Matisse and His Human Dance Circles Around the Competition

5.26.15 - MatisseFEAT

Matisse and his human gave the performance of a lifetime on Britain’s Got Talent.
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Johnny Depp Could Face 10 Years In Prison for Dog Smuggling

5.26.15 DeppFEAT

“If we start letting movie stars, even though they’ve been the sexiest man alive twice, to come into our nation, then why don’t we just break the laws for everybody?” said Minister Joyce.
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Firefighters Rescue Dog That Fell in 26 ft. Deep Well

Frias firefighters rescue dog from well.

Nine firefighters did not hesitate to rescue dog after the pet fell down a deep well.
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Meet Jurassic Jessie! She Needs a Forever Home

5.24.15 - Jessie1

“With the new Jurassic Park film due shortly we are hoping that as fans are unable to adopt a real dinosaur Jessie will be the next best thing!”
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Entire Village Saves a Dog with a “Broken Heart”

5.22.15 - Entire Village Saves a Dog with a Broken Heart5

“It’s a small village, so everyone knows Alice,” Siouxie said. “She’s so friendly, so everyone wanted to help her when she heard she was ill.”
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Firefighters Attempt Dog Rescue from 300 ft. High Cliff

Photo credit: Plottier Fire Department.

Two firefighters worked together to secure a dog and lower him to safety. The dog rescue took place on a cliff more than 300 feet high.
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Police Officers Save Five Dogs from House Fire


Police officers risked their own lives by saving five dogs trapped in a house fire. One by one all dogs were found and pulled from the burning home.
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Heroic Officers Jump in Flooded River to Save Drowning Dog

Principe being rescued by hero police officers.

Heroic police officers ran along a fast flowing and flooded river to save a dog carried away by the river’s strong and dangerous current.
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See This Puppy Grow Up Before Your Eyes

5.13.15 - See This Puppy Grow Up Before Your Eyes1

“I still don’t know how long she is going to live. But right now is pretty great.”
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Stray Dog Walks 100 Miles Searching for Love


A stray dog nursed back to health was adopted to a loving home, but the dog escaped and walked 100 of miles to get back to the people who saved her first.
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Dog Visits Owner’s Tombstone Daily


A dog mourning the loss of his owner visits the cemetery where the pet owner is buried for hours each day. At times the dog whines and cries for his human.
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Austrian Mail Carriers Arming Themselves With Treats

5.11.15 - Austrian postalFEAT

Maria Stocker, a postal worker in Austria told news outlets, “The dogs are now nice.”
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Humane Society Uses Star Wars Pics to Boost Adoptions

5.9.15 - Star Wars Shelter2

The Ottawa Humane Society in Canada set up some Star Wars pictures in an effort to get 150 of their shelter animals a forever home.
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Robin Williams’ Final Performance Is as a Talking Dog

5.8.15 - Robin Williams' Final Performance Is as a Talking Dog1

“Before Douglas Adams died, he looked over the script and he said that Dennis the Dog’s scenes were the funniest scenes,” noted director Terry Jones.
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Dog Feared to Be Dead in Nepal Earthquake Found Alive

5.7.15 - Dog Feared to Be Dead in Nepal Earthquake Found Alive1

“We are just so relieved… But we know there are a lot of dogs in Kathmandu not getting this attention and care and we are worried about those, as well.”
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Stray Dog Saves Baby Thrown in Trash from Being Eaten Alive

5.6.15 - Stray Dog Saves Baby Thrown in Trash from Being Eaten Alive4

Nom Sod scooped up the bundle with her teeth and ran off, but not before growling at the other dogs and letting them know she meant business.
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Social Media Helps Stray Dog Sleeping in Library Find Forever Home

Shelton sleeping in a basket inside the library. Photo Credit: Zaira Kordi.

Thanks to a post shared more than 800 times, a stray dog finds his forever home after living more than a year on the streets.
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Stray from Iowa Sent to Nepal as Search and Rescue Dog

5.5.15 - Stray Search

“It is wonderful to see a dog that was running lose, picked up, trained. And now, he’s rescuing people.” said Gary.
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Pet Store Swaps Pets with Shelter Pets and Finds Them Homes


Rescue or mixed breed pets have a negative stigma in Brazil, but a pet store swapped its animals with shelter pets and found them all homes.
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Rescue Dogs Are Saving Lives in Earthquake-Devastated Nepal

5.1.15 - Rescue Dogs Are Saving Lives in Earthquake-Devastated Nepal7

A boon to everyone’s spirits came five days after the earthquake when a teenage boy was discovered. He had survived on ghee and water wrung from his clothes.
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