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Alex the Abandoned Dog Makes Full Recovery

An emaciated dog was found locked in a basement hours away from dying. Fortunately, the dog was saved, nursed back to health, and he is now searching for his forever home. Read more

Police Officers Rescue German shepherd from Icy River

A police officer puts his life at risk when he attempted to rescue a German shepherd that had fallen through ice into the Sudbury River. His actions saved the dog’s life. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Puppy from Drain Pipe

Firefighters came to the rescue of a puppy in St. Louis after it fell into a drainage pipe that was not covered properly Read more

Abby's Wheels: Aussie Pup Walks for the first Time

Abby, a 3 month old Aussie pup with with rear leg spasticity due to a spinal cord injury, walks for the first time in her life using an Eddie’s Wheels dog wheelchair. Read more

Arizona Department of Transportation Workers Save Lost Dog

Lexi had been missing from her family for over 10 days when she was spotted near a busy road by a road crew. After watching her almost get hit by a truck the workers with the Arizona Department of Transportation went out of their way to save her. Read more

Rescue Puppy Saves New Family

Earlier this month Maddie, a beagle puppy, was adopted by a family in Harpursville, New York. She has already more than returned the favor after saving her new family from deadly carbon monoxide. Read more

Dog Rescued from Flood Now in Forever Home

A dog in Atlanta, Georgia is now happily settling into a forever home after nearly losing his life to floods. Read more

Man and Rescue Dog Travel Cross-Country on Bike

Mike Minnick and Bixby have set out on a cross-county bike ride with a simple goal, to draw attention to the importance of animal adoption. Read more

Chicago Fire Department Rescues Dog from Icy Lake Michigan

A golden color dog was fighting for his life in the freezing Lake Michigan waters after falling through thin ice while out on a walk on the lake with his owner. Read more

Dog Spends Nine Years Mourning His Master

Collie wasn’t specifically cared for by anyone. He would come and go from the cemetery and scavenge for food and water, but without a failure the dog could return to his deceased owner’s side every night. Read more

Young Girl Uses her Savings to Save Dog's Life

Patience, an 8-year-old girl, was devastated when she found her dog Brownie after he was hit by a car. Brownie is lucky and will make a full recovery, thanks in part to Patience using her Disney savings to help pay for his vet bills. Patience doesn’t want something like this to happen to any other dogs where she lives so she met with the Johnson County Sheriff in hopes to end speeding in her neighborhood. Read more

Man Survives 46-vehicle Crash and Rescues Dog

A deadly multiple car pileup in Indiana on Thursday killed the owner of a black lab named Sparkie. Then another victim of the crash that was uninjured came to Sparkie’s aid and is now trying to find him a good home. Read more

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