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Dog Falls Down Old Well and Canadian Firefighters Rescue Him

Firefighters came to the rescue of a dog trapped in a well. It was a good thing the dog’s owner called for help. The air quality in the well was very poor. Read more

Dog Dies After Touching Electrified Post, but Who Is to Blame?

A dog brushed against a metal light post and got electrocuted. No one new the danger the electrified post presented until the accident took place. Read more

Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue's Latest Member Has Four Paws

During the induction ceremony RIT’s colleagues, two- and four-legged ones, stood by him while he received his badge. Read more

Pit Bull Recovering After Being Shot by Virginia Police

Please help King in his hour of need. This senseless violence toward our canine family members has to stop. Read more

Babes dumped in the woods now safe

A trio of five-week-old puppies found abandoned in a box in the woods are now recovering from their ordeal Read more

Once in a Lifetime Photo Taken During Dog Rescue in Tampa

An amazing snapshot of one of the rarest sights in the world is taken while rescuing a dog from the Hillsborough River. Read more

Man Tries to Track Down People Spray-Painting his Dog

“He does well in the neighborhood,” said Filter. “This is a dog neighborhood. Most people in the neighborhood have dogs.” Read more

Dolton Animal Hospital under Investigation After Dead Dogs Found

“There was a certain amount of neglect going on in this facility,” said lead investigator. “Some of the dogs were close to dying.” Read more

Houston Firefighters Rescue Dog Stuck in Tire Rim

A woman found a puppy with its head stuck in a tire rim in her Houston apartment complex’s garbage dumpster. She turned to local firefighters for help. Read more

Dog from Animal Shelter Adopted to New Family in Canada

“This puppy was too happy a soul to be extinguished,” wrote Myles. Read more

Woman Stops Dog from Attacking Her Dog in an Interesting Way

“She is my soul mate and I love her so much. I was so glad that she was actually saved because I would be lost,” said Ann. Read more

Texas Dog Missing for Six Years Finally Located in Indiana

“Looking at him when he came in, we were like, ‘He is not going to be chipped’ because he was covered in fleas, looked terrible, teeth were terrible,” said vet tech Diana Redmond. Read more

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