Man Quits Lucrative Finance job to Walk Dogs in the Forest

“I thought, wow, there’s an opportunity here. I’d love to be out there five days a week,” said Hein. Read more

How Letting One Dog Get Away Saved a Dozen Others, Part 3

“My first words to the Prince were: ‘Oh, how do you do — do I stink of fish?’” Read more

How Letting One Dog Get Away Saved a Dozen Others, Part 2

“You came back for your dog, but refused to come back for me,” Sewell’s mum said. Read more

How Letting One Dog Get Away Saved a Dozen Others

“My companions have been other people’s cast-offs, found tied to park railings.” Read more

Stray Dogs Attend Funeral of Woman Who Fed Them

When an animal lover passed away, the stray dog she fed attended her funeral. They went to church and visited her at the funeral home. Read more

Madrid Becomes a No-Kill City

From now on, no animal picked up by Madrid’s animal control or living inside an over populated shelter will be killed. Read more

Thailand Rescuers Free Puppy from Exhaust Pipe

A puppy got stuck in a pipe and rescuers dedicated a few hours to save his life. Read more

Stolen Dog Returned Home Because of Seizure

“He has been found safe and well, despite his ordeal,” said dog warden Adam McGoldrick. Read more

Mountain Climber Rescuers Help Lost Dog Get Back Home

A lost dog spent five days alone in the Curavacas mountains of Spain, but thanks to a mountain climber rescuer, the pet was found and taken back home. Read more

Mother Dog Buries Her Nine Puppies to Save Them from Forest Fire

Firefighters dug out nine puppies buried in a hole by their mother to save their lives. Read more

Hero Dog Shields Owner from Fire Arm and Scares Criminals Away

A dog stomped, barked, and stormed towards two criminals scaring them to the point the armed robbers ran away like true cowards. Read more

Motorcycle Club Blocks Traffic and Saves Dog on the Road

Bikers stop traffic and save a dog running frantically on a highway. Read more

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