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Scarred Six Month Old Pup Learns To Love After Horrific Past

At six months old, Sibley has seen far too much of the cruel side of humanity and bears the scars to prove it. Read more

Sometimes A Little Love is the Best Medicine

Spot, a Chihuahua mix puppy, has been through a lot for his young age. In mid-August, he was abandoned, alongside his littermates, at Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center Read more

Dog Snatcher Extorts Dog Owner

A dog owner met with the dog snatcher who took her three pet. She paid him a reward for the safe return of all dogs but she only got one of her three pets back. Read more

Dogs Brutally Attacked with Machete Are on the Mend

No one understands why or how someone could attack two innocent dogs with a machete. The pets are now fighting for their lives. Read more

Animal Rescuers Save Two Chihuahuas Left in Public Bathroom

Judy Obregon found the starving dogs with visible signs of abuse in a Fort Worth, Texas, public park. Read more

Dog Rescued from an Island is Ready for a New Home

Last week rescuers saved Gilly after she had been abandoned on an island. Now that no one has come forward to claim the dog, she is officially ready to find her forever home. Read more

Puppy Able to Stand Again after Being Shot in the Back

A month ago a puppy named Dodger was found dragging his hind legs along a highway in Missouri. He had been shot in the back and now after surgery and therapy the 4-month-old puppy is able to stand again. Read more

Edmonton Police Demanding Stricter Laws to Protect Police Dogs After K9 Killed

Police in Edmonton, Alberta are mourning the loss of their police dog Quanto after he was stabbed repeatedly by a fleeing suspect on Monday. Police are upset and demanding stricter laws to protect police dogs. Read more

Street Dog Defends Family against Armed Robber

A street dog was nearby a family being robbed at gunpoint. The canine saw the family in distress and jumped in to save them from the attack. Read more

Government Shutdown Gets Dogs Get Free Baths

Many Americans live paycheck to paycheck and now with the Government shutdown many federal workers who depend on their paychecks are struggling to make ends meet. Read more

Five "Garbage" Puppies Rescued from Side of Road

There were five 3 to 4-days-old puppies down an embankment in a garbage bag crawling around looking for somewhere to get warm. They were all rescued. Read more

Family Reunited with Stolen Dog

In May the Hancock family’s home was burglarized and one of the things stolen was their English bulldog puppy Maggie. They had given up hope of finding Maggie when a traffic stop led police to the missing dog. Read more

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