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Dying Owner Searching for New Home for Cherished Dog

“Sherlock has basic obedience training and is housebroken. He loves long walks and cuddling on the couch. He is such a sweetheart.” Read more

Family Desperate to Save Sick Boxer

“Cody came into our lives after two months of searching for the right pup. It honestly felt like we had our first newborn baby… But Cody is so severely sick that our vet does not believe he will survive.” Read more

Community Rallies around Small Dog Seeking Justice

A small dog named Beatrice was stolen from her home and 11 days later she was found on the streets of Milwaukee with burns to most of her body. Police are looking for her abusers. Read more

Dog Gets Rescue After Drifting Away On Ice Patch

A local resident saw a dog floating away and called authorities requesting help. Firefighters worked for 30 min. to get the canine back on safe land. Read more

Heroic Service Dog Stands Guard over Deceased Owner for Two Days

When no one heard from Caroline Wylie, her friends knew that something was wrong/ Authorities searched for the missing woman and service dog and found them off Route 3. Read more

Colorado Town Elects Dog as Mayor

This is a creative and fun way to fundraise in any town or city. Perhaps your local animal shelter could use the suggestion… Read more

UPDATE: Stolen Dog Found Dead; Help Find Murderers

The surveillance video is of poor quality, but hopefully will aid in the capture of these thieving murderers. Read more

Egyptian Street Dog Finds Loving Home in America

Long gone are the days when Chance scavenged and looked for shelter in piles of trash; all he knows now is he is loved and part of a pack. Read more

MHS Returns Mrs. Hamilton's Diamond

It’s frightening when a pet goes missing. It’s even more frightening when your pet is not only your best friend, but your only companion. Watch Mrs. Hamilton and Diamond’s heartwarming reunion! Read more

Penny, Dog with Embedded Collar Makes Full Recovery

Penny made an incredible recovery and she has been adopted by a loving family. She is spoiled, well cared for, and shares her home with another dog. Authorities are still looking for her abusers. Read more

Microchip Helps Reunited Dog Lost in 2007 Wildfires

A San Diego dog named buddy got lost in 2007 after his family lost their home to a wildfire. Incredibly, six years later the pet was reunited with his owners thanks to a microchip. Read more

Stray Dog Races Busy NYC Train & Gets Rescued

“We whistled, called and it actually came to us,” Officer Alvarez said. “It was actually very happy to see somebody because remember, it came from the Bronx.” Read more

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