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100 Dogs Rescued from Oregon Puppy Mill

Over 100 dogs were rescued from a puppy mill in Oregon on Wednesday. The Columbia County Sheriff’s deputies teamed up with the Oregon Humane Society to rescue the dogs after executing a search warrant. Read more

Heroic Pit Bull Sacrifices Self to Save Owner from Machete Attack

Police are calling four-year-old Mercey a hero after she bore the majority of four attackers’ violence when she sacrificed herself to save her owner’s life. Read more

Guide Dog & Blind Brother Need a Home

The unconditional love and devotion these two brothers show is positively inspirational. Read more

Doctors Sue Wayne State University for Experimenting on Dogs

“We have been looking into this and concluded that this research is not just cruel, and actually it’s lethal to every dog who is studied, but that it’s unnecessary, wasteful and does not contribute to the advancement of human health,” said Dr. John Pippin. Read more

Family of Seven Street Dogs Needs Rescue

We are anxious to rescue Momma Sadie, Dad Bix and their five puppies from the streets of Dallas, but first need to line up safe places for them to go once caught Read more

Missing Dog Rescued by Firefighters

Firefighters rappelled down a steep cliff to rescue Max, A German Shepherd that had been missing for almost a month. Read more

Passengers Protest When Blind Man and Service Dog Removed from Plane

Passengers aboard a US Airways flight became outraged Wednesday night when the crew removed a blind man and his service dog. The flight eventually had to be cancelled. Read more

Rescued Dog Gives Back in the Midst of Family's Grief

Aimy, a sweet little Chihuahua, was found tied to the front porch of Second Chance Animal Shelter, a no-kill shelter in East Brookfield, Massachusetts. Read more

Rescue Dog's Discovery Initiates Murder Investigation

Dogs love smelly things, and in their eternal quest to please, love to bring smelly things home for their humans to love. But Bill Flowers never expected that his boxer-Lab mix Liberty would bring an entire human leg to their Nisqually Indian Reservation home. Read more

Nurses Care for Heart Attack Victim's Dog

Two South Carolina nurses showed a patient the meaning of southern hospitality when they picked up and cared for his dog while he recovered from a heart attack. Read more

UPDATE: Bill & Buck's Condition Under Manatee County Care Worsens

County-paid veterinarian Dr. Berglund said 10 days ago that everything “appeared normal” and that they were in “great condition,” but they have chemical burns, pressure ulcers, tumors, matted fur and mange. Read more

Runaway Chicago Expressway Dog Reunited with Family

Hope ran out of the house and the home owner’s friends quickly tried to chase her, but as many people who tried to catch her on the interstate learned, Hope is pretty quick. Read more

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