Woman Adopts Stray Dog Who Saved Her from Attackers

8.22.15 - Stray Dog Saves Woman from Attack3

“When we left to go to the airport, Pepper was running after the car. I couldn’t stop thinking about her so I took the soonest flight back out that I could.”
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Hungarian Man Saves Street Dog When No One Else Will

8.22.15 - Thunder Dog in Hungary4

“I told her ‘we’re alone in this, let’s go, be strong.’ There was no time to wait, for one life I was too late, but for the other maybe I not.”
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Dog Shot & Expected to Die Is Now Walking

8.21.15 - Shot on First Day of Freedom4

“We are astounded at her strength and love through all of this. She still loves humans even after the many lousy hands she has been dealt from them.”
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Black Labs Stop, Drop, & Roll to Teach Kids Fire Safety

8.20.15 - Stop, Drop & Roll1

The program has been mostly limited to schools in the Indianapolis area, but Owens and the dogs will soon be on the road to visit schools nationwide.
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Hiker Risks His Life to Save Puppy Abandoned in Canyon

8.20.15 - Hiker Saves Puppy in Canyon16

He is living life to its fullest by romping through the snow, leaping over boulders, and splashing through desert pools.
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Neighborhood Comes Together to Help Veteran’s Dog

8.19.15 - HectorFEAT

“It’s unbelievable. I mean, I am at a loss for words. I appreciate all the help I’ve received for Hercules here,” said Hector.
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Woman Saves Dog Shot, Dragged & Hit by Car

8.19.15 - Woman Saves Dog Shot, Dragged & Abandoned5

“I thought, ‘If she goes into the woods, she will bleed out overnight,’” Julie Jones Horton said. “I had to help her.”
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Loving Shelter Dog Still Waiting for a Home After 11 Years

8.19.15 - Olive, the 11-Year Shelter Dog1

“There is quite a community being built up to help this dog get out of the shelter… She has been waiting 11 years — it’s time.”
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Firefighters Save Dog Believed to Be Dead


Firefighters respond to a car crash but find no injured humans. Instead they find a dog believed to be dead and rush the pet to a vet clinic.
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Police Officers Work Overtime Helping Stray Dogs


Armed with dog food, police officers take to the streets to help homeless animals.
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WARNING! Wire-Like Substance Found in Pedigree Dog Food

8.18.15 - dog food1

“It was sticking out of it and it’s real small. It looks like a little piece of metal that is bendable,” said Tamela Presser.
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Stray Dog Goes from Fat to Fit

Photo credit: Facebook/PamPet

How can a stray dog be fat? Seems impossible but it can happen. Meet Bolinha.
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Forgotten Dog, George, Is Fighting for His Life

8.17.15 - mange dog1

Please, if you can afford to, consider donating to this very worthy cause. George needs your help.
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Hero Dog in Michigan Fights Off Home Invader

Stock photo obtained from Google Images.

A dog saved his owner from assault by a home invader by attacking the intruder from behind.
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Dog Park Opens Thanks to Efforts of Girl Scout

8.17.15 - dog park FEAT

Elizabeth Culver is a Girl Scout from New Jersey that has been instrumental in getting a dog park opened in her home town.
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Phoenix, Ariz., and Illinois Are More Pet Friendly Than Ever


Animal lovers rejoice. Phoenix, Arizona, and the state of Illinois pass new laws to protect pets.
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Sea Lion Wants a Piece of Dog’s Tasty Treat


“Hey sea lion. Drop my treat!” said a hungry dog.
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Man Walks for Two Days Carrying Pet to Save Dog’s Life

Photo credit: Marc McCormack

After a croc attacked Choco leaving him injured, his owner carried the large dog and walked for two days until reaching vets.
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Florida Man Is Single-Handedly Saving the Everglades Strays

8.14.15 - Eddy's K-9 Rescue1

“After Hurricane Andrew, Eddy started feeding and rescuing dogs, cats, monkeys, birds, horses, pigs and just about any living things that were affected.”
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Rescued Pit Bull Becomes the Rescuer

8.13.15 - Rescued Dog Becomes the Rescuer2

“The life she has brought back to our 9-year-old Lab is undoubtedly amazing since she’s been with us.”
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