Dog Graduates with Honors from University

7.11.15 - grad dog

Fudge has been with his human every step of the way through university, and got to walk the stage with him at graduation time.
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Bonsai: A Special Little Guy That’s a Living Miracle

7.11.15 - BonsaiFEAT

Bonsai was born the odds stacked against him big time, but is one adorable puppy that will steal your heart.
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Dogs Who Had to Learn the Hard Way Not to Eat Bees

7.10.15 - Dogs Who Had to Learn the Hard Way Not to Eat Bees1

You warned them, but did they listen??
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Dog Who Is Allergic to People Gets Adopted

7.9.15 - Dog Who Is Allergic to People Gets Adopted0

“He’s come such a long way… Though he’s going to be on medications for the rest of his life, he’s now on the road to full recovery and health.”
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Roofus & Kilo: The Dogs Behind the Photo

7.8.15 - Roofus & Kilo24

It’s hard to believe that Penny, the puppy we see grow up, wasn’t meant to be a permanent member of the family. Foster fail!
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Albuquerque Woman Shames Owner for Leaving Dog in Hot Car

7.9.15 - Woman Shames Dog Abuser2

“I love my dog and I would never subject him to torture, and it’s torture,” the impassioned woman said.
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New Law Lets Tennessee Residents Save Dogs Trapped in Hot Cars


Anyone in Tennessee who sees a dog trapped inside a car and in distress can break into the vehicle, save the pet and be free of civil liability.
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Massage Therapy for Service/Therapy Dogs Helps

7.9.15 - Carla

“All that focus makes you tense up, just like it does humans,” said Carla. “It helps to have that time out where you can physically relax.”
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Golden Retriever Is BFFs with Eight Birds and a Hamster

7.8.15 - Bob - Who Loves Birds & Hamsters22

Love knows no bounds, and dogs are proof of that!
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19-Year-Old Rescue Dog Beats All Odds to Survive

7.8.15 - 19-Year-Old Kia6

“We would love to know where she came from. She is certainly a very friendly, lovely dog. Someone must have loved her.”
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Miracle Dog Survives Being Hit by a Train

7.8.15 - Miracle Dog Survives Train Collision1

Her right hind leg and tail had been severed, but she was alert and wagging her little stump.
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Parking Officer Saves Dog Locked Inside Vehicle’s Trunk


When the trunk was opened, officers found an unconscious dog trapped under a bicycle. The pet was minutes away from dying.
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Rafael Mantesso and his Dog Jimmy Choo are at it Again

7.8.15 - Jimmy14

Artist Rafael Mantesso and his dog Jimmy Choo have made some more art together, and the outcome is very entertaining, and often hilarious!
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UPDATE: Blind Dog and Seeing Eye Buddy Adopted Together

7.8.15 - Glenn & Buzz

Glenn and his seeing eye buddy Buzz have found a forever home together, and we couldn’t be happier for them!
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Dog Tries to Mark Fire Hydrant but Gets Marked Instead

Louie with his new fur color.

A bright red fire hydrant marked a dog with its fresh red paint when the dog tried to mark the hydrant.
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Wag! App Offers Unique Solution for Walking Your Dog

7.7.15 - dog walker

“It is definitely unnerving to leave your precious pet in the hands of a total stranger, but Wag! has done its homework.”
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Homeless Dog Makes 5,000 Mile Trek to Forever Home

7.7.14 - Hero1

Hero was taken off of the streets of Istanbul, and brought to the U.S. where he has found an amazing forever home with the Taylor family.
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Caitlyn to be Featured with Firefighters for Charity Calendar

7.6.15 - Caitlyn1

The Charleston Animal Society along with some heroic (and good looking) first responders will have Caitlyn with them in the photos for their yearly calendar.
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Dog Dies Saving Little Girl, Gets Statue Erected in His Honor

7.6.15 - Serbian dog

“The idea was to raise awareness about how important animals are to us and how they are always there for us when we need them,”
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Woman Fights Off Raccoon While Treading Water to Save Dog

7.5.15 - Raccoon2

“I can’t believe what I did to save my dog,” Simmonds said. “My mama bear instincts kicked in… it was an epic battle in the pond.”
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