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Badly Injured Stray Pup Rescued from Middle of Road

“I hope in the next week to be able to get him into surgery and save him once and for all from this bad luck that he has encountered, and find him a good and caring family.” Read more

Tip Helps Reunite Stolen 10-year-old Dog with Owner

The dog was a long way from home, but we are very happy to report that she’s been found in good health. Read more

Dog Hitches a Ride on Side of Ambulance to Be with Owner

“I was impressed,” Nicholson said. “He didn’t have to go to the hospital with me, but he did.” Read more

Police Officer Rushes Dog to Vet Clinic and Saves Pet's Life

Officer Sanchez saw a woman speeding, followed her, pulled next to her and asked her what her emergency was. She was trying to save her dog’s life. Read more

The Pup that Saved My Life

“She is the reason I get up in the morning & the reason I am going to keep going.” Read more

Disabled Dog Leaps Fence to Save Owner’s Life

Chance used to be scary to the neighbors when they first met him, but now they know he’s a hero. Read more

Help Get Justice for Murdered Dog Who Never Knew Love

A necropsy at Joint Animal Services in Thurston County confirmed that Wolfie suffered “longstanding neglect” and was covered with “maggot-infested wounds.” Read more

Gingerbread's Rescue

Here is Gingerbread’s story, from a life of extreme neglect to happiness in her forever home. Read more

Twitter Users in Denver Bring Dog in from the Cold

The photo was re-tweeted constantly in the area. The local news outlet got the address where this photo was taken, and they passed it along to the Denver police. Read more

Spanish Nurse Sues over Dog’s Unnecessary Euthanization

Romero’s attorneys said the government’s decision to destroy her dog was “improvised and taken against medical advice.” Read more

Heart of Gold Dog Miraculously Survives Two Murder Attempts

Roadrunner and Barrett have overcome terrible abuse at the hands of humans, but are still so full of love and just want a human of their own to love them back. Read more

Help – Animal Shelter Has No Central Heat!

“Right now we have to unplug the space heaters when we leave… We actually pay staff overtime hours to be here so that we can keep space heaters running all night long.” Read more

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