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Dying Mexican Dog Gets the Rescue of a Lifetime

The man knew she wouldn’t survive much longer on her own, and vowed to do whatever he could to help. Read more

Police Taser Stray Dog and Animal Rescuers Step In to Help Pet

Police said they used appropriate force, but neighbors witnessed how the dog cried and stumbled in pain before getting away with darts embedded in her body. Read more

Puppy Inspiring People as He Adapts to Life with Two Legs

Duncan, a three-month-old boxer puppy, was born with severely deformed hind legs that were damaging his spine. Earlier this week the young puppy had his hind legs amputated, but Duncan didn’t let that slow him down. Soon after surgery he shocked and inspired many people as he walked around on just his front legs. Read more

Dog Found Wandering in the Woods Barely Able to Walk

Shrek was discovered on some farmland with fur so matted and caked in mud that he no longer looked like a dog, but like a creature from a swamp. Now with medical care and fresh hair cut Shrek is looking like a dog again and learning to be loved. Read more

URGENT: Death Row Dogs - Save Them Before It Is Too Late!

These are beautiful, friendly dogs who love to play, snuggle and go for walks. Help save these innocent lives. Read more

Doogie's Story: The Search for and Survival of a Very Lucky Dog

Lala King relates the heart-touching story of how Doogie – a loved and lost Scottie – was able to be reunited with his family when the odds were stacked against him. Read more

Woman Carries Nearly-Dead Dog Down Mountain

“It will be OK,” she kept telling the 47-pound dog, who weighed heavily in her arms. Read more

Food, Shelter & Love: A Program That Makes a Difference

The Food, Shelter & Love Program has donated over $240 million worth of Science Diet brand foods to nearly 1,000 shelters nationwide. It helps feed more than 100,000 homeless pets every single day. Read more

Ten Ohio Dogs Saved from Euthanasia

As soon as the plea went out, local rescue groups and community members started to contact the shelter and help the dogs. That same day two dogs found loving home. Read more

Boulder's Rescue

Boulder was wandering the streets of Detroit alone, scared and in great distress with a chain caught in his mouth when he was rescued. Read more

Hero Gets to Keep the Dog he Risked his Life For

Last week David Duncan risked his life to save a dog from the Hutchinson River Parkway and then set out to find the dog’s owners. Duncan’s good deed was rewarded when the owner of the dog was found but decided that Duncan should keep the dog. Read more

Dog Rescued after Being Stranded for Weeks

For three weeks a dog was stranded in the Yorkshire Dales with a broken leg after rescuers believe the dog chased a rabbit up the hill. Read more

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