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Dog Left in Scrapyard Van with “Take Me” Note

“Valerie has had a pretty rough start but this hasn’t knocked her happy-go-lucky nature. She is a typical puppy who loves everyone and everything.” Read more

Yellow Ribbon Campaign Hopes to Raise Awareness of Dogs Needing Space

Tying a yellow ribbon around the leash you are using with you furry best friend is the simple idea being put into practice across the country by many dog owners. It is supposed to serve as a warning that your dog may need a little extra space. So the idea is quite simple, but it works. Read more

Dog Freaks Out When His Owner Dives Underwater

Have you ever been this worried? Read more

Graham Nash Helps Woman get Service Dog

“I was in total shock because I didn’t expect it,” Young said. “I didn’t even ask him, they just said you need a dog, let’s do it.” Read more

Sailor Just Needs Some Help from Dad to Swim

“Our dog sailor is getting better at swimming,” says proud papa Brad. “A great way to cool her off on a hot Arizona summer day.” Read more

Dog Rescued After Three Agonizing Days Stuck in Mud

“He is getting lots of love and tender care right now and I’m sure things are looking better already. He’s very sweet and thankful for being rescued.” Read more

Utah Sergeant Saves Pit Bull Shot by Arrow

“I was impressed with the sheriff and the responding officer. If (Bowen) hadn’t stopped, the dog would be dead.” Read more

Absolute Miracle Brings Home Dog Stolen EIGHT Years Ago

“This is a really great feel-good story… It is the most extreme return-to-owner that I’ve ever come across,” said Kerry Sneed. Read more

Texas Boy Faces Biggest Fear to Rescue Neighbor’s Dog

“It was pretty creepy. It felt slimy, there were bugs everywhere, and water everywhere,” he said. “I handed up the dog and I got out.” Read more

Stray Dogs Gets a Wonderful Rescue, and Is Smooched by Betty White

As soon as they got in the car, Einstein started giving kisses – he understood – he had been rescued! Read more

Abused, Overbred Dog's Happily Ever After

A rags to riches story is just the best way to start the weekend! Read more

27 Pets Who LOVE “Their” Babies

These kids are on their way to having the best friendships ever. Read more

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