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Retired Military Dog Reunited with Former Handler

While serving in the Air Force Harvey Holt made a promise to his four-legged partner Jackson that if he made it home safe he would make sure Jackson made it back too. Now seven years later the two are finally reunited. Read more

Dr. Nancy Kay Discusses Being Your Pet’s Medical Advocate

Dr. Nancy Kay is a renowned author and veterinarian who has written two books on being a better medical advocate for your pet and about maximizing the client-veterinarian relationship Read more

Missing Dog Found in Neighbor's Car Engine

Gary James panicked when he realized his Jack Russell terrier Betty Boop had escaped from his front yard. He began frantically searching, but would have never guessed where Betty Boop ended up. James’ neighbor Gavin Juliette found the dog trapped inside his car engine. Somehow Betty Boop had survived a 30 minute car ride stuck inside Juliette’s car. Read more

This Ad Is Proof that Dogs Make Everything Better

Don’t hug your dog too tightly after this one! Read more

Puppy Needs Facelift Surgery

An eight-month-old Shar Pei puppy named Ted is in need of a special surgery. The puppy suffers from a rare condition which causes the deep wrinkles of his skin to rub against his eyes and could make him go blind. In order to prevent him from going blind Ted needs a facelift. Read more

Dog Rescued After Spending Two Months Abandoned in Vacant Home

Left behind when his family moved, Chance spent two months abandoned in their vacant home. Finally a Kansas City Power & Light Worker discovered the distressed dog and adopted him. Read more

Our Pets May Leave Us, But Some Never Leave Their Pets Behind

“I lost my little buddy, but I am keeping his tooth forever. In fact, someone had better place it with me in my grave when I die.” Read more

Burned Dog Recovers and Goes Home

Jess Olivas suffered burns to his face, arms and chest, but the pain was worth it to save Ruby’s life. Read more

Man and Dog Rescued from Sea

A man and his dog were rescued by the Coast Guard and St. Pete Fire Rescue unit after the dog plunged into the sea. Read more

Dog Rescued from Frozen Lake by Coast Guard

The Coast Guard came to the rescue of a lost and scared dog on the ice of frozen Lake St. Clair about four to five miles off shore. The dog, named KC, had been missing from his home since last month. Read more

Dog Missing for 3 Years Found 120 Miles Away From Home

Monique Martinez never thought she would see their dog Yoshi again. Three years after he disappeared Yoshi turned up at a shelter 120 miles away from home. His microchip helped reunite him with his family. Read more

Snuffles Returned; Still Needs a Home

So now Snuffles waits for another family to bring him home. Hopefully this time he’ll be with one for keeps. Read more

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