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Trucker Drives Missing Dog over 1,300 Miles Home

“Dani and Jason were so very thankful,” Jimmy said. “I was glad I could do my part.” Read more

Ebola-Infected Nurse’s Dog Tests Negative

“Bentley is doing great! Turns out he likes butt rubs,” Dallas spokeswoman Sana Syed tweeted. Read more

Written Police Report Contradicts Dog Shooting Footage

Shooting harmless, friendly pets is not okay. Read more

Abused Pit Bull Finds New Home With Loving Family

“We applied and we were fortunate enough to get the phone call,” said Stephen Roberts, Miss Harper’s new human dad. Read more

Abandoned Dumpster Dog Gets Adopted Into Loving Home

A Chihuahua mix dog found in a dumpster still wearing his collar has found a new home where he will be loved. Read more

Would You Give up Your Job for Your Dog? This Woman Did

“I was tired of waving outside coffee shops trying to get the attendant to notice us.” Read more

“Freeze – Don’t Shoot My Pet!” March Is Today

Let’s bring change through education, restricted lethal force and uniform investigations and prosecution of those getting away with murdering our family pets. Read more

UPDATE: Jurapa Valley Dumpster Dog Finds New Home

We received more than 100 calls and e-mails from prospective adopters Read more

Eight Grade Students Save Dog Stuck in Mud

Even though there were other people – adults – in the park within distance of the distressed pet, only a group of children were moved to rescue the dog. Read more

Stabbed Pit bull Needed 1,000 Stitches

It almost looks like they tried to cut his head off, it’s ear-to-ear. Read more

Dog Gets Shot Defending Owner in Armed Robbery

I was coming back from the bank when suddenly two men approached me demanding cash. Hachi lunged towards the man holding a gun and the thief shot my dog. Read more

Two Men Jump into River to Save Drowning Dog

A dog struggled to stay afloat and almost drowned, but thanks to two heroic men, the pet is alive today. Read more

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