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How Medical Marijuana Saved a Dog’s Life

“The best way to gauge your dog is to watch them. With my involvement with my dog, my vet feels comfortable with my decision,” Mansfield said. Read more

Teen and His Dog Save Little Girl from Rabid Fox

“He’s always been a good dog, always been protective and loves kids. He just did what he would always do,” Ricky said. Read more

Dog Goes for Joyride in His Human's Tractor

Someone needs to teach Don the sheepdog how to merge into traffic on busy motorways! Read more

11-Year-Old Boy Uses His Allowance to Save Shelter Animals

“Congratulations to Flurry and Pumpkin on their sponsorship, and a huge THANK YOU to this amazing young man,” the shelter said. Read more

Animal Rescuer Turns Personal Tragedy into an Amazing Cause

Misseri should be putting his life back together, but instead he is trying to help prevent other families from losing their animals to smoke inhalation. Read more

I Am a Dog, Not a Thing

“Do not mistake me for a mindless object. I can feel and I can think. I understand perhaps more than you do.” Read more

Australian Pet Shop Must Pay Family $8,000 for Sick Puppy

“It’s not like a car where you can go and get another one… If a child gets sick you don’t take it back to the hospital, do you?” Read more

Border Collie Steals a Tractor & Hits the Highway

“I’m just glad it didn’t cause an accident. I can’t believe no one was injured. It’s all been very lucky… But I think his driving days are over.” Read more

Toddler and Puppy Both Born with Birth Defect Become Best Friends

Sapphyre first met Lt. Dan through a photograph. She saw the photo and said: “He has a foot like mine.” Read more

Canadian Animal Welfare Organizations Donate Dog Houses

These groups came together to make dog houses for Canadian dogs that are often forced to endure harsh, subzero temperatures. Read more

Astronaut Sneaks Dogs Into Official Photo

Astronaut Leland Melvin snuck his rescue dogs into his official NASA photoshoot. Read more

Famous "Ball-Dog" Retiring After this Baseball Season

Miss Babe Ruth, the official “ball-dog” for The Greensboro Grasshoppers minor league baseball team is retiring. She will be missed. Read more

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