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Man and His Dog Save Each Other From Fire

When a fire broke out in Paul Kemp’s Iowa home early Tuesday morning his dog Sheba would come to the rescue and get him out safely. When Kemp got safely outside he realized Sheba had not come with him, so he rushed back into the burning home to save his best friend. Read more

After Eight Years in a Kennel Trina Finds Her Forever Home

Last month we brought you the story of Trina, a survivor of Hurricane Katrina who eight years later was still looking for her forever home. Now Trina has now found the home that she has been long overdue for. Read more

Therapy Dog Elected Pet Mayor of Toms River, NJ

A little terrier mix named Biscotti has been elected the pet mayor of Toms River, NJ after competing against other certified therapy dogs for the honor. Read more

Great Dane Follows Injured Owner to Hospital

“We kept it all very hush, hush. A nurse told Jeff she was taking him outside to get some fresh air,” said family friend Brandi Bieber. “They were really excited to see each other. We had to keep [Burke] from jumping on Jeff because he wanted to play.” Read more

Man's Dog Saves His Life After Skiing Accident

“I don’t know if god was reaching out through her or something bigger was playing out,” Leonard mused. “She knew I needed help. She helped me dig out and laid on me to keep me warm until help came.” Read more

Police Officers Save the Life of Dog Struck by Car

Saginaw Township police officers Beth Collison and Brent Pinter were on duty when they found three-year-old German shepherd – Malamute mix Sam lying in the grass, so they made a stretcher and rushed him to the vet. Read more

Dog Trapped in Mine Shaft Gets Rescued

There are many abandoned mine shafts in California’s High Desert, and a small breed dog fell 25 feet down a mine. Fortunately, firefighters were able to rescue the pet. Read more

Dog Saves New Owner One Week After Being Adopted

Sara Pelchat adopted Brinleigh from a local shelter less than two weeks ago. Brinleigh has already returned the favor and saved Pelchat’s life. When a fire broke out while Pelchat was sleeping Brinleigh came to the rescue and woke her up and saved her. Read more

Adopted Stray Dog Becomes First Dog to Climb Mount Everest

Rupee was rescued from a dump when he was only eight months old and barely clinging to life. Now the rescued dog has accomplished something that no other dog is known to have achieved. Rupee, along with his rescuer Joanne Lefson, climbed Mount Everest. Read more

Brother Rottweilers Search for a Special Home

Bleu and Wolf came into the care of Ark Animal Sanctuary in June 2013. They are sibling Rottweilers that have been nicknamed ‘The Boys’. Read more

Mexican Dog Adventurous Escaped at Victoria Airport

After hours of chasing and feeding rotisserie chicken to the dog, the canine was capture and reunited with his rescuers and foster parents. Read more

Puppies Thrown from Moving Car, Only One Survived

A shelter employee opened a box thrown from a moving car to discover the bodies of four young dogs covered in blood. There was nothing that could be done to save them. Read more

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