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Loyal Dog Waits Hours by the Beach for His Owner's Return

Worried family members headed out to look for a missing fisherman and when they arrived at the beach they found the man’s dog sitting near the shore, guarding his owner’s fishing gear. Read more

Couple Brought Together by Guide Dogs Marries

Last year we brought you the story of Claire Johnson and Mark Gaffey, a couple who met and fell in love thanks to their guide dogs Venice and Rodd. Over the weekend the blind couple married with Venice and Rodd serving as ring bearers. Read more

Hero Police K-9 Survives Shooting

Anaheim Police K-9 Bruno is recovering after being shot last Thursday during a search with SWAT officers. His heroism saved the lives of several other officers and even after being shot by the suspect Bruno didn’t want to stop doing his job. Read more

Dog Saves Home from Burglar

When a man attempted to burglarize John Demaria’s home Friday morning a pit bull named Chloe came to the rescue. Demaria was asleep when an intruder came in, but his dog Chloe came to the rescue and protected the home. Read more

Sweet Pit Bull Facing Numerous Hurdles to Finding a Loving Home

Finley, a sweet natured pit bull terrier puppy, arrived at Pet Project Rescue in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at around 5 or 6 months old. Read more

TN Family Rescues Pet Stuck in Rock Wall

A Jack Russell Terrier spent one night trapped in a wall of rocks after it chased something into it. Lucky for the pet, its owners worked tirelessly to free him. Read more

Three Men Rescue Dog Trapped in Snow

Three men from Pendleton, Ore., found a tired dog stranded in more than 3 ft. of snow. They knew they couldn’t leave the four-legged friend stranded in the snow, and that is why they rescued him. Read more

German shepherd Survives Hit-and-Run but Loses Leg

Laura and Candance Long found TJ, a hit-and-run victim, on a Livermore, Calif., street. They noticed he was dragging his front leg and because he was badly hurt, they knew they needed to help the pet. Read more

Caring for Your Senior Dog

Caring for an aged dog can be a mixed blessing. What a glorious achievement that best buddy has become a senior citizen. Read more

Starved Plano Dog Makes Full Recovery and Waits for Forever Home

A malnourished dog named Red went from being almost dead to miraculously recovering into a healthy pet. He is now looking for his forever home. Read more

Cupid Undergoes Corrective Surgery to Fix His Deformed Legs

Cupid was left in a snow bank and he suffered from deformed front legs, but thanks to Ruff Start Rescue and many animal lovers, he has undergone surgery and is on his way to recovery. Read more

Maltese "Garbage" Dog Is Saved from Dumpster

On March 20, 2014, animal control received a call from a maintenance worker reporting a small dog found inside one of their garbage pails. The tiny pet was rescued. Read more

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