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Bingo the Dog and how he became the Mascot of a Platoon

In an interview with the Post, Linden said that he shared his grandfather’s history because “I wanted [Everyone] to feel all the feels with that photo. Read more

Man and His Missing Furry Best Friend Reunited after Eight Years

After eight long years, and separated by a distance of over 1,000 miles, Jordan and Mike have been reunited. Read more

Rescued! Chubby Dog Trapped in Iron Fence

No one knows why this dog was trapped in the fence, he probably wanted to chase another dog and thought he could squeeze through the iron bars. Read more

Soldiers and Their Best Friends

Thank you, veterans – humans and dogs! Read more

Pets Helping Vets

For some returning military veterans, a service dog makes all the difference in being able to overcome the challenges of post traumatic stress. Read more

Dog Stolen with Car in New Jersey Returned Safe and Sound

“He’s my life,” said Zulma. “I need to find my dog. I don’t care about the car; I just want my dog back.” Read more

Woman Spends $35,000 Searching for Missing Dog

She’s even gone so far as to put up signs all over neighborhoods, hiring psychics and very expensive private eye/dog investigators, all in an attempt to find Havoc. Read more

Texas Officer Saves Dog's Life Twice

“It wasn’t fair to let this dog be euthanized. It wasn’t fair to take it out of one situation and then say ‘Sorry, this is where your road ends.’ Read more

Hero Dog Saves Diabetic’s Life

Clover’s quick wits and sharp nose is responsible for saving River’s life that night. It could have been an hour or so before Bethany would have gone into River’s room and check on him. Read more

Pregnant Dog in Transport via Plane Escapes after Landing

The rescue transport was being done by Ruff Life Rescue out of Wisconsin was flying Ava, a black lab mix, to their facilities where she could give birth, nurse and find a new home. Read more

1,035 Days in a County Shelter and in Need of a Home

“We made her a promise that we would never give up looking for her furever home!” Read more

Social Media Campaign Brings Life-Saving Surgery for Abandoned Dog

“If he didn’t have the surgery, he’d have died,” said Klehm. Read more

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