Man Busts Car Window to Help Dog, Gets Arrested

5.12.15 - dog windowFEAT

An eyewitness was quoted as saying, “He says we can’t let this dog die, and he starts smashing windows.”
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Stray Dog Walks 100 Miles Searching for Love


A stray dog nursed back to health was adopted to a loving home, but the dog escaped and walked 100 of miles to get back to the people who saved her first.
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Dog Visits Owner’s Tombstone Daily


A dog mourning the loss of his owner visits the cemetery where the pet owner is buried for hours each day. At times the dog whines and cries for his human.
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Austrian Mail Carriers Arming Themselves With Treats

5.11.15 - Austrian postalFEAT

Maria Stocker, a postal worker in Austria told news outlets, “The dogs are now nice.”
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Dog Recognizes His Family After Three Year Separation

5.11.15 - lost dog

“It’s the connection that we had for the first three years of his life,” Arce told a local news outlet. “We never forgot him and he never forgot us.”
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Happy Mother’s Day from Life With Dogs!

5.10.15 - mom dogs2

Some lovely mom and pup pics for Mother’s Day!
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Cooperation Makes It Happen

5.9.15 - 3pm video

If we just could work together, we could get so much more done.
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Humane Society Uses Star Wars Pics to Boost Adoptions

5.9.15 - Star Wars Shelter2

The Ottawa Humane Society in Canada set up some Star Wars pictures in an effort to get 150 of their shelter animals a forever home.
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Robin Williams’ Final Performance Is as a Talking Dog

5.8.15 - Robin Williams' Final Performance Is as a Talking Dog1

“Before Douglas Adams died, he looked over the script and he said that Dennis the Dog’s scenes were the funniest scenes,” noted director Terry Jones.
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This Dog and Rat Are the Cutest BFFs You’ll Ever See

5.8.15 - Dog and Rat Are the Cutest BFFs Ever15

“Osiris has helped foster and care for dozens of animals and he is the gentlest dog I’ve ever met. See for yourself!”
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Dog Feared to Be Dead in Nepal Earthquake Found Alive

5.7.15 - Dog Feared to Be Dead in Nepal Earthquake Found Alive1

“We are just so relieved… But we know there are a lot of dogs in Kathmandu not getting this attention and care and we are worried about those, as well.”
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Dog Impaled on Tree Branch for 24 Hours Miraculously Survives

5.7.15 - Dog Impaled on Tree Branch for 24 Hours Miraculously Survives1

“My love… I’m not fortunate enough to pay his bills so I have to surrender him. I can’t focus,” his owner said tearfully.
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Shelter Dogs Make Modern Art to Raise Adoption Awareness

5.7.15 - dog painting

“The shake of the paint reveals a remarkable exercise of freedom, where each drop of ink bears the stain of prejudice.”
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Pregnant Dog Found Living in a Tree Gets Rescued

5.6.15 - Pregnant Dog Found Living in a Tree4

“Boo’s progress is very slow but she’s a little better each day. It’s going to take a long time, but dogs are social creatures and amazingly adaptable.”
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Stray Dog Saves Baby Thrown in Trash from Being Eaten Alive

5.6.15 - Stray Dog Saves Baby Thrown in Trash from Being Eaten Alive4

Nom Sod scooped up the bundle with her teeth and ran off, but not before growling at the other dogs and letting them know she meant business.
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Dog in Colorado First to Transmit Plague to Human

stock photo

“Frankly, one of the biggest surprises of this outbreak is the source… dogs don’t get sick at all or they get a minor illness” when they have the plague.
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Dog Owner Reunites with Dog Thought Dead in Apartment Fire

Photo credit: WPRI 12

A dog thought to have perished in an apartment building was rescued and reunited with his thankful owner.
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“Looking For You” Campaign to Put Rescue Dogs in Public Eye

5.6.15 - Battersea

“We’re using innovative technology in a way that has never been seen before, and we hope more of our abandoned animals find loving homes because of it.”
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Homeless Veteran Invents Hands-Free Dog Walking Device

5.6.15 - FeldmanFEAT

“For veterans and for people with disabilities who just wanted to go on a walk with their dog,” said Feldman.
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26 of the Best Quotes About Dogs (and Other Animals)

5.7.15 - Quotes About Dogs2

“If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.” ― Woodrow Wilson
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