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Mistletoe the Matted Dog Gets New Haircut

Volunteers at the center couldn’t determine the little fur ball’s breed until the matted hair was shaved off. Read more

Woman Discovers Injured but Alive Bait Dog in Garbage Bag

A California woman found an injured dog inside a garbage bag. Thanks to her, the dog named Gladys is safe. Read more

Starving Dog Wanders into Garage and Finds Rescue

An abandoned and malnourished dog from Tennessee had his life changed after he walked into a garage looking for a safe place to rest. Read more

Pope Francis Says All Dogs Go to Heaven

Let us not forget – the word animal comes from the Latin anima, which means soul. Read more

Puppy Mill Dog is free to Dance!

Cricket, a 6 year-old miniature poodle puppy mill survivor who was rescued by National Mill Dog Rescue, is out of the cage and she is now free to dance! Read more

Vet at Emergency Clinic Saves Badly Sliced Up Dog

Doctor Salton and her team used about nine feet of suture to stitch poor Zipper, as he is now knows, back together Read more

Saving 600 Lives – All Before Breakfast

Vehicles of all kinds filled with dogs and cats; whose lives had been scheduled to end… but instead, on this day, they were being given a second chance. Read more

Roadrunner’s Former Owner Charged with Felony Animal Abuse

“Everybody is rallying for him. Everybody I think wanted to see this day come,” said KC Pet Project spokesperson Tori Fugate. Read more

Skeletal Dog Rescued just Inches from Death

“As I visited with Angel last night, I looked into her eyes and saw a tiny spark. Her spirit is barely there… but I could still feel it and her will to live.” Read more

Abused Girls Bond at Shelter, Need a Home Together

Both ladies are around 7 months old and just under 30 pounds. Read more

Holiday Gifts that Help Animals

Everything on your list – chocolate, candles, calendars, clothes, purses, shoes, jewelry, home & garden décor, kitchenware, car accessories, pet accessories… Read more

Please Help Us Find These Missing Pets!

If your dog or cat is missing, please email me at [email protected] Read more

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