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Dog Abandoned in Tupperware Container Found Alive

Help Gabriel find a family who will love her – adopt or share this story! Read more

Surrendered 15-Year-Old Gets His Happily Ever After

“He was unresponsive to my interaction, but I knew it was because he couldn’t figure out why he was there.” Read more

Tom Hardy Cozies Up with Pit Bull Co-Star at “The Drop” Premiere

“I love dogs. Like, A LOT,” Tom Hardy said. “They’re my favorite animal. Ever.” Read more

World’s Tallest Dog, Zeus, Dies at Age Five

More than just the family will miss his smiling face; Zeus was well known in the Kalamazoo area for his many visits to hospitals and schools. Read more

Honoring the Search and Rescue Dogs of 9/11

We remember the canine heroes of the 9/11 tragedy. Read more

Lost Dog flies over 900 Air Miles to Reunite with Family

A lost dog from Austin, Texas, was found in Chicago. No ones knows how the dog ended up in Illinois, but the dog for sure didn’t make the trip alone. Read more

Puppy Shows Us How to Have a Good Time with Ice Cubes

One chubby little puppy, a hardwood floor, and a camera make a recipe for one hilarious video. Read more

Special Needs Rescue Dog Eats from High Chair

“She’s been with me for a year and a half now, and she is a happy, healthy three-year-old with a wonderful quality of life,” Nash said. Read more

Four Pit Bull Puppies Find Forever Love Against All Odds

Like so many other stories, Mac, Petey, Piper and Percy’s rescue started with many late night phone calls, text messages and desperate pleas. Read more

No One Loves Spa Treatments as Much as This Dog!

Ahhh… spa day. This dog knows where it’s at! Read more

Recycling Program Helps Feed Istanbul’s Street Dogs

“I own five dogs myself and simply love animals — not just my own but also those that live on the streets, and those are the ones that need help,” said inventor Engin Girgin. Read more

Unconscious Bulldog Puppy Rescued from Florida Street

Princess is a shining example of what it means to have a kind soul and a fighting spirit. Despite her abuse, she is still full of love. Read more

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