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Chilean stray dog lives the American dream

A stray dog from Valparaíso, Chile, had no idea that by photo bombing a picture and spending eight hours following the O’Connor family while they were visiting the picturesque city, his life would change drastically. Read more

Loyal dog waits over a week for owners who abandoned him

A dog spotted on the side of the road in Iida, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, waited seven days for his owners who never came back for him. Locals pleaded with local authorities to help out the dog. Read more

Large and specific dog breeds now illegal in Beijing

Beijing declares any dog taller than 14 inches, or belonging to 41 “violent” specific breeds such as bulldogs, collies, etc, illegal. Dog owners of said pets will be fined 5,000 yuan ($815), and they’ll have to re-home or surrender their pets. Read more

Utah Opens Its First Canine Blood Bank

“We’re just really excited to have this program in Salt Lake — to have dogs saving other dogs’ lives,” said Anne Cordts. Read more

City Council President Fights City to Get Owner's Dog Back

There seems to be a lot of suspicious activity by the city that does not add up. Read more

Kids' Lemonade Stand Raises Hundreds for Injured Shelter Dog

“[Customers] saw the signs and what it was for and became overly generous,” said Alexis Pizzurro, whose home was the site of the fundraiser. Read more

Truck driver drives 2,000 miles to help animals in Romania

Harmony Fund helps truck driver Tamara Raab make a 2,000 mile round-trip to Romania that will bring dog and cat food, veterinary supplies, and beds to local shelter. Read more

Facebook Successfully Reunites Lost Dog with Family

When the Guidry family’s dog Gilley went missing they were devastated. When they turned to Facebook to try to find him he was home within two hours. Read more

Dog Saves Owner's Life from Fire

A Wisconsin man narrowly escaped a raging fire in his home earlier this week. If it wasn’t for his yellow lab Reba he wouldn’t of made it out alive. Read more

Feral Puppy Goes From Woods to Loving Family

Follow is an adorable five month old puppy who was recently given a new life. Just a month ago, he was surviving on his own in the woods. Read more

Overwhelming Support by Strangers Brings Pit Bull Back Home

Devastated at the thought of losing her baby to dog-fighters, Kristal did whatever she could to get Abbey back home. Read more

One-Eyed Woman Finds Companionship with One-Eyed Dog

“We’re almost like a one-eyed family,” Bobbi said. “I’ve got one and Lucky’s got one.” Read more

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