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Silly Dog Chases Birds and Gets Stuck on Roof

There was nothing the pet owners could do to bring the silly canine inside. Firefighters were called to come rescue the pet. Read more

Cattle Dog Forms Special Friendship with Disabled Kitten

Ralphee the kitten and Max the cattle dog are an odd couple who seem besotted with each other’s company after they were introduced following Ralphee’s rescue from a barn at a horse stable. Read more

Man Reunited with Stolen Dog on His Birthday

“They said, ‘I think your car’s here and dog’s here, he looks fine,’” Katz said. “Today’s my birthday, so it just worked out perfectly.” Read more

Man Accused of Running Dog Fighting Ring Appears in Court

In Buffalo, NY, animal rights activists protested in front of Buffalo City Hall on Friday. This was to draw attention to the case against a man accused of running a dog fighting ring in the Western New York area. Read more

Rally in Capital Held to Show Dogs ‘Are Born Inherently Good’

On Saturday, activists gathered in Washington D.C. for a demonstration against “breed-specific legislation”, or laws that ban or restrict ownership of dogs by breed, most commonly, pit bulls. Read more

Heroic Man Saves Dog from Drowning in Geist Reservoir

A scared and disoriented dog jumped off the Fall Creek Road bridge in Indianapolis, Ind., and was drowning, but Russ Chargualaf, was there at the right time and saved the pet. Read more

UPDATE: Valentine's Day Dog Learns How to Walk After Reconstructive Leg Surgery

Cupid needs to learn how to walk with his straight legs, but he is doing amazing and is expect to run and rump like any normal dog. Read more

Family Prayers Answered: Oreo the Dog Survives Deadly Arkansas Tornado

The Lentz family packed up in their van and headed to safety, but in the middle of the chaotic evacuation, their small dog was lost. Two days later a miracle happened. Read more

What Are the Odds? Family Visits Shelter to Adopt New Dog and Finds Their Lost Dog Instead

Reckless was picked up as a stray, brought to the shelter, microchipped, checked by vets, and prepped to find his new home, but instead he found his original owners again. Read more

Over 50 Dogs Saved from Kennel Fire

“It’s amazing having 50 to 55 animals there and them not being injured,” Chief Hocking said. Read more

Little Bear's Story: Tiny Dog Clings to Life and Recovers

After being the victim of vicious dog attacks, Little Bear found guardian angels that saved his life, helped him heal, and got him ready for his happily-ever-after. Read more

Senior Dog Trapped in Chair Gets Rescued

It took more than an hour for firefighters to the rescue the dog, but after carefully examining the chair’s mechanism, the hero rescuers were able to free the elder canine uninjured. Read more

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