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How to Manage Seasonal Anxiety for your Dogs

Barkbusters, an excellent home dog training website, offers some tips on helping your dog through some seasonal anxieties. Read more

Community Helps Find Airman's Lost Dog After Relocating from Abroad

Volunteers covered hundreds of miles searching for the lost dog and when spotted, the pet was lured with a tasty hot dog. Read more

Puppy Found in Garbage Has Amazing Transformation

From a garbage pile to a comfy couch. You won’t believe the amazing transformation this five-month-old puppy went through in just two months. Read more

Blind Dog and His Guide Pal Need Forever Home

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier acts as guide dog for his best friend, a blind dog, and the two of them hope to go to a forever home together. Read more

Hero Woman To Pay Fees for Saving Dog on Train Tracks

Animal lovers are criticizing the metro line for penalizing the hero woman for doing what they were afraid to do – risk their lives for the live of a dog. Read more

Boy Sells Lemonade and Cookies to Help Sick Dog

Dominic Locatelli set up a lemonade and cookie stand and a GoFundMe page to raise money to help a sick dog that isn’t even his. Read more

Pit Bull Rescued After Falling into Sewer

Theo the pit bull fell into a sewer while on a walk. Thankfully, The Chicago Fire Department was able to save the day. Read more

Woman Rescues 100 Dogs Away From Dog Meat Festival

Retired Chinese school teacher adopts 100 dogs to rescue them from becoming food during Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Read more

Elderly Street Dog with Massive Tumor Rescued

Dominga’s tumor has been removed, but she had a bad reaction to the anesthesia and has been needing advanced treatment over the last two weeks. Read more

Dog Dads and Their Loveable Scamps

We’re not promoting breeding, but there’s no harm in enjoying some cute photos of existing puppies! Read more

32 Dads Who Absolutely Adore Their Dogs

Hey dads – show us your best Father’s Day photos in the comments! Read more

Sick, Senior Pit Bull Saves Elderly Woman from Attack

Neighbors call Champion Bartholemew Aloyisius 3000 a gentle giant, and Fiser says this is the first time he’s ever shown aggression towards anyone. Read more

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