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WHAT?! Texas City LESSENS Punishment for Leaving Dogs in Hot Cars

What a bad decision. Hey city council members – you should have had a V8! Read more

This Amazing Utah Canyon Hike Comes With a Rescue Dog

Shelter dogs get to hike the rusty red mountains twice a week — at least they will until they are adopted from the Ivins Animal Shelter in Ivins, Utah. Read more

From Foster to Forever

The foster mom said she felt like “he’s the one that got away.” Read more

Roland's Rescue

A Yorkie caught in a trap set for a coyote found his forever home. Read more

Russian Man Punches His Way Through Ice to Save Drowning Dog

A dog who otherwise would have died a horrifically slow, painful and terrifying death was saved. Hats off to you, sir! Read more

Dog Stolen from Sexual Assault Survivor’s Group Returned

“Her ears are huge for her body, her paws are huge for her body,” Samantha said of Rory. “She can also be calm and caring, which is so important.” Read more

UPDATE: Man Sentenced to Prison for Burning Dog with Fireworks

“There were fireworks strapped to him and they lit them on fire,” said Dr. Slaton. “That’s the burn mark patterns through the back of the legs. As he was walking, it was burning the back of his feet.” Read more

Mastiff with Enormous Tumor Rescued

“Moonpie is so sweet and The Arrow Fund is honored that we could step up to help her. Just look at her beautiful face.” Read more

Budweiser Knows Dog Friends Are Waiting

“For some, the waiting never ended… Make a plan to make it home. Your friends are counting on you.” Read more

This Is What Pure Love Looks Like

“All my staff, including myself, was in tears while Karma wiggled with happiness,” said Tia Torres, who runs the Villalobos Rescue Center. Read more

Help Needed to Find Man Who Tossed Puppy over Fence

“II thought, ‘It can’t be a coincidence,’” Dolly’s adoptive dad explained. “I feel like I don’t pick my dogs – they pick me.” Read more

Dutch Airline KLM Starts New Lost and Found Program

“Our main goal is to return items to the owner as fast as possible,” said Sandra List. She’s a member of KLM’s new “Team Lost and Found.” Read more

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