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Online Dater Steals Date's Dog

A New Jersey woman invited her date to her apartment, but the man didn’t steal her heart. Instead, he took her flat screen TV and dog. Read more

Marathon Bombing Victims Get Through Year with Help from Service Dogs

“To have a dog like him around, you laugh 10, 20, 50 times more a day, and you can’t help but have that lift the mood,” said Patrick Downes. “And he’s a huge cuddler … he’s just constantly giving us hugs and kisses and entertaining us, and he’s a wonderful gift in that way.” Read more

Therapy Dog Dropout Is Changing The World

Chipper failed out of the therapy dog program when she reached her rebellious adolescent stage and started barking at sweet little old ladies. The four-legged “failure” quickly discovered that when one doggy door closes, another one opens. Read more

10-Year-Old Bipolar Girl Gets Much Needed Service Dog Donated

“I believe a service dog would be a great source of comfort to Montana that would also encourage her to use positive tools for coping,” said Amy Schlonski, a licensed clinical social worker. Read more

Four-Legged Car Vandal Caught on Tape

Now that “the culprit has been identified,” the canine delinquent will be stopped before inflicting future damages to private property. Read more

Dog Needs Forever Home After Surviving Bear Attack

A hunting dog left behind at the end of the hunting season was attacked by a bear, but luckily he survived the attack. The dog is well and now need a forever home. Read more

Officer Saves Scared Dog from Drowning

No one knows how long the canine was in the water, but if it wasn’t for Deputy Frye who was patrolling the area, the four-legged friend wouldn’t be alive today. Read more

Happy Ending for Detroit's Trashcan Dog

Six weeks ago, a concerned citizen heard a whimper coming from a garbage can. Under some trash was a weak and scared little dog. The pet was rescued and has found a loving forever home. Read more

Florida Family Reunites with Missing Dog after Nine Years

“It’s just a gift to have her back. She’ll be able to live out the rest of her years loved and cared for,” said April Hight. Read more

France Grants Pets Rights as Living Beings

For hundreds of years, dogs, cats, and horses in France had the same legal status as furniture, but they now have had their rights upgraded. Read more

Over 20 Dogs Rescued from NJ Fighting Ring

Though dog fighting is a felony, abusers rarely see two years behind bars. Hopefully with the addition of gun and drug charges, they will be serving sentences closer to the ones they deserve. Read more

Boom's Easter Photo Shoot

Though he spends much of his time competing in flyball, agility, dock diving, and weight pull, he takes the occasional break to cuddle up with chickies and ducklings. Read more

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