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Adopted Dog Saves Owner and Home from Fire

“Today, he turned out to be my best friend,” George Rodgers said. “If it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t be here.” Read more

Firework Dog Indy Makes Complete Recovery

His scarring will never go away, but that won’t stop him from becoming a therapy dog and helping others’ scars heal. Read more

Man and Pit Bull Hike 2,200 Mile Appalachian Trail

“I wanted (Moose) to be that ambassador, to show that (pit bulls) can be amazing creatures, and he did a phenomenal job out there,” Danny said. Read more

Compassionate Cop Saves Run Over Dog

A police officer heroically saves the life of a hit-and-run dog when he transports the pet to an animal hospital instead of waiting for Animal Control to come and take charge at the scene. Read more

Community Searching for Lost Dog for Over Two Months

For over two months now a dog named Houdini has been missing in Alexandria, Virginia. The community has come together to try to bring the dog safely home. Read more

Dog Develops Unique Friendship with Family's Koi Fish

Dogs make special friendships with all sorts of people and animals. A Dutch shepherd named Wiebe has made a unique friendship with his family’s koi carp. He even enjoys giving the fish kisses. Read more

Rescued Pit Bull’s Legacy Lives On in Holiday Calendar

Angels come in many forms. Some live with us for years as constant, treasured companions while others are only in our lives for brief but magical periods of time. Read more

Film Crew Captures the Complex Existence of Many Detroit Dogs

As part of the American Strays film series, a film crew features three different complex situations in which dogs are marginally owned by people who lack the resources Read more

Dog Stares Death in the Face and Triumphs

Faith has made a miraculous recovery, and though it will pain staff to say goodbye, it’s time to find her a forever home. Read more

Over 50 Dogs Rescued and 5 Arrested in Fighting Rings

“Today marks the beginning for these dogs – they’ll never again have to fight for entertainment or live at the end of a chain,” said Janette Reever, of the humane society. Read more

Police Officer Saves Dog Injured Protecting People During Shootout

Princess was critically injured during her brave defense, and a homeless dog in her condition would typically be taken by animal control to be euthanized. But Sgt. Garret Wing refused to give up on her, and gave her the K-9 treatment. Read more

Grace the Gentle Giant Finds Forever Home

It took Grace 4 months, a failed adoption, and more than 1,000 miles to find her forever home, but she is now where she was always meant to be. Read more

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