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Lost Dog Catches Ride in Police Car and Finds Her Owners

A lost dog from Michigan found her way back home after riding on a police squad car. Read more

Teenager Risks Life to save Dog

“He takes care of us, he plays with me, he protects us,” said Andres Sierra regarding Bones, his Pit bull dog. Read more

Unfixable Puppy Mill Survivor Finally Finds Love

It took a long time, but Jazzy finally learned to love being a lapdog. Read more

Ignored, Badly Injured Dog Gets the Rescue of a Lifetime

“Dogs are not the mud beside the road – they have hearts like ours. They would never leave a man by the road to die, and because of that I cannot tell them no!” Read more

Dog Hit by Train Makes an Awe-Inspiring Recovery

Learning to walk without his front legs would be difficult. But Joy was full of spirit, and he was determined to get around on his own. Read more

Deputy Chief Charged for Vengeance Shooting of Dog

“He was not vicious or dangerous. He was a puppy,” Bryan said. “He would be more likely to run up and lick you and run away than do anything else.” Read more

Firefighters Rescue Service Dog and Owner from River

A blind man fell into a river with his eye-seeing dog, after the man confused a dividing wall ledge with a step. Firefighters came to their rescue. Read more

Rescue Dogs Rescuing People

Marley’s Mutts rescues dogs in need, and those dogs help the community through various programs. Everybody wins. Read more

25 Pets with Hilarious Facial Hair

Some of these are quite obviously fake, but with others it’s really hard to tell if they’re real or not! Read more

North Carolina Dog Has Record Setting Litter

“It’s been really busy. I’ll make bottles and Dawn and I will switch shifts,” said Bobby. “So I’ll leave her a note, ‘Hey, all the silver boys have been fed, you’re up.’” Read more

Dog Believed Dead Is Found During Her Memorial Service

“We were just hysterically crying. We were all just devastated,” Simmons said. “We thought we’d all just witnessed the worst thing: your dog falling off a cliff.” Read more

USDA Helping Puppy Mill Breeders by Ignoring Violations

The USDA has instructed inspectors not to cite breeders for “minor” violations, and says they will help breeders whose businesses are being negatively affected. Read more

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