rescued from the streets of Tijuana needs a foster home to heal from his surgery. His back legs need amputation but his recovery is depends on finding a foster home. Read more

Community Works Together to Save Pets from Massive Forest Fire

The Chilean community has come together to help homeless pets affected by the massive forest fire of April 2014. See pictures. Read more

Help Two Egyptian Dogs Get to Their Forever Homes in Canada

Help us bring them home. They have suffered enough and should not be left to live out their short lives in a shelter! Read more

Homeless Brazilian Dog Waits Outside Owner’s Hospital for Eight Days

Days passed, but Seco stayed right outside. Hospital staff took pity on the dog, and provided him with food and water. Read more

Dog Gets Rescue After Drifting Away On Ice Patch

A local resident saw a dog floating away and called authorities requesting help. Firefighters worked for 30 min. to get the canine back on safe land. Read more

Egyptian Street Dog Finds Loving Home in America

Long gone are the days when Chance scavenged and looked for shelter in piles of trash; all he knows now is he is loved and part of a pack. Read more

Amazon UK Bans the Sale of Prong Collars

To the people who say, “My dog has never been hurt on this, and it’s the only way he can learn self-control,” answer this question: would you use a prong collar on your children to teach them self-control? Read more

Neighbors Rescue Dog Trapped Rubble from Chile's Recent Earthquake

Three Chilean men rescued a dog trapped in the rubble of the April 1, 2014, earthquake. The dog only suffered minor injuries. Read more

German Photographer Captures Marvelous Shots of Rescue Dogs

She wanted to capture very natural, whimsical expressions, and focus on their slender snouts. There are many shots of the dogs licking toward the camera, which Vogelsang explains is the result of a treat-filled session. Read more

Dog and Pet Owner Rescued from Isle of Wight Rising Tide

It was a difficult rescue since the woman wasn’t sure of her location. When found, the tide had risen up to her waist and she had to carry her pet to keep him safe above the water level. Read more

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