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Dog Set on Fire and Left for Dead Gets Best Day Ever

Susie went through hell with her former owner. Now she gets the love and respect she deserves, and gave her a Best Day Ever. Read more

Rescuers Thought it was one Dog They Were Rescuing...

Legend Animal Rescue and Rescue from the Hart thought that it was one simple dog they were looking for. Boy did they get a surprise! Read more

Fundraiser Started to Help Keep Dog from Going Blind

“He’s got very slight vision but that will go. He can see shadows but it’s like having a window that someone’s slowly coloring in.” Read more

Rock Climber Recovers Dog Caught in Deep Crevice

“This one was unique,” said Nate. “I’m glad I could do something to help.” Read more

Dog Stranded for two Days on Chunk of ice Rescued

“Obviously I’m very happy that she was found,” said Pritchard. Read more

Missing Dog Found After Escaping Kennel

“Not in a million years do you ever think that’s going to happen,” Kaufman said. Read more

Stolen Dog Returned Home Because of Seizure

“He has been found safe and well, despite his ordeal,” said dog warden Adam McGoldrick. Read more

Homeless Dog Who Lost Nose to Receive Implant

Dr. Marcin Elgal designed the tube-shaped implant after he learned of the dog’s misfortune. Read more

New Study Shows Dog Kisses May Be Good for You

“By eliminating the bad bacteria we’ve started eliminating the good bacteria, too.” Read more

Dogs Who Totally Forgot How to Bed

Who says there’s only one right way to use a bed? Read more

Cru’s Quest for a Canine Cancer Cure

“As I sit here writing this I am tearing up, thinking about what may happen to my boy.” Read more

Total of 22 Dogs Rescued from High-Kill Shelters

“Ten-thousand dogs a day are euthanized in the United States, and it’s not a dog problem, it’s a people problem,” Rork said. Read more

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