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Heartless Owner Looks for Younger Dog Moments After Dumping Senior

Hopefully Carson did not allow the man to adopt a dog who doubtlessly would end up back in a shelter once they got too old. Read more

Florida Man Flies 3,000th Rescue Animal in Plane

Jeff Bennett recently flew his 3,000th rescue animal from shelters where they are in danger of euthanization to other shelters where they are able to find homes. Read more

Confused Dog Saved After Running into House Fire

“When she was breathing well enough and opened her eyes and was responding, they went ahead and got me,” said Scott. Read more

Dori, a Severely Matted Dog Gets Unbelievable Transformation

Dori, a severely neglected dog was hiding under 4 pounds of matted hair and dirt accumulated through years of neglect, but thanks to rescuers, she was saved. Read more

She Sits in Her Cage, Waiting...

She gets up and stands at the bars wagging her tail, but as people pass her by, she goes and sits back on her bed and waits. Read more

So You Can't Adopt... But Maybe You Can Foster for the Holidays!

“People ask me why I do this. I do this for the dogs. I do it for dogs like Ridley. And Ridley and so many others need your help.” Read more

My Dog Ate My Homework – and It Wasn’t Just a Paper!

“Don’t put anything past your dog,” Dr. Southern said. “We always say, ‘my dog would never eat that,’ and that’s the main thing he’ll eat.” Read more

New 3D Printed Front Legs Give Disabled Dog New “Leash on Life”

“I kept looking at his photo, and hearing his story, and I cried literally every time,” explained Tara Anderson. “I had to try and help this dog.” Read more

Getting Stuck in Car's Bumper Saves Dog's Life

A man tried to avoid a dog on the road but couldn’t. After hitting the pet, the man was surprised to find the dog alive but stuck in the car’s front bumper. Read more

Smugglers Beware, Pipo Is On to You

Merry Christmas dear smuggler! We hope you enjoy your stay in Spain’s jail. Read more

Firefighter Fired After Abusing Community Dog

A Fire House learned one of their volunteer firefighters abused a dog and members immediately came out to support the dog and condemn the abuser’s actions. Read more

Man Donates Lottery Ticket Winnings to Animal Shelter

An animal lover followed through on a promise he’d made to himself and donated his $500 in winnings from a scratch ticket to his local animal shelter. Read more

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